5/9 WWE Raw results: Powell’s live review of Theory vs. Cody Rhodes for the U.S. Championship, “RK-Bro” Randy Orton and Riddle vs. The Street Profits for the Raw Tag Titles, Omos on the VIP Lounge, the fallout from WrestleMania Backlash


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Raw (Episode 1,511)
Live from Hartford, Connecticut at XL Center
Aired May 9, 2022 on USA Network

[Hour One] Raw opened with footage of the WrestleMania Backlash main event that saw Roman Reigns and The Usos beat Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, and Riddle in a six-man tag match… Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton were on commentary, and Mike Rome was the ring announcer…

Raw Tag Team Champions “RK-Bro” Randy Orton and Riddle made their entrance while the broadcast team hyped that they will defend their titles against The Street Profits. Animated fish appeared when Riddle kicked off his flip flops.

Orton welcomed fans to Monday Night Raw. He said they lost the battle to The Bloodline at WrestleMania Backlash despite giving it everything they had. Orton said they will win the war before all is said and done. Orton recalled the Usos calling for a tag title unification match. He said nothing was on the line because Roman Reigns tore up the contract because he knows his cousins can’t hold a candle to RK-Bro.

Orton said he and Riddle want to unify the Raw and Smackdown Tag Team Titles. Riddle said the Usos can’t make decisions on their own, so he and Orton would go to Smackdown on Friday and demand that Reigns sign off on the unification match.

“The Street Profits” Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins made their entrance. Ford said RK-Bro had a tough loss. Dawkins said Orton and Riddle should be worried about him and Ford, not The Bloodline. Ford said he and Dawkins will be the team that unifies the tag titles. The Profits entered the ring. Ford said they want the tag titles and the smoke. Riddle said RK-Bro 4:20 says they just smoked their asses…

1. “RK-Bro” Randy Orton and Riddle vs. “The Street Profits” Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins for the Raw Tag Titles. Mike Rome delivered introductions for the match once both teams were in the ring. Riddle pulled Dawkins to ringside using his legs, but Dawkins followed up by pulled Riddle to the floor. Ford hit Riddle with a flip dive. [C]

Orton put Dawkins down with a Draping DDT. Orton set up for his finisher, but Dawkins shoved him into his corner and then Riddle tagged in. Riddle went for a springboard move while Orton held Ford, but Ford escaped and Riddle accidentally took out Orton.

Back in the ring, Ford hit a top rope frog splash and had Riddle pinned, but Orton returned to break it up. Ford tried to follow up with another frog splash, but Riddle caught him with an RKO on the way down and then pinned him…

“RK-Bro” Randy Orton and Riddle defeated “The Street Profits” Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins in roughly 10:00 to retain the Raw Tag Titles.

Powell’s POV: Orton was all smiles after the match. We haven’t seen much scripted miscommunication between him and Riddle during their matches, so it’s worth watching to see if this becomes a new trend that could lead to a split.

Kevin Patrick stood on a podium on the stage that overlooked the crowd. Patrick introduced U.S. Champion Theory and interviewed him about how he was preparing for his title defense against Cody Rhodes. Theory asked if it looked like he needed to prepare. He boasted about being the youngest U.S. Champion and said he was in diapers the last time that Cody was in WWE. Theory said he’s all about the future and the future is him remaining the U.S. Champion…

Powell’s POV: Was Theory being dismissive of Cody a prelude to him dropping the U.S. Title tonight or just the norm for his character?

A video package recapped Rhea Ripley helping Edge beat AJ Styles and joining the Judgment Day faction at WrestleMania Backlash…

The Judgment Day trio of Edge, Ripley, and Damian Priest made their entrance. Edge had a new shorter hairstyle… [C]

Edge said they formed Judgment Day because they were tired of being sheep like the fans. Edge said it got him a Hall of Fame ring, but he’s bigger than the Hall of Fame. Edge said you could point to any part of his body and he’s had a surgery on it. He asked if the fans cared. He complained about the fans being keyboard warriors who make asinine comments.

