10/24 WWE Raw results: Powell’s live review of Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair vs. Bayley in a non-title match, Karl Anderson vs. Finn Balor


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Raw (Episode 1,535)
Live from Charlotte, North Carolina at Spectrum Center
Aired October 24, 2022 on USA Network

[Hour One] The Raw opening aired and then pyro shot off on the stage… Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves were on commentary, and Mike Rome was the ring announcer…

“The Judgment Day” Finn Balor, Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio, and Damian Priest made their entrance. Highlights aired of Dom pinning AJ Styles on last week’s Raw. Once in the ring, Ripley said Styles learned what “mommy” has knew all along – Judgment Day runs Raw, and Dom is all man.

Balor said Styles crumbled under the pressure of facing Dom. Priest told the crowd to rise “for the greatest luchador in the history of the business, Dominik Mysterio.” Dom started to speak and was booed loudly. He said Judgment Day are the only people who believed in him.

Dom said he proved all of his doubters wrong by pinning Styles “clean in the middle of this ring.” Dom claimed he won because he’s built differently. “Yeah you are,” Ripley said. Dom boasted that he’s this generation’s Eddie Guerrero. Dom corrected himself and said that Eddie was his generation’s Dominik Mysterio.

“The OC” crew of AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson made their entrance. Styles told Dom to shut up. He said the Charlotte fans know good wrestling when the see it, and Dom is not it. Styles said Dom is this generation’s James Ellsworth. The OC trio entered the ring.

Styles told Dom that there will come a time when he can’t hide behind Judgment Day. Styles said they would pick them off one by one. Balor said Styles is the one hiding behind the club that he started. Balor said everyone that came after him in the club is living off his legacy. Anderson said it’s time for Balor to stop talking. Anderson said he wanted to remind everyone that he’s the toughest man in the building. He called for the ring to be cleared so they could start their match…

1. Finn Balor (w/Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio, Damian Priest) vs. Karl Anderson (w/AJ Styles, Luke Gallows). A graphic listed Roman Reigns as appearing on Friday’s Smackdown on FS1. Anderson cleared Balor from the ring during the opening minute of the match and the show cut to commercial. [C]

Balor took offensive control and maintained it until Anderson mounted a comeback. Anderson put Balor down with a spinebuster and covered him for a two count. Balor rolled to the corner as the show cut to another break. [C] Anderson put Balor down with a running sit-out powerbomb and got a near fall.

A short time later, Anderson leapt from the middle rope and executed a neckbreaker on Balor that resulted in another near fall. Balor came back with a sling blade clothesline. Balor followed up with a shotgun dropkick. Anderson went up top for his finisher, but Anderson got up and cut him off.

Anderson superplexed Balor. Dom climbed onto the ring apron and barked at the referee. Styles pulled Dom down. Priest took out Styles by running him into the ring steps and then throwing him over the broadcast table. Gallows hit Priest with a big boot. Ripley ran Gallows into the ring post and then bodyslammed him.

In the ring, Anderson hit Balor with a big boot in the corner. Anderson hoisted up Balor for a move, but Dom distracted the referee while Ripley entered the ring and low blowed Anderson. Balor covered Anderson and pinned him.

Finn Balor defeated Karl Anderson in 17:15.

After the match, Dom and Priest pulled Balor out of the ring and carried him to the back…

Powell’s POV: A good match with a really fun final few minutes, including the fun at ringside that concluded with Ripley bodyslamming Gallows. The broadcast team gets an assist for making that spot work by standing up and reacting in such an animated way while they were being shown in the background. That was fun.

Highlights aired of last week’s drama involving The Miz, Dexter Lumis, and Johnny Gargano. It concluded with Gargano threatening to “blow the whistle” on Miz’s past with Lumis…

Gargano was shown walking backstage with a whistle in his hand. The Miz showed up and wanted to know what Gargano thinks he knows. Gargano told Miz to tell the truth. Miz acted like there was no history between him and Lumis, but then he said he was going to the ring to speak the truth. Miz made his entrance… [C]

Powell’s POV: A nice little hook heading into the commercial break. Even if you’re a viewer who isn’t high on the Miz and Lumis saga, you probably have at least some mild curiosity about what the background story is.

