Jerry Brisco on his friendship with Dusty Rhodes, their last photo together, Dusty’s relationship with his son Wes Brisco

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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On his friendship with Dusty Rhodes: “When we finally hooked up and finally became really, really tight and all that stuff was in ’73 or ’74 down here in Florida and continued to have a friendship. I was telling somebody the other day, somebody said, ‘Hey, I saw pictures, [of the] body shop opening’. And I had a picture Dusty and Gordon (Solie). Dusty Rhodes and Gordon Solie were two of the first investors in Brisco Brothers Body Shop. And he was a partner in the shop. When we first opened up, he was there for promotion. I think this particular picture that I had was one where we did the grand opening with Dusty Rhodes, Jack (Brisco), myself, Mike (Graham) and Eddie (Graham), all the babyfaces there at the body shop, signing autographs. That thing got so damn big. We thought it was just a little body shop opening on the corner of Hubert and Buffalo. They got so damn big, the cops came and had to close down the street there because the traffic was so heavy and everything.”

On the last picture they took together: “Well, it was over at NXT. He had been coming around because he had been feeling really good. I’m sitting here and it’s the last day, and I’m evaluating some talent, and all of a sudden I feel this hand on my shoulder. And I looked behind me, and it’s The Dream standing there smiling. So, of course, I got up and we hugged each other and said hello to each other, sat there bullshitted for a while and talked about how we’re doing and everything. And I got to tell you, Dusty looked fantastic. I mean, he just looked fantastic. But he did something that he very rarely does. He said, ‘Baby.” He said, ‘We haven’t got a picture together.’ He said, ‘Do you mind if I take a selfie?’ This is the ‘American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes asking me if you mind if he takes a selfie. And I’m thinking in my mind, ‘I know the health stories and everything, man, this is really kind of strange.’ He gets up there and he takes that selfie. Michelle (Dusty’s wife) told me it was the last picture on his phone.”

On Dusty’s death: “When I left Orlando, I was happy cause I got to see Dream. And I was happy cause he looked good and he sounded good. He was in a positive state of mind with himself too. And I’ve been over there a few times where Dusty wasn’t in that great frame of mind. And when Dusty was in the dumps, you could tell when Dusty was grumpy and in the dumps, I mean, that charisma just turned into a frown. You could tell, and you kind of would just question him and help him out any way you could, but you could tell something was bothering him. And I didn’t really know how bad the health situation was. I knew it was bad, but hell, it’s Dusty Rhodes. He’s The Dream. So you don’t think about the downside.”

Dusty’s influence on his son Wes Brisco: “Him and my son, Wes, they bonded when Wes was very first born. Dusty had gotten married to his wife Michelle. And my wife and Michelle became very, very tight friends, almost as tight as Jack and they’re still friends to this day. And so both of us being on the road a lot, Barbie used to take Wes over to Dusty’s all the time. We got pictures of Wes crawling all over Dusty’s saddles. Crawling all over Dusty’s furniture, holding Dusty and Dusty holding, holding Wes. He bonded with my son right from the very beginning. To me, that was the makeup of a good person. It was a pleasure to see that’s the other side of Dusty Rhodes, that a lot of guys I’m a lot of talent don’t get to see, but I got to see it up close.”

Other topics include first meeting Dusty Rhodes, their friendship, CWF, FCW, Jack Brisco, teaming together, wrestling each other, and more.


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