Edge said they hold a mirror up to the fans and they don’t like what they see. He said that’s because the fans are ugly. Edge badmouthed the locals, and then said nothing can touch their faction. A “you suck” chant broke out.

Priest said he and Edge were individually capable of destroying the favorites of the fans, but they are something else together. He also spoke about adding Ripley and called her an instrument of brutality. Priest told the fans to rise for Ripley as the newest member.

Ripley said that joining the group was the easiest decision of her life. She said she saw Edge and Priest change for the better, and she wanted that for herself. She said she’s done signing autographs at the airport. She complained about signing autographs for kids who say they want to be like her and then seeing those autographs on eBay. She said she’s done being used.

Ripley said she had some unfinished business with Liv Morgan. She said she would give Morgan a reason to cry when she destroys her later in the show. Edge said it’s about unrealized potential. He called Priest the punishment and Ripley the eradicator. He said Priest and Ripley were ships without rudders, but now he is their rudder.

Edge said he pulled Ripley aside a few weeks ago and told her that Morgan was holding her back. “I’m the reason your favorite tag team split up,” Edge said. Edge added that his movement is not done and they are looking for more.

Liv Morgan’s entrance theme interrupted Edge and she made her way to the ring for her match with Ripley… [C]

Powell’s POV: I like Judgment Day more now that they are a trio, but it still feels like they should have a big picture goal for title domination. In fairness, that’s tough to do when the men’s champion rarely appears on Raw, and I can’t see Priest going after the U.S. Championship as long as fellow heel Theory holds the title.

The Money in the Bank ad with Cody Rhodes standing at midfield at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas was shown. Cody’s line about one man and one woman winning a chance to main event WrestleMania was included…

2. Rhea Ripley (w/Edge, Damian Priest) vs. Liv Morgan. Ripley put Morgan down with an early big boot. Morgan battled back and went for a missile dropkick that Ripley sidestepped. Ripley put her in a standing leg lock and got the submission win.

Rhea Ripley beat Liv Morgan in 5:40.

After the match, Edge and Priest joined Ripley in the ring. Edge nodded and then Ripley reapplied her submission hold. Edge knelt down and laughed while watching Morgan scream and tap repeatedly. Just when it seemed like Morgan has no friends, Finn Balor made his entrance, which was followed by AJ Styles making his entrance. They did the too sweet hand sign. A graphic listed Balor vs. Priest for after the break… [C]

Powell’s POV: A decent showcase win for the new heel Ripley character. I was disappointed that Ripley didn’t get a better babyface push, but hopefully she will be featured prominently as a heel.

3. Damian Priest (w/Edge, Rhea Ripley) vs. Finn Balor (w/AJ Styles). Priest whipped Balor into the corner and then hit him with an elbow. Balor came back by dropkicking the knee of Priest.

[Hour Two] Priest clotheslined Balor to regain offensive control. Priest put Balor down with a Broken Arrow and covered him for a two count. Saxton played up the mystery of who else could join the Judgment Day faction (Ciampa?). Later, Priest went for a chokeslam, but Balor countered into a rollup for a two count. Balor sent Priest to ringside and teased a dive, but Ripley stood in front of Priest. Edge entered the ring and speared Balor for the DQ.

Finn Balor beat Damian Priest by DQ in roughly 6:00.

After the match, Styles attacked Edge. Priest pulled him off and was hit by punches from Styles. Ripley spun Styles around and he cocked his fist but didn’t strike her. The heels used the distraction to regain control and then Edge speared Styles…

Powell’s POV: A couple of good segments to establish the Judgment Day faction. Edge’s new hairstyle looks good, but the top of his hair stood up once he started getting physical, leaving him looking like a real life Bart Simpson until he patted it down again.