NASCAR Cup Series racer Corey LaJoie was shown slamming a beer before he showed off his AJ Styles gloves. He was immediately upstaged by the camera cutting to Dale Earnhardt Jr., who was elsewhere in the crowd.

In the ring, Miz barked that he could beat Earnhardt in a race with his Tesla. Miz claimed that Lumis was after him because of his mind. Miz said Lumis couldn’t stand it when he shared his expertise with Tommaso Ciampa rather than him. Miz said Ciampa is his best friend and he misses him. Miz said anyone who has information on the whereabouts on Ciampa should let him know via social media.

Johnny Gargano walked out and said Miz was full of crap. Gargano said Ciampa isn’t missing. Gargano said he just texted with Ciampa a few minutes earlier. Gargano said Ciampa is injured. Gargano said that Miz just needed to tell the truth if he wanted to be finished with him and Lumis. Gargano threatened to blow the whistle. The crowd cheered. Miz claimed he told the truth.

R-Truth made his entrance and sang his entrance song as he walked to the ring. Gargano was shown looking surprised by R-Truth coming out and then he started dancing to Truth’s song. Once in the ring, R-Truth said that Miz wanted to tell the truth and so he’s there. “Did he not say he wanted to tell The Truth?” R-Truth asked.

Miz asked if R-Truth ate so much Carolina comfort food that it clogged his brain. R-Truth said he wouldn’t let Miz talk down about North Carolina’s mac and cheese. Gargano insulted Miz, who said he wanted a match with Truth. Gargano and R-Truth said simultaneously that Miz can’t handle the truth. Patrick said on commentary that they would find out if Miz could handle R-Truth after a break… [C]

2. R-Truth vs. The Miz. Truth put Miz down and set up for the Five Knuckle Shuffle when Miz hit him with one of the lightest kicks ever (which is saying a lot for Miz!). Miz set up for his finisher when he spotted a hooded figure in the crowd. Truth rolled up a distracted Miz and pinned him.

R-Truth pinned The Miz in 2:45.

After the match, the mystery man pulled the hood back to reveal himself as Johnny Gargano rather than Dexter Lumis…

Powell’s POV: As someone who considers good Mac & Cheese to be fine cuisine, I really need to try Carolina Mac & Cheese. Anyway, I’m already anxious for Gargano to wrap up his end of his program.

Cathy Kelley conducted a sit-down interview in the backstage area with Candice LeRae. She spoke about how she was in NXT and then she and Gargano stepped back to add to their family, and the next thing she knew they were both on Raw. LeRae started to sing the praises of the babyfaces who have welcomed her.

“Damage CTRL” Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky interrupted the interview and dismissed Kelly. Bayley boasted about her faction being in control. LeRae said Kai is untrustworthy, Sky is spiteful, and Bayley still isn’t the Raw Women’s Champion. Bayley pointed out that LeRae didn’t have any friends nearby. Bayley shoved the camera, which fell to the ground and then a bunch of commotion could be heard… [C]

Imagery of the city of Charlotte was shown…

Backstage, Elias found Matt Riddle playing his bongo drums. Elias said he wanted to clear the air after what happened the week before. Elias said he’s a serious artist who has a long history of being interrupted and disrespected. Elias said that he knows Riddle and Ezekiel were close, so he was going to let it slide this one time. Riddle said he’s been hitting the bong all week and then payed the bongo drums.

“Alpha Academy” Chad Gable and Otis showed up. Gable implied the Elias and Riddle were in a band, and also said Elias should shave his beard and pretend to be Ezekiel again. Elias said he and Riddle are not in a band. Elias challenged Gable to meet him in the ring. Gable said Otis eats pieces of crap like Elias for breakfast. Riddle pointed out the obvious…

Powell’s POV: I love Happy Gilmore, but I really don’t need to see its jokes repeated on Raw (unless it’s the one that involved Bob Barker and Chris Jericho).

Austin Theory made his entrance.

