WWE makes another round of main roster talent cuts

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE released the following wrestlers on Thursday.

-Isaiah Scott

-AJ “Top Dolla” Francis

-Ashante Adonis

-John Morrison

-Drake Maverick

-Tegan Nox

-Jaxson Ryker

-Shane “Slapjack” Thorne

Powell’s POV: Are the cuts ever going to stop? I’m truly surprised to see the remainder of Hit Row let go after B-Fab was released in the previous round of cuts. Nox was moved to Raw in the draft and never actually debuted on the brand’s television show. This is actually the second time that WWE has released the versatile Maverick. Best wishes to everyone who was let go in the latest round of “budget cuts.” Credit to Fightful.com and PWInsider.com for confirming a number of the releases. Obviously, we will add to the list if additional cuts are made.


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  1. I hope they alllllll go to AEW and STICK IT to WWE!!I know it’s a business,but this is horrible!!

    • Because so many people that have been released so far have proven to be massive ratings draws and stuck it to WWE already, or is this just the round you feel is way more talented than any other so you think they’ll be able to pull it off?

    • I’m glad WWE is getting rid of “talent” that has no chance of ever making a difference in popularity with casual fans.

      • Why are you glad? How does people losing their jobs make you happy?

        • For the same reason that I’m glad Hollywood stopped making terrible Steven Seagal movies. Nobody deserves a job in the entertainment industry. You either sell enough tickets to remain relevant or you get replaced. This list, and pretty much everyone released in the latest rounds of cuts, is filled with people who will never make a difference in wrestling and should consider themselves lucky for the opportunity they’ve already had.

        • Well them losing the jobs offers up opportunity for someone else to get the job. People lose jobs every day all around the world, you shouldn’t be expected to feel bad for them.

  2. I know they’re not Roman Reigns or Becky Lynch,but Hit Row being released after just getting called up makes zero sense to me.And I was a big fan of Tegan Knox and Drake Maverick.Oh well I guess..

  3. Maybe John Morrison will be Johnny “Dynamite”
    or “Rampage”??

  4. I’m glad they’re getting the indie out. Let AEW have that market. It was obvious it wasn’t any sort of huge draw by their ratings decline over the last decade and I’m absolutely amazed it took them so long to figure it out. It’s long past time for a change.

  5. Won’t be too long before AEW change their name to WWE2

  6. Very few wrestlers in WWE are given the creative latitude to make WWE programming any better. As it is always unfortunate when people lose jobs, the way that company works now, from a fan’s perspective, wrestler releases barely matter. WWE works on an interchangeable athlete model, not on wrestlers a fan can be invested in model. Aside from Roman, Becky, Charlotte, and a few more, wrestlers do not matter for World Wrestling Entertainment.

  7. It’s tough. I feel for the releases. But, at the end of the day, nobody cares. Drake Mavericks video post release was awesome. He’ll do well wherever he goes.

  8. Not to discount the human element but name one person in the last 3 sets of cuts that will really be MISSED. Maybe Wyatt (he has his fans)

    But generally, was Easy E really wrong when he said 20 years ago that there are really only 6-8 wrestlers who put asses in the seats?

  9. You 12? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but once you reach a certain age you outgrow heroes.

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