WWE Money in the Bank Kickoff Show report: Powell’s live review of Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio vs. Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso for the Smackdown Tag Titles


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Money in the Bank
Fort Worth, Texas at Dickies Arena
Aired live July 18, 2021 live on Peacock and WWE social media pages

-Kayla Braxton, JBL, Booker T, Jerry Lawler, and Peter Rosenberg hosted the show from their desk on the main floor. There were “welcome back” chants from the fans in attendance. The panel acknowledged that it’s Peter Rosenberg’s birthday week, then ran through the main card lineup.

-A MITB ladder match video package aired.

-Sonya Deville joined the panel and spoke about the women’s MITB ladder match. She noted that she had never been in an MITB match, but added that she did get involved in one by trying to help her former tag partner Mandy Rose.

-Liv Morgan was interviewed by the panel from the backstage area. She got emotional while talking about this being the biggest match of her career. She remained emotional as she spoke about how she loves what she does and appreciates the fan reaction she got on Friday.

-A video package aired on the Raw Women’s Championship match between Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair. The panel discussed the match with Deville, who said Ripley is a good person, but she will show a different side when she’s pushed to the limit.

-The Raw Tag Title match was discussed briefly.

-An ad for Smackdown touted that it would be broadcast from Cleveland, Ohio as well as from the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami.

-A video package spotlighted Bobby Lashley vs. Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship. Deville was gone, but the rest of the panel discussed the match.

-A Smackdown video package aired and touted the return of fans at Friday’s show. Rosenberg said he brought his girlfriend to the show and sat in the crowd because he wanted to be a part of the crowd. Braxton said she hasn’t seen anything quite like the reaction that Edge received.

-There was commotion away from the desk and the crowd cheered as The Miz was wheeled onto the set by John Morrison.

1. Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio vs. Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso for the Smackdown Tag Titles. Michael Cole and Pat McAfee were on commentary, and Greg Hamilton was the ring announcer. The Mysterios had a new video wall. They were dressed in suits, stepped into a portal, and then they cut to their live entrance.

Cole noted that Friday was the first time that Dom wrestled in front of a WWE live crowd. Dom powerbombed Rey onto Jimmy, which led to an early two count. Jey tagged in and ate a dropkick from Rey. Jey tripped Rey as he was running the ropes, causing Rey to tumble to the floor. Jey followed and rolled Rey back inside the ring. The Usos isolated Rey.

Dom eventually tagged in and performed a springboard clothesline on Jimmy and covered him for a two count. Dom followed up by leaping onto the middle rope in the corner, bouncing onto the same rope on the other side of the corner, and then performed a springboard moonsault. Moments later, the Usos caught Dom going for a dive at ringside and threw him into the barricade.

Dom was isolated by the Usos. They both grabbed a leg and pulled. McAfee said they were tearing him apart (hesitation) at the hips. Cole congratulated McAfee for catching himself. Funny. Jimmy stood over Dom in the corner and was shoved over the top rope to the floor. Jimmy returned to the ring, but both men tagged out.

Rey went for a springboard move, but Jey caught him on his shoulders. Jimmy made a blind tag. Rey performed a huracanrana, but Jimmy then greeted him with a superkick. Jimmy performed a Samoan Drop that led to a near fall. Jey check in again. Dom pulled Jimmy to the floor, but Jimmy ran him into the post.

Rey rolled up Jey for a two count, then went for a 619, but Jimmy stepped in front of his brother and took the move. Jey caught Rey coming off the ropes with a superkick. Jey performed a top rope splash on Rey for a good near fall. Jey acted shocked by Rey kicking out. A “this is awesome” chant broke out.

The Usos went up top in opposite corners, but Dom broke up whatever they had planned. Rey charged at Jimmy, who launched him overhead into the corner. Jimmy rolled up Rey and then Jey got on the apron and used his legs to add leverage to the pin without the referee seeing him, which produced a three count…

Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso defeated Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio in 11:25 to win the Smackdown Tag Titles.

Powell’s POV: A good match. So much for the speculation that Jimmy was somehow being punished by having this match on the Kickoff show following his recent DUI arrest.

-After a video touted WWE’s return to the road, Braxton and the panel discussed the title change. JBL raved about the crowd by saying it was the most electric crowd he’s ever seen in his life.

-A video package aired on the Roman Reigns vs. Edge feud. The panel discussed the WWE Universal Championship match. Braxton said the women’s MITB ladder match would open the main show.

Join me for my live review of the WWE MITB main card in a separate post via the main page.


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