[Hour Two] As Theory headed to the ring, a pre-taped promo aired with him saying the usual. Mustafa Ali made his entrance. As the bell was about to ring for Theory vs. Ali, U.S. Champion Seth Rollins’ entrance music played and he came out…

3. Austin Theory vs. Mustafa Ali. Seth Rollins sat in on commentary. Patrick asked Rollins if he was worried that Theory might cash in his Money in the Bank contract on him. Rollins said he’d have a much better chance if he cashed in on Roman Reigns. Theory tripped up Ali on the apron and then performed a neckbreaker onto the ringside floor. [C]

Theory continued to get the better of Ali and performed a nice neckbreaker onto his knee, which resulted in a two count. Rollins stood up and told Theory not to worry about selfies. Rollins told Theory to put Ali down. Theory listened, but Ali fought back and went up top for his finisher. Rollins entered the ring and distracted Ali momentarily, allowing Theory to kick Ali. Theory performed his ATL finisher and scored the pin.

Austin Theory beat Mustafa Ali in roughly 10:00.

After the match, Rollins attacked Ali and dumped him into the timekeepers area. Rollins told Ali to stay down. “You’re fooling yourself,” Rollins said. When Ali stood up, Rollins attacked him again and told him that he doesn’t belong “in my WWE.”

Rollins grabbed his belt and started to head toward the stage. Ali dove at him out of nowhere and ended up running Rollins into the video wall. Rollins ran to the back while a pair of referees stopped Ali from following him…

Powell’s POV: Theory upgraded his look with the new beard. Rollins is doing his best to make Ali seem sympathetic. I don’t feel like I know who the Ali character is these days. This would be a great time for Ali to produce some of those homemade video packages that were very effective back in the day even though the company didn’t follow up on them.

Backstage, The Miz accused Johnny Gargano of deceiving him. Gargano said Miz has been deceiving everyone. Miz stormed away. JBL and Baron Corbin showed up. JBL referred to Gargano as an internet legend and said that if this were the Attitude Era, Gargano would be carrying his bags. Gargano tried to show respect to JBL, then acted like he couldn’t remember Corbin’s name because he changes his name so often. JBL indicated that Gargano would face Corbin later in the show…

Footage aired from Smackdown of Omos getting the better of Braun Strowman. Patrick hyped Omos for after the break… [C] Patrick and Graves congratulated The Rock on the success of the Black Adam movie. They also set up a video package on Bianca Belair and Bayley…

Omos and MVP made their entrance for a four-on-one handicap match. Once in the ring, MVP delivered a promo about how Omos tossed Braun Strowman out of the ring “like a child” on Smackdown. MVP said Strowman is one of the strongest and meanest wrestlers in WWE history. He asked the four local wrestlers what chance they thought they had if that happened to Strowman.

MVP had Omos place his hand next to one of the local wrestlers’ face. MVP asked the locals if they had a good health insurance plan…

4. Omos (w/MVP) vs. four local wrestlers in a handicap match. Omos destroyed all four men. He placed one of the wrestlers on top of another and then placed his foot over them while getting the pin…

Omos defeated four local wrestlers in 1:40 a handicap match.

Elias was shown walking backstage while Patrick hyped his match against Chad Gable… [C]

Powell’s POV: Those four guys were just eight more tag team partners away from beating Omos.

The broadcast team hyped a video package on Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley for later in the show…

5. Elias vs. Chad Gable (w/Otis). Both entrances were televised. After some back and forth action, Otis held the top rope down, causing Elias to tumble to the floor. [C] Late in the match, Gable went for a top rope moonsault and was hit with a knee lift from Elias on the way down, which led to a two count. Great spot. Elias ended up at ringside. Otis went after him and was shoved into the ring post. Back in the ring, Elias hit a big boot and a neckbreaker and scored the pin.

Elias beat Chad Gable in 9:30.

After the match, Otis hit Elias from behind. Gable and Otis worked over Elias for a moment and then Matt Riddle’s entrance music played. Riddle came out and hit Bro to Sleep on Gable. Riddle also performed a Floating Bro onto Gable and Otis on the floor. Riddle checked on Elias, who asked him what happened…

Powell’s POV: The crowd was pretty quiet aside from a few key moments. In fact, they weren’t even all that fired up when Riddle made the save afterward. Elias just doesn’t seem to be all that over. The Elias character is an upgrade over the repetitive Ezekiel gag, but I’d much rather see Gable and Otis pushed ahead of him.