A sponsored clip recapped Omos beating Bobby Lashley with help from MVP at WrestleMania Backlash… Omos and MVP made their entrance for the VIP Lounge segment… [C]

Backstage, Kevin Owens spoke with Chad Gable and Otis. Gable recalled stealing a solo cup from Ezekiel and said he sent it to his friend at a DNA lab so that they could prove that he’s actually Elias. Owens got fired up and said he loved it. Owens said he had a special guest, his brother Ken Owens, who won the Nova Scotia grand prix tournament three times. Owens said his brother would face Ezekiel and beat the truth out of him…

Powell’s POV: Wait, the Ken Owens? Didn’t he win the Super 8, the G1, and the Conn Smythe Trophy all in the same year?!?

MVP and Omos stood in the ring with the VIP Lounge set while security stood at ringside by a velvet rope. MVP sang the praises of Omos until he was interrupted by Cedric Alexander, who acted like he was aligned with MVP and Omos. MVP wasn’t having it, but he was interrupted.

Bobby Lashley made his entrance and beat up the security guards at ringside. Alexander dove at Lashley, who caught him and sent him crashing into the ringside barricade. Lashley entered the ring and clotheslined Omos over the top rope. Omos landed on his feet at ringside. Lashley turned to go after MVP, but Alexander cut him off. MVP left the ring while Lashley put Alexander in the Hurt Lock…

Backstage, Sonya Deville told Adam Pearce to call off the formal investigation. She wanted to know who she would be facing. Pearce said they needed to have a conversation. He said she would face a quality competitor. Deville cut him off and said it didn’t matter because it’s just business and not personal with her…

Smith stated that the U.S. Championship match would be held at 10ET… Sonya Deville made her entrance for her match… [C]

Coming out of the break, Adam Pearce came out and said that he tried to tell Deville that the investigation into her conduct as a WWE official had concluded. He said management found that she abused her power repeatedly and informed her that her contract as a WWE official was terminated. Pearce said she still has a contract as a WWE wrestler and he tried to tell her who her opponent was going to be. Alexa Bliss made her entrance. Bliss was not in Lady Fiend mode, but she did bring Lilly the doll with her…

4. Alexa Bliss vs. Sonya Deville. A “welcome back” chant broke out. Bliss put Deville down with a DDT during the opening segments of the match. She followed up with Twisted Bliss and got the pin. Deville sat at ringside afterward and screamed…

Alexa Bliss beat Sonya Deville in 0:40.

Powell’s POV: A nice surprise return from Bliss. It was good to see her being more normal than during her Lady Fiend run. Sure, she still brought Lilly with her, but the company has sold a lot of those dolls, so I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised.

Highlights aired of Cody Rhodes beating Seth Rollins at WrestleMania Backlash… Ezekiel made his entrance… [C] An ad aired for the return of Miz & Mrs. with a double episode on June 6…

Ken Owens made his entrance (Kevin Owens wearing a gray wig and and some gray in his beard). Ken said that Ezekiel is Elias’s younger brother, whereas he is Kevin’s older brother. Ezekiel said hello to Ken. Owens said he was trying to prove a point. He polled the crowd on whether they believed Ezekiel is actually the brother of Elias.

Owens got upset with the fans for not agreeing with him. Ezekiel said he didn’t think Kevin would appreciate the way Ken was talking. Owens got upset and removed the wig to show that he was actually Kevin. What?!?

Ezekiel said this would be the perfect time for his brother to come out and sing Kevin a lullaby to get him to calm down. Owens and Ezekiel fought. When Ezekiel started to get the better of it, Chad Gable and Otis came out and helped him. The three heels left Ezekiel lying…

Powell’s POV: Owens is doing a good job of making the Ezekiel gag work. I’m not sure what happens once it’s time for Ezekiel to feud with someone else, but I’m getting a kick out of this now.

