9/17 WWE 205 Live results: Anish V’s review of Andre Chase vs. Trey Baxter, Valentina Feroz vs. Amari Miller, and Malik Blade vs. Boa


By Anish Vishwakoti, ProWrestling.net Staffer, (@AVX_9001)

WWE 205 Live (Episode 249)
Taped in Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center
Streamed September 17, 2021 on WWE Network

The broadcast team of Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcomed us to the show at the revamped WWE Performance Center…

1. Valentina Feroz vs. Amari Miller. A quick series of arm lock exchanges got the match started between the two as the crowd seemed pretty split between the two. Feroz tried to use a standing armbar but Miller was able to use her height advantage to land a headbutt and some forearms before whipping Feroz to the ropes. Feroz was able to grab an armbar again however, forcing Miller to get to the ropes to try and break the hold. Miller was then able to grab an arm lock of her own but Feroz quickly flipped out of hit and hit a takedown.

Miller immediately popped up and countered with a kick but Feroz got to the ropes, forcing Miller to whip a grounded Feroz into the bottom rope before going to the apron and hitting some kicks to take control of the match. Miller then used a chin lock and back rake combination to put some pressure on Feroz, eventually letting go before whipping Feroz across the ring. Feroz countered with a Sunset Flip pin but Miller kicked out and whipped Feroz to the ropes before hitting a leg sweep and going for a pin and getting a two count.

Miller then used a modified Cobra Clutch to try and put Feroz out but Feroz struggled to her feet and countered a fist drop attempt from Miller. Feroz used a Fireman’s carry takedown a few times and hit an impressive series of Judo throws before whipping Miller to the ropes, only to miss a dropkick attempt. Miller tried to take advantage, barely hitting a spinebuster, but Feroz blocked most of it and caught Miller with an armbar as she tried for a pin to get the submission victory…

Valentina Feroz defeated Amari Miller.

Anish’s Thoughts: Feroz did very well to get the crowd on her side after it originally seemed pretty split between the two. Miller losing was the right decision as she really just looks like she lost concentration for a second as opposed to being completely outclassed. Feroz has built two wins in a row and looked pretty good today with a fun moveset and a surprising way to get the victory.

2. Malik Blade vs Boa (w/Mei Ying). Boa kicked Blade in the chest and forced him into the corner, giving him the chance to hit a few knees. Blade countered a whip attempt and was able to land a pair of arm drags and a drop kick to knock Boa out of the ring. Blade tried to pull Boa back in but Boa hit an arm wrench and took control again with a series of tough kicks to Blade. Boa then draped Blade on the ropes and hit a running knee to knock him to the mat. Boa continued to put the pressure on using kicks and pulling on his ear to try and control him.

Blade fought back with some gut punches, giving himself just enough space to hit a pair of forearms and a spinning heel kick, followed by a corner clothesline. Blade went to the top rope and hit a top rope cross body, earning a two count. Boa didn’t flinch much however, immediately kicking out and hitting a Dragon Sleeper and Reverse DDT combination to get the pinfall victory.  

Boa defeated Malik Blade.

Anish’s Thoughts: With Mei Ying of Tian Sha watching on from her throne at the ramp, this was a good win for Boa and brought some level of intrigue to 205 at least, really making the show seem like an NXT extension, which I am not complaining about at all. Good job by Blade to make use of his comeback spots to inflict some cool looking offense, even if it came up short. Boa looked dominant, although he didn’t do anything massively impressive. Still, I suppose it was a good win and maybe sets up some stuff down the line.

3. Andre Chase vs. Trey Baxter. The two stared each other down before locking up resulting in a strong arm drag by Chase. Baxter then flipped out of a wrist lock attempt by Chase, although Chase went back to it and tripped Baxter to gain control for a second although Baxter kipped up and hit a takedown of his own to force a disengage. Baxter now went for the back of Chase, prompting a running exchange which saw him befuddle Chase and hit a head scissors whip. Baxter followed Chase into the corner, but Chase used the ropes to hit and elbow and get some space. Baxter tried to rebound with an apron attack, but Chase pushed him off the ropes and then draped him onto the ropes to turn the tides.

Chase got a two count and then hit Baxter with some strikes before knocking Baxter into the corner and hitting some chops. Baxter dodged one of the chops and responded with some of his own but couldn’t take control completely as Chase was able to counter a running chop into a double foot stomp to knock Baxter to the mat. Chase then hit a back suplex before going for a pin attempt which got him a two count.

Chase then used a seated Bear Hug to try and squeeze the air out of him. Baxter was able to get to his feet and prompt a striking exchange and hit a reverse sling blade clothesline followed by a Lionsault for a two count. Baxter then tried for a top rope splash but Chase dodged and countered into a single leg Boston Crab submission. Baxter crawled to the ropes but Chase pulled him back into an STF.

Baxter was finally able to crawl to the ropes and make the rope break. Chase tried to end the match with a Tiger Driver but Baxter muscled out and hit a handspring head kick to knock Chase out of the ring. Baxter followed up with a Suicide Dive and rolled Chase back into the ring. He tried to follow up with another springboard move but Chase countered with a gut kick and a perfect Tiger Driver pin, however Baxter just kicked out before three.

A desperate Chase now stomped Baxter into the corner and propped him onto the top rope. Baxter countered and whipped him into the bottom rope, hitting a bottom rope 619. Baxter followed up with a 360 Foot Stomp from the top rope to get the pinfall victory…

Trey Baxter defeated Andre Chase.

Anish’s Thoughts: A very fun match with both guys putting a lot out there to give us a great main event. Baxter was on the back foot for a fair portion of the match but his sudden burst of energy at the end was enough to get him across the line after kicking out of a very good Tiger Driver near fall. They really went to the next level with their moves and told a good story as Chase just let the match get away from him after his ace in the hole didn’t work. This was a great way to cap off the show and they kept the crowd in it the whole time so well done by both wrestlers to give us something special on what was otherwise a pretty basic show. My 205 Live audio reviews area available each week for Dot Net Members.


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