Highlights aired of Finn Balor’s win over Karl Anderson…

Karl Anderson was seated on the trainer’s table with an icepack on his balls. AJ Styles told Luke Gallows that they have a Rhea problem. Gallows said he has a Rhea weakness. He said everyone knows he’s the best with women and would handle it…

JBL made his entrance while Patrick hyped Gargano vs. Corbin… [C] A video package and Patrick touted WWE’s partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America…

Luke Gallows returned to the trainer’s room and was holding his balls in pain. Styles asked if they could agree that they have a Rhea problem…

[Hour Three] JBL stood in the ring and said he would ask the Charlotte fans who they are doing, but he really doesn’t care. He said they allow mediocrity to become the norm. JBL heeled on the local football team and eventually introduced Baron Corbin, who made his entrance. Johnny Gargano’s entrance followed…

6. Baron Corbin (w/JBL) vs. Johnny Gargano. Corbin wore a black version of the gear he debuted the week before. JBL sat in on commentary. Gargano went for an early springboard move, but Corbin blasted him with a right hand. Corbin pointed at JBL and said that was for him. A short time later, Corbin slammed Gargano on the broadcast table. JBL said that would leave a mark. [C]

Coming out of the break, JBL said Gargano is great at what he does, but he’s just not Corbin. Gargano speared Corbin through the ropes and picked up a two count. Corbin came back with a fallaway slam and then boasted about it. Gargano hooked him into a pin for another two count. Corbin caught Gargano with a Deep Six for the usual two count. Graves scolded Patrick for referring to the move as ring around the rosie.

Gargano caught Corbin with a superkick for a near fall. Gargano went for a suicide dive. Corbin caught Gargano and slammed his head on the broadcast table. Gargano superkicked Corbin, who then charged at him. Gargano moved and then Corbin crashed into the ring steps.

Gargano climbed onto the broadcast table and glared at JBL. Gargano picked up JBL’s hat, put it on his head, and clowned around. Gargano leapt off the broadcast table and gave Gargano a tornado DDT. Gargano teased giving JBL his hat back, but he opted to keep it instead. JBL tripped up Gargano while the referee was checking on Corbin, who then hit End of Days and scored the pin…

Baron Corbin beat Johnny Gargano in 14:10.

Powell’s POV: Corbin looked much better in his black gear tonight than he did in the white gear last week. But he’s coming off like Happy Corbin with a new look, especially during his entrance, and it just doesn’t fit with the ass kicker build that JBL is giving him via his mic work. This might be more effective if Corbin reverted his Lone Wolf persona. And is it Johnny Wrestling or Johnny Comedy on the main roster?

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair was interviewed by Cathy Kelley in the backstage area. Belair said a win over Bayley would mean that she could put an end to all of it. She said she knew she would be outnumbered. She said if that meant she had to take out Dakota Kai and Io Sky to get to Bayley, then that’s what she would do. Belair said Bayley has taken out all of her friends and now she wouldn’t stop until Bayley is left with absolutely nothing…

Graves hyped the Lesnar and Lashley video package… [C]

Backstage, The Miz gave Johnny Gargano a get well card for Candice LeRae and said he and Maryse really hope she gets better. Miz invited Gargano to sit down and talk like reasonable men. Gargano told him that the only reasonable thing for Miz to do is tell the truth. Gargano said he would do it next week if Miz did not. Gargano opened the card and said it wasn’t signed. He also said Miz is rich and he should have put some money in it…

The Lesnar and Lashley video package aired… Bayley made her entrance along with Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky… [C] An ad aired with the Chucky doll talking briefly about Raw… The broadcast team hyped Brock Lesnar for next week’s Halloween show… Graves gave a wordy injury update for Candice LeRae (something, something sprained shoulder)… Bianca Belair made her entrance…

7. Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair vs. Bayley (w/Dakota Kai, Iyo Sky) in a non-title match. The broadcast team played up the threat of Kai and Sky at ringside. Bayley ended up at ringside. Belair performed a dive over the ropes onto Bayley on the floor. [C]

Bayley targeted Belair’s left shoulder. Belair stood over Bayley in the corner and threw punches at her. Bayley slipped under and grabbed Belair’s braid. Belair escaped and went for her springboard moonsault, but Bayley put her knees up. Belair stuffed a Bayley to Belly attempt and rolled up Bayley for a two count. Bayley went to the middle rope and went for an elbow drop, but Belair put her knees up.

Belair repeated the handspring into a standing moonsault spot and got a two count. Bayley went to ringside and Belair followed. Bayley dumped Belair into the timekeepers area and then wrenched her bad left arm over the barricade. Bayley grabbed the arm and drove Belair into the mat heading into the final commercial break. [C]

Bayley went for a KOD, but Belair landed on her feet and hit the Bayley to Belly and got a near fall. Bayley recovered and performed a Bayley to Belly from the middle rope and got a near fall. Bayley tossed Belair to ringside and then had Kai and Sky clear the broadcast table.

Bayley went to the apron. Belair punched all three heels. Bayley went for a slide kick, but Belair caught her and powerbombed her onto the broadcast table. Belair powered up Bayley again and slammed her into the ring post, then dumped her face first onto the apron.

Belair tossed Bayley back inside the ring. While the referee was tending to Bayley, Sky stopped Belair from returning to the ring. Kai hit Belair with a big kick to the head. The referee spotted it and went to ringside to eject Sky and Kai, but a woman showed up and dove from the top rope onto Sky, Kai, and the referee. The broadcast team acted like they didn’t know who it was initially.

Inside the ring, Belair stuffed a Rose Plant attempt. Belair hoisted up Bayley and hit the KOD. Belair went for the cover, but the referee was down at ringside. The mystery woman was Nikki Cross (formerly Nikki ASH) and she attacked Belair and then ran to ringside. A second referee ran out and counted the pin.

Bayley defeated Bianca Belair in roughly 23:00 in a non-title match.

After the match, Cross, who had a new look, returned to the ring and attacked Bayley. Cross removed her jacket and slammed it on Bayley, then threw repeated punches at her. Graves referred to the former Nikki ASH as Nikki Cross and said she’s on Raw and would be a problem for everyone…

Powell’s POV: Finally, the superhero Nikki ASH has been replaced by a new version of Nikki Cross. I’m all for it. And here’s hoping that Doudrop will return as Piper Niven. The outcome of the main event felt like it was never in doubt because Bayley desperately needed a win to justify the feud moving forward. Of course, now we have to wonder if it’s a three-way feud given that Cross attacked both women. I’m fine with that because Bayley has felt cold since she returned. Despite my enthusiasm about Cross getting repackaged, that was a bad finish. Why can’t a second referee call for a disqualification? Can they only make a three count?

Overall, this was the most disappointing show of the Paul Levesque era. The opening match and segment were entertaining and the Cross return was fun, but most of what happened in between was forgettable, including the main event, which played to a flat crowd throughout most of the match. I will have more to say about the show in my weekly same night audio review for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons).

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  1. For too many distraction finishes. It’s repetitive

    I could watch Johnny and Truth joke around for an hour. That was good wrestling comedy

  2. Larae’s joining Bayley’s crew tonight I bet.

  3. Corey Graves can’t claim to be a graduate of the Gorilla Monsoon school of commentary until he says “External Occipital Protuberance” (back of the head for those too young)

  4. I guess I was wrong about Larae.lol

  5. Jason, I have yet to catch the new RAW broadcast team. How is the chemistry and play by play?

    • Sorry, I’m the worst person to ask. I hear bits and pieces when I’m covering a show. It’s never intentional, but I end up zoning out what broadcast teams are saying more often than not because I’m focused on what I’m writing and I have significant hearing loss.

  6. >Karl Anderson was seated on the trainer’s table with an icepack on his balls. <<

    This new Triple H era is amazing

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