Highlights aired of Asuka returning and confronting Becky Lynch two weeks ago…

Backstage, Pearce told Asuka that she more than deserved a title match. Becky Lynch showed up and complained that she hasn’t had her rematch and Asuka was being handed a title match. Peace pointed out that Asuka’s team beat Lynch’s team last week. Lynch said she wasn’t involved in the pin. Lynch said she handed Asuka the championship two yeas ago. Asuka said she didn’t need Lynch. Pearce walked away. Asuka said Lynch doesn’t act like a mommy, she acts like a baby…

Veer Mahaan made his entrance… [C] The top ten WWE photos on Instagram were shown…

Byron Saxton interviewed “Hartford’s own” Frank Lomen, who would face Veer Mahan. Lomen said he was worried about what would happen, but he had a wife and three triplets at home to provide for…

5. Veer Mahaan vs. Frank Lomen. Lomen kicked Mahaan a couple times. Mahaan shrugged it off and then dominated Lomen the rest of the way. Mahaan used a big clothesline and the Cervical Clutch to get the win…

Veer Mahaan beat Frank Lomen in 1:25.

Powell’s POV: Veer didn’t destroy Lomen after the match, so Lomen’s triplet sob story may have caused Veer to show mercy on him. Veer’s next opponent should try to claim that he has sextuplets at home.

Cody Rhodes was interviewed by Kevin Patrick in the backstage area. Patrick asked what’s next between Cody and Seth Rollins. Cody said hopefully nothing. He said Rollins is top five in the world, but he beat him and now he considers their chapter closed. Cody said Theory is brimming with potential. Cody said nothing sounds better to him than becoming U.S. Champion. Cody made his entrance for the title match… [C]

Highlights aired of Cody beating Rollins at WrestleMania Backlash… Theory made his entrance…

6. Theory vs. Cody Rhodes for the U.S. Championship. Once both men were in the ring, Mike Rome delivered introductions for the title match from the floor. There were Cody chants as the match started. Cody backed Theory into the corner and gave him a clean break, but Theory shoved him anyway.

[Hour Three] Cody took Theory down and set up for a leg lock, but Theory scrambled to get to the ropes. A short time later, Theory rolled into a dropkick and went on the offensive. Theory covered Cody with one foot and posed at one point. Cody came back and knocked Theory off the apron with a kick.

Cody went for a kick from the apron, but Theory caught his leg and swung it, causing Cody to take a face plant on the apron. Theory cleared the broadcast table and then sent Cody to ringside. Cody lit up Theory with punches and set up for a move on the broadcast table, but Theory slipped away. [C]

Cody performed a scoop slam for a near fall. A graphic listed Bianca Belair vs. Asuka in a championship contenders match for later in the show (so that’s what they were discussing backstage). Cody performed a top rope moonsault for another near fall.

Theory came back with a neckbreaker over his knee for a near fall of his own. Theory set up for his ATL finisher, but Cody elbowed his way out of it. Cody hit a Disaster Kick and followed up with a Cody Cutter. Seth Rollins attacked Cody from behind for the DQ finish.

Cody Rhodes beat Theory by DQ in 13:10 in a U.S. Title match.

Rollins sent Cody to ringside and then mounted him and threw punches at him. Rollins slammed Cody’s head off the broadcast table twice. Rollins told Cody that he couldn’t take anything from him ever again. Rollins gave Cody a Stomp on the broadcast table. Rollins knelt over Cody and said “never again”… [C]

Powell’s POV: Was this a set-up for a Hell in a Cell match? If so, it was a solid angle, though a Pedigree through the broadcast table would have been more impactful than Rollins performing the Stomp. The actual match was well worked and entertaining. The only thing working against it was that it felt like a gimme that it would end with interference from Rollins. That said, I like that Rollins just rushed the ring rather than coming out to his entrance music.

The broadcast team spoke about Rollins attacking Rhodes. Graves said he can typically justify the actions of Rollins, but he felt that this went too far… WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Naomi made their entrance. Their opponents were already in the ring…

7. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Naomi vs. Nikki ASH and Doudrop in a non-title match. Naomi had her upper left arm tape and clutched it before the bell rang to start the match. Doudrop performed an early sit-down splash on Naomi for an early near fall. The contenders dominated the match until ASH stopped and posed. Doudrop called her on it, but ASH told her not to worry. Banks avoided her neckbreaker attempt and then tagged in Naomi. The champions hit their finisher on ASH and then Naomi got the pin.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Naomi defeated Nikki ASH and Doudrop in 4:25 in a non-title match.

