NASCAR’s Kyle Petty recalls joining the NWO, being backstage with Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash, still getting recognized from his days with WCW and driving the NWO car

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast with Kyle Petty
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Working for WCW and joining the NWO: “So here’s how that happened. Honestly, it came at a great time for me. At the time, I had the long hair, the earrings, I was off in one direction while the other racers maybe were a little more mainstream. I was much different than the other drivers at the time. WCW had a car through Turner and the Turner affiliates that Elliot Sadler drove. It was also the Cartoon Network car, but was the WCW car a lot. Then the NWO came out and they were looking for something. They wanted a WCW adversary on the track and said let’s get Kyle to drive the NWO car because he’s the perfect fit for what we are trying to do.”

Backstage vignettes with the NWO: “Those guys were huge, man (laughs)! They were so incredibly genuine and they were so nice to me. Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash and all those guys were great. If you ever saw those backstage segments with me and the NWO you can barely see me because I’m so small compared to those guys. That was the easiest job I ever had in my life. Those guys worked so hard and I just had to sit there with them.”

Still being recognized for his time in WCW: “I still have some NWO shirts leftover from that time period and will still wear them out. Every time I do, someone will inevitably stop me and say ‘NWO 4 Life, brother’ and I’m like, ‘I am right there with you, bud.’ I drove the NWO car off and on for about two years, but I drove the Mello Yello and the Hot Wheels car for about seven years and I will get more recognition from driving the NWO car, its crazy. I got noticed more for wrestling than for Coca Cola and Mattel.

On wrestling fans and racing fans: “You know what, wrestling fans and racing cars are both blue collar fans. They feel like they are a part of the show. Man, they get so into it and are so passionate and are loyal fans. There is definitely a lot of synergy between the wrestling fans and he racing fans, there is no doubt about that.”

Other topics include his show Dinner Drive on the Circle Network, NWA Starrcade 1984, his friendship with Ric Flair, his time in WCW, Randy Savage, NASCAR, and more.

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