AEW Dynamite viewership for the two-year anniversary show

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite television show produced 1.053 million viewers for TNT, according to The viewership count was down from the 1.152 million viewership total from last week’s show.

Powell’s POV: Dynamite delivered a 0.37 rating and finished fourth in the 18-49 demographic in the cable ratings, which is down from last week’s 0.45 in the same demo. Monday’s WWE Raw finished with a 0.52 rating in the same demo. The MLB Wildcard game topped Wednesday’s cable ratings with 6.673 million viewers for TBS. The baseball playoffs started on Tuesday opposite NXT 2.0 and will continue to serve as strong competition for all pro wrestling shows in the weeks ahead.


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  1. Ah, ratings drop AGAIN and there’s mini-Meltzer finding yet another excuse to blame it on, instead of the fact that it was a fucking horrible show.

    • NXT dropped a very small amount, yet not only did you not give the ratings for the baseball game that night, you didn’t even mention it. MLB only became worth mentioning when your precious little shitty indie fed dropped far more viewers against an MLB game that pulled in fewer viewers than the Tuesday game did.

    • You are so obsessed. The ratings were up for a matter of seconds and there you were to piss and moan and whine and complain. We get it. You don’t like AEW. You don’t like me. Seriously, seek help. Find a new hobby. Do something with your life beyond being a pathetic troll who just steals all of Jim Cornette’s takes.

      • I don’t know that guy but his point still stands. NXT dropped and you didn’t mention MLB anywhere in the article. AEW drops and MLB is brought up as a reason why. It’s hard to to see anything else other than a bias.

        • I was in a rush on Tuesday for reasons that I won’t get into when I did the NXT numbers. I didn’t even notice there was a game. I’m not an MLB guy (unless it’s a rare season when the Twins are decent). I discovered that later and that’s why today I wrote: “The baseball playoffs started on Tuesday opposite NXT 2.0 and will continue to serve as strong competition for all pro wrestling shows in the weeks ahead.” I list the Monday Night Football numbers when I run the Raw ratings every week during the season, just as I will for NXT and everyone else going forward now that the MLB playoffs are here.

          Or, yeah, I’m just super biased! Seriously, guys, if you really believe that then why even visit the site? I get praise from people who work in the industry for not playing favorites, but tribalism is so rampant amongst fans these days that everyone cries bias at the drop of a dime.

          • To be fair, when you’re claiming something from one company is a ‘drastic failure’ (paraphrasing, no need to get anal) for falling from it’s debut episode while trying to find excuses for a show from another company doing the same thing to a far greater extent, people might start assuming things. And I’m not part of a tribe because outside of Lesnar, I don’t like WWE at this point in time either. I’m only harder on AEW because they were supposed to be something new and better, not something that just came along to amplify what was already wrong with WWE.

            I am going to defend you for being less biased and far more credible than the goon squad that make up the majority of wrestling websites though. I appreciate that you don’t fall for and print rumors that an average 3rd grader would know were false, and you’ve always had a great sense of humor. That’s why I’m here and not somewhere else.

          • I understand you were paraphrasing, but I need to make it clear that I never came close to saying it’s a drastic failure. The week that I wrote that the number tanked was the week before the relaunch and that’s because, well, it tanked. It did the lowest numbers the show had delivered since March. As or 2.0, it’s simply too soon to say. The show has lost viewers each week and dipped to the demo low that it did the week before the restart. They have a good reason this week with the MLB game. I don’t think the numbers have been encouraging, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get some new faces over or make a star to help turn things around.

          • If this was the only time, you wouldn’t sound so full of shit.

            NXT lost fewer viewers than AEW in the same week, and your headline for NXT was that the ratings TANKED in all caps but the AEW headline simply listed that it was an AEW show.

            NXT 2.0 lost viewers one week and you said that people were “losing interest” while AEW Rampage has lost viewership for 6 consecutive weeks and you haven’t said anything like that about that show.

            You consistently use the most negative take possible on anything and everything WWE does while blowing AEW like Tony Khan owns your ass. Every time you get called out on it, you try to bullshit your way out like the hack “journalist” you are.

          • Blah, blah, blah. Why is it always the most biased people who accuse everyone else of being biased? No one is forcing you to watch AEW, and no one is forcing you to read this website. Take your negativity elsewhere.

            And for the 500th time, how in the world could I say AEW tanked that week when they finished FIRST in the cable ratings? You keep dodging that question just like you continue to dodge the question that everyone asks – why do you watch AEW obsessively if you hate it so much?

    • WAIT. No.

      Thotless can say whatever he or she wants now, the fact is that they completely disappeared when Dynamite’s ratings were through the roof after they predicted doom this summer. Zero comments about how wrong they were, even after I called them out.

      Oh but surprise surprise, once the ratings trend down you can bet that suddenly the ol keyboard works again! Gtfo

      You can tell all the “truth” you want when it matches your narrative, but you’re no different than the mainstream media only showing up to cover the stories that won’t make your side look bad.

      Hope you enjoyed your microcosm of relevancy.

      • When were Dynamite’s ratings through the roof? They took a 1 week bump for Punk, then dropped back down. They took a 1 week bump for Danielson/Cole and then dropped back down. They took a 1 week bump for the show at Arthur Ashe Stadium (which was very good) and then dropped two straight weeks to lower viewership than the Punk debut.

        When the hell were they through the roof? They still haven’t even hit the mark of the debut show 2 years ago. There’s nothing through the roof about still struggling to get over 1 million to watch without bringing in everyone they can from WWE, finding whatever celebrity they can, or stacking a card with all their top guys.

        I know Powell’s bullshit reporting can make it seem like AEW is on the upswing, but the evidence is completely to the contrary and he refuses to acknowledge it like a real journalist would.

        • Don’t focus on one hyperbolic phrase, you know when I’m referring to.

          You were absent those weeks, not me. You took a nice little vacation on those weeks that you would have eaten crow. Go back through the archives and find the weeks I’m talking about if it’s that important to you. Like I said, you are totally irrelevant and obviously the most biased person here so we’re done if you only want to engage when things tilt your way. I was waiting for you to own up after you made all these crappy predictions, called you out, silence. Done then, really done now.

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