After the match, Doudrop scolded ASH and asked her when she’s going to stop doing that. The Miz’s music played and he came out dressed in a referee outfit. He was introduced as a special referee for the Mustafa Ali vs. Ciampa match that was announced as coming up after a break… [C]

Powell’s POV: I continue to hope that this is leading to ASH dropping the superhero gimmick and Doudrop getting a better name. I like the idea of them teaming together as a serious act.

Mustafa Ali and Ciampa were in the ring with Miz coming out of the break. Miz said Ali has been mistreated, so Theory went to Mr. McMahon to find an impartial referee who would call it right down the middle…

8. Mustafa Ali vs. Ciampa. Graves said Miz was the first WWE referee to work a match wearing Louis Vuitton shoes. Ciampa avoided a top rope move that Ali rolled through. Ciampa punched Ali, who came right back with a superkick and a springboard tornado DDT. Miz made a slow count, allowing Ciampa to kick out. Ali barked at Miz until Ciampa grabbed him from behind and put him down with an inverted DDT. Miz made a fast count to give Ciampa the win…

Ciampa defeated Mustafa Ali in 3:55.

Powell’s POV: No televised entrances for the two wrestlers and a finish that made Ali look like a dope for wasting his time bickering with The Miz. It’s not like Ciampa gained much either considering that he would have lost had it not been for the slow count from Miz.

A Lacey Evans video package aired. It was an abbreviated version of the five-part series that aired on Smackdown…

Graves said Evans’ story may seem sensational, but everything she said was true… Bobby Lashley was shown pacing backstage. Smith said Lashley had issued a challenge that they would have news on coming out of the break… [C]

Lashley stood backstage and said MVP is the only reason he didn’t win at WrestleMania Backlash. Lashley said he wants to face Omos in a cage match next week…

Powell’s POV: Well, that beats the hell out of Lashley vs. Omos in a Hell in a Cell match. Here’s hoping that the cage match isn’t somehow building to an HIAC match between the two.

Backstage, Dana Brooke and Tamina told R-Truth that they both want divorces. Reggie and Akira Tozawa showed up with flowers. Truth served Reggie with divorce papers. He tried to serve Tozawa, who threw the flower at him and ran away…

Becky Lynch made her entrance to sit in on commentary for the main event… [C] Lashley vs. Omos in a cage match was officially announced for next week’s Raw… Entrances for the main event took place. Shots aired of Belair and Montez Ford at the Kentucky Derby. Graves said he won $800 by betting on the long shot horse that ended up winning the race…

9. Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair vs. Asuka in a championship contenders (non-title) match. Becky Lynch sat in on commentary. Asuka went for a triangle, but Belair powered her up and slammed her to the mat. Belair did a handspring into the ropes and was pulled to the floor by Lynch, who then ran her into the ring steps for the no-contest finish.

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair fought Asuka to a no-contest in 3:05 in a championship contenders match.

Lynch attacked Asuka while Belair was down at ringside. Lynch put Asuka down with a Manhandle Slam. Lynch’s music played as she left the ring. Belair entered the ring and tended to Asuka. The broadcast team hyped next week’s cage match while Lynch stood on the stage and talked trash to close the show…

Powell’s POV: If you were keeping an eye on the time, then you had to know that this wasn’t going to be much of a match. I assume this means they are setting up a Triple Threat match for the Raw Women’s Championship, which looks great on paper.

Overall, this was a fun show that filled the three hours nicely. I’m surprised they didn’t move right into direct Hell in a Cell hype given that the show is now less than four weeks away. I guess that means the next few shows will be newsworthy with HIAC match announcements. Let me know what you thought of Raw by grading it below. I will be back shortly with my weekly same night audio review of Raw for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons).

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    Asuka is every bit as terrible as she was before. Small, obnoxious, flabby, goofy, and zero mic skills or charisma. What an absolute waist of a roster spot.

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