10/7 Impact Wrestling TV results: Christian Cage and Josh Alexander vs. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton, Chris Bey, Hikuleo, and El Phantasmo vs. Chris Sabin, Juice Robinson, and David Finlay, Black Taurus vs. Steve Maclin vs. Petey Williams to qualify for the X Division Championship match at Bound For Glory

By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling TV
Taped in Nashville, Tennessee at Skyway Studios

Aired October 7, 2021 on AXS TV

Highlights from last week’s Impact Wrestling show aired…

Josh Mathews and D’Lo Brown were on commentary…

1. “Bullet Club” Hikuleo, El Phantasmo, and Chris Bey vs. Chris Sabin, Dave Finlay, and Juice Robinson. Bey and Sabin started off the match with quick counters. Bey got a sunset flip for a two count. Phantasmo and Robinson tagged in. A picture in picture, whoed that the Good Brothers were watching the match. Phantasmo caught Robinson with a springboard crossbody. Robinson came back with two Atomic Drops and a standing senton.

Finlay tagged in and hit Phantasmo with an axe handle strike. The face team traded quick tags to maintain momentum and cut the ring in half on Phantasmo. Bey tagged in and caught Robinson with a superkick. The heel team traded quick tags to isolate Robinson. Finlay tagged in and caught Hikuleo with a chop block dropkick. Hikuleo blocked Finlay’s crossbody and caught Finlay with a big boot. Finlay caught Phantasmo with a neckbreaker and caught Bey with a backbreaker. Sabin caught the hot tag and caught Phantasmo and Bey with a crossbody.

Sabin caught El P with a tornado DDT. the face team caught the heels with stereo dives. Sabin caught Bey with a twisting flapjack. El P broke up the pin. Hikuleo caught Sabin with a chokeslam. El P caught Sabin with a splash. Bey got a two count on Sabin. Sabin backslid Bey for a two count. Sabin was about to hit Bey with a Cradle Shock, but El P caught Bey with a low blow while Hikuleo distracted the referee. Bey hit Sabin with a springboard cutter for the victory.

Bullet Club defeated Chris Sabin, Juice Robinson, and David Finlay via pinfall in 8:44.

Bullet Club celebrated their win to head into commercial…[c]

John’s Thoughts: A fun trios match to put some heat on the heels. That said, it’s tough to buy into Bullet Club as a must-see act in 2021, especially when Jay White is not a part of the Impact version at the moment.

Gia Miller interviewed Josh Alexander about teaming with Christian Cage against Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. Alexander said it was an honor to team with Christian, but also he understands that their is animosity between the two due to their match at Bound for Glory. Alexander ended his promo by saying that Christian will get a front row seat preview for Bound for Glory by seeing what Alexander does to Ace and Fulton…

Heath [Slater/Miller] made his entrance to the Skyway Studios ring. The crowd showered Heath with a “welcome back” chant. Heath said Impact also missed having the fans in the crowd so he welcomes them back too. Heath talked about how everyone had a bad 2020. Heath talked about how he had a bad year when he came to Impact at the last BFG and had the rug pulled from under him via injury right after he fought so hard to get a contract. Heath talked about how his wife and kids got him through all the tough times which invoked a “he’s got kids” chant from the crowd.

Heath talked about also feeling bad losing his friend in recent months, Rhino. Heath said he doesn’t put the blame on Rhino because that’s not the Rhino he knows. Heath said VBD brainwashed Rhino. Heath said he’s out here to call out his Brother Rhino to talk. Instead of Rhino, Violent By Design, Eric Young, Joe Doering, and Deaner, made their entrance. Young said the Rhino that Heath knew is gone. He said he made Rhino stronger and more pure. EY said that Heath doesn’t speak for Rhino anymore, EY does. The announce team asked where Rhino was.

EY said Rhino belongs to Young. Young said the Rhino Heath knew is gone forever. Young told Heath to leave the ring and never come back, ever. Heath said he doesn’t hold his damn head down to anybody and he’ll be damned if he walked out. Young said Heath has to leave or force VBD’s hand. Heath attacked VBD, but Doering quickly got the advantage leading to the double team of Doering and Deaner on Heath. Doering and Deaner held Heath in place while Young berated him and ultimately smash the VBD flag over Heath’s back. The segment ended with Young draping the VBD flag over Heath…

Gia Miller interviewed Willie Mack and Rich Swann about Mack heading into a qualifying match for the vacant X Division Championship. Before Mack could get into his promo, Manny Lemons and Zicky Dice showed up to taunt Mack and Swann. This led to Swann saying he was going to see Scott D’Amore to book Dice and Lemons vs. Swann and Mack. Lemons and Dice went to Brian Myers to tell him how excited they were to wrestle Mack and Swann. Myers looked down on them, saying that there’s no way they’re winning especially after he and VSK lost. Myers said he wasn’t going to be in their corner. Myers asked Sam Beale and VSK to join him in his tour bus for some chicken wings….[c]

John’s Thoughts: A good segment between Heath and Violent By Design. Heath has toned down his over-the-top tone in favor of being a more serious promo. He invoked this voice in his last promo against Drew McIntyre, right before he signed with Impact, and it works for him. I’m not sure if this will come to fruition, but I wonder if Heath has it in him for a main event babyface run? Heck, I wouldn’t mind if he got resigned to WWE and became the 3rd 3MB member to get released only to come back world champion. Anyways, I liked this segment and I liked the pacing in that they didn’t give away Rhino’s decision here, thus keeping a cliffhanger out there for future segments.

Zombie Kimber Lee and Zombie Brandi Lauren made their entrance…

2. Tasha Steelz, Savanna Evans, and Mercedes Martinez vs. Kimber Lee, Brandi Lauren, and Lady Frost. Martinez and Frost started off the match. Frost hit Martinez with a few lucha moves. Martinez came back with a forearm. Evans and Lauren tagged in. Evans tossed Lauren into Tasha’s knee and gave her a Yakuza Kick heading into commercial.[c]

Tasha worked on Lauren with methodical offense. Tasha trapped Lauren in her corner and traded quick tags with her team to isolate Lauren. Lauren managed to get a window of opportunity with a lariat on Tasha. Mercedes wanted the tag, but Tasha refused to tag in Mercedes. Kimber lee tagged in and took down Tasha with lariats. Kimber hit Tasha with a backbreaker. Evans kicked Lee away to prevent her from locking in the Mandible Claw. Lauren put Evans in a sleeper. Mercedes hit Kimber with a Butterfly Suplex and Yakuza Kick. Mercedes wanted the pin, but she wasn’t the legal woman. Tasha Steelz picked up the win.

Tasha Steelz, Savanna Evans, and Mercedes Martinez defeated Kimber Lee, Brandi Lauren, and Lady Frost via pinfall in 4:40 of on-air time.

Martinez argued with Steelz after the match for not tagging her in and taking credit for the win. For some reason, Alisha Edwards ran out and attacked Kimber Lee and Brandi Lauren with a Kendo Stick. D’Lo Brown mentioned how Brandi and Kimber attacked her a few weeks ago (for some reason, I totally forgot what D’Lo was talking about)…

John’s Thoughts: I’m totally turned off in terms of the zombie duo, but I totally like what I’m seeing from the Steelz, Evans, and Martinez side of the equation. It baffled me a bit that WWE didn’t at least retain Martinez as a trainer for the PC because at the time of her release she was one of their most well-rounded women’s wrestlers on their roster. Martinez is tough in the ring and very believable on the microphone. It was actually cool to see them give her a highly produced entrance and allow her to shine in that last stretch in NXT. If Impact can sign Martinez that would be a coup for them because they’d be getting one of the best women’s wrestlers in the business (Seriously, AEW’s women’s division actually NEEDS Martinez because of the talent and coaching she can bring their division). Heck, I wouldn’t mind seeing a program between Steelz and Martinez which will do wonders for Steelz. As for the zombies, I feel bad for Brandi Lauren, who I see so much upside in, only to have her playing bad cosplay at the moment.

The Impact Wrestling Flashback Match of the week was James Storm vs. Chris Daniels in a number one contenders match from TNA Genesis 2013. Daniels ended up winning with his feet on the ropes after a distraction from Kazarian…

Alisha Edwards was dragged to the back by security. Alisha started ranting in front of the camera about wanting to beat up Kimber Lee. Gail Kim showed up and booked Alisha Edwards, Savanna Evans, Jordynne Grace and Kimber Lee in a Monster’s Ball match at Knockouts Knockdown. Edwards said she likes that stipulation because she can bring her Kendo stick. Edwards kissed her stick and named it “Kendra”…[c]

This week’s edition of Tenille Dashwood’s All About Me show aired with Kaleb and Madison Rayne as co hosts. The trio bragged about becoming number one contenders to the knockouts tag titles. Their guests were Decay, who teleported into the set. For some reason, Dashwood was censored after presumably cursing. Rosemary asked Dashwood if she feels lucky. Rayne shooed away Rosemary and Havoc. Rosemary said Decay are now the hosts of the show because they changed the lighting. Dashwood and Rayne freaked out when Rosemary started creeping them out…

Moose and W Morrissey cut a promo. Moose said the heroes of this story send people to the hospital with Him and Morrissey sending Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards to the hospital. Morrissey confirmed that he and Moose have an alliance. Moose said he and Morrissey are taking the alliance to the Call Your Shot Battle Royal. Moose told Morrissey that he understands that once they take care of everyone he will go up to Morrissey to tell him he’s going to Kick Morrissey’s ass and he understands that Morrissey will do the same. Morrissey said “you’re damn right I am”…

Entrances for the next match took place…

3. Black Taurus vs. Steve Maclin vs. Petey Williams for a spot in the X Division Championship match at Bound For Glory. Taurus took down Maclin with a Sling Blade and backbreaker. Petey took down Taurus with a few huracanranas. Taurus hit Maclin with a corkscrew tope. Petey hit Taurus with a baseball slide and hit Maclin with a huracanrana. Petey hit Taurus with a leg drop. Maclin tossed Petey back in teh ring and caught him with an Angle Slam.

Maclin hit Taurus with a Twisting Vertical Suplex. Maclin hit Petey with a Backbreaker on the knee. Taurus hit Maclin with a combo and shoulder breaker for a two count. Petey landed La Mistica into a Russian Legsweep on Taurus. Petey hit Maclin with a Shining Wizard. Maclin blocked a Destroyer with a forearm. All three men took each other out with strikes. Petey reversed a power bomb into a DDT on Maclin. Taurus got a Crucifix Bomb on Maclin for a two count.

Taurus escaped Petey’s Destroyer attempt and caught him with a back elbow. Taurus put Petey in the Tree of woe. Maclin tossed Taurus to ringside and hit Petey with a spear. Taurus came back and hit Maclin with a spear. Petey hit Taurus with a Canadian Destroyer. Maclin recovered and hit Petey with a Drill Claw for the win.

Steve Maclin defeated Petey Williams and Black Taurus via pinfall in 7:12 to earn a spot in the X Division Title Match at Bound For Glory.

John’s Thoughts: A really good triple threat with each person getting a nice showcase. I’m happy to see Maclin go over here as he’s been one of Impact’s better success stories in recent months. Maclin goes into the title match presumably as the solid base to counter the presumed high flyers. I wouldn’t mind Impact putting the strap on Maclin as I see this guy with main eventer potential. As a heel, if he wins the title, I wouldn’t mind Maclin getting a long X Title run dominating the competition.

Gia Miller interviewed Christian Cage about teaming with his BFG opponent later in the show. Christian joked about having his own good share of tag matches in the past. Christian said Alexander may have the best seat in the house to scout his BFG opponent, but he hopes Alexander can keep his emotions in check tonight. Chris Daniels showed up and talked about how he came to Impact to right the wrongs in the past and get the one thing that’s eluded him in his Impact career, the Impact title. Daniels said he doesn’t care if they have the match in Impact or AEW, but he just wants a title shot and wants Christian to think about it…[c]

This week’s Swinger’s Palace segment aired where Johnny Swinger was packing up the illegal casino. He had a Dixie Carter poster for some reason. Fallah Bahh showed up to mock Swinger for having to pack up. Swinger ran across a Jeff Jarrett King of the Mountain poster and wondered if they won it in a bet. John E Bravo said they won the poster in a law suit…

Entrances for the next match took place…

4. “The Learning Tree” Manny Lemons and Zicky Dice vs. Rich Swann and Wilie Mack. The heels jumpstarted on Swann and Mack. Mack hit Dice with a splash in the corner. Swann tagged in and hit Dice with a modified 3D. Lemons tagged in. Mack and Swann dominated Lemons. Dice tried to get involved, but he ate a kick combo from Swann. Mack and Swann hit Lemons with a flapjack and neckbreaker combo to give Swann the pinfall victory.

Rich Swann and Willie Mack defeated Manny Lemons and Zicky Dice via pinfall in 2:45.

Brian Myers, VSK, and Sam Beale ran out to leave Mack and Swann lying…

Josh Alexander hyped up the main event…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Good tag team victory for Swann and Mack and interesting that they’re showcasing Mack and Swann well as a tag team right after both men declared that they were going for singles gold. I’m still confused as to why they’re taking this approach with Zicky Dice. Dice showed a lot of personality and charisma in NWA and would at least make a good comedy wrestler in Impact. So far he’s just a generic henchman for Brian Myers. He’s undercard, yes, but not allowed to show off his personality because he’s just an extra for the Myers act. Given the old school nature of the Dice character, I thought Dice would have been a great complement for Johnny Swinger.

An ad aired for the Knockouts Knockdown show…

A replay aired of Deonna Purrazzo attacking Mickie James at her barn…

Gia Miller was in the hallway where she noted that Deonna Purrazzo was having a meeting with Scott D’Amore about her actions at Mickie’s ranch. Mickie James barged into the office and attacked Deonna. Gail Kim and Scott D’Amore got in between the two women and Matthew Rehwoldt was also in the room. D’Amore assured Mickie that Deonna was being repramanded for her actions last week. D’Amore said he was invoking a no-contact clause where if Mickie breaks it she loses her title shot and if Deonna breaks it she loses her title. Gail Kim booked Deonna and Mickie in matches where they pick each others’ opponents. Kim said that Deonna will face her opponent at Knockouts Knockdown on Saturday…

Josh Mathews and D’Lo Brown ran through the Knockouts Knockdown Card…

Entrance for the main event took place…[c]

5. Josh Alexander and Impact World Champion Christian Cage vs. “Inevitible” Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. Christian and Fulton started off the match. Fulton dominated with his power advantage. Alexander tagged in but Fulton took out both opponents with a clothesline. Ace tagged in and worked on Alexander with chops. ALexander came back with an Irish Whip and backdrop. Fulton hit Ace with a delayed Vertical Suplex. Ace used a baseball slide to trip Alexander off the apron. Ace caught Alexander with a back kick for a two count.[c]

Ace caught Alexander with a buzzsaw kick for a two count. Alexander tossed Ace into the guardrail which allowed him to tag in Christian. Christian hit Austin with a slap from the ringside floor. Christian hit Ace with ten punches in the corner. Christian was distracted, which allowed Ace to trip up Christian wtih kicks. Fulton tagged in and worked on Christian with methodical strikes.

Christian escaped a vice grip, but was shoved into the other corner. Ace hit Christian with a leaping kick. Ace and Fulton continued to cut the ring in half on Christian. Christian caught a leaping Austin with a spear. Fulton tagged in and Alexander got the hot tag. Alexander hit Fulton with a right hand and twisting bomb for a two count. Alexander hit Fulton with two German Suplexes.

Austin tagged in and hit Alexadner with a Disaster Kick while Fulton hit him with a German Suplex. Christian dumbped Fulton to ringside. Christian pushed Fulton into the ringpost. Austin backdropped Alexander. Alexander reversed Austin’s roundhouse into an ankle lock. Austin kicked free. Christian got a blind tag on Alexander. Alexander went for a rollup on Austin, but he wasn’t the legal man. Christian shrugged in front of Alexander and hit Austin with the Killswitch for the victory.

Christian Cage and Josh Alexander defeated Ace Austin and Madman Fulton via pinfall in 13:00 of on-air time.

Christian patted Josh Alexander on the shoulder as a slight insult before leaving the ring. Impact closed…

John’s Thoughts: A fun main event tag match to promote the BFG world title match. I’ve said in the past that I see bigger and better things for Ace Austin in the future, but I understand that it’s Josh Alexander’s time now. Hopefully Ace is the next in line for the big title push after they make Josh Alexander. This was a simple setup for an up-and-coming babyface vs. veteran babyface match with Christian flaunting his experience. Christian vs. Alexander should be amazing at Bound for Glory and I like the patient build they are taking.

While Impact still doesn’t really stand out amongst the plethora of pro wrestling out there, I do commend them for putting on a well-paced show with good story development. The pacing really stood out on this week’s episode where they left hooks in most of their programs for future episodes. One of the show builds is whatever the hell Christopher Daniels is going to do to get into the world title picture. That said, there’s so much pro wrestling out there that it’s hard to justify picking Impact Wrestling as a good alternate. If anything they have a great women’s division, but the weakness there is they aren’t telling great stories in that division aside from Deonna Purrazzo’s challenger of the month.



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