Mickie James on possible opponents at NWA 73, Serena Deeb, and Mark Carrano being fired by WWE following the trash bag incident


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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James on the NWA’s 73rd Anniversary pay-per-view and who she’d be interested in wrestling at the event: You know, I don’t know because I’m like well, if we go within the NWA, there’s Kylie Rae now. I think that obviously there is Kamille as the champion but me as a businesswoman [goes], ‘She’s aligned with my husband and she’s champion and he’s the champion and as a businesswoman, I don’t need to do…’ I think I like Kamille. She comes over to the house, she comes swimming at the house, you know? We’re all friends so, when it came time to go after the championship, I would just really like to have one of those matches with like a Thunder Rosa or like with a Serena [Deeb] or someone who’s really like that type of girl of today that people really have their eyes on and put on a hell of a match and that’s all. Have like a really amazing showcase and whoever that might be, I mean there’s Deonna [Purrazzo], there’s so many girls that are — I mean, Ring of Honor’s getting ready to do that tournament, they’re getting showcased. There’s women that I haven’t even stepped in the ring with that have really risen up in the last five years since I’ve been back and on the road and stuff, because of this whole, you know, renaissance of women’s wrestling so it’s kind of cool to see. There’s so many people I haven’t even seen yet so, we’ll see.”

Thoughts on former WWE senior director Mark Carrano: “I have remorse about [Mark] Carrano getting fired and I shouldn’t if he was not happy in that position but Mark was my friend, you know? I had a lot conversations with Mark about some of these things that were bothering me in there so, you know, you look at it and go, ‘Yeah’ and the fact that Johnny [Laurinaitis] and Hunter apologized in the sense and that was cool but it was also — their language was very similar and I think Stephanie [McMahon] taking the time to write a genuine apology in the sense of like — I have love [for] Stephanie and I have so much respect for her in the business and I think what she’s been trying to do and really put forward is make changes in the way women are perceived in the business and all of these things and you know, it’s not like a one-person battle, that’s just it.”

James speaks highly of Serena Deeb: “Yeah, I know and I’m so happy for her and I would have said Serena [Deeb]. I know I’ve wrestled Serena but everybody knows Serena is always my go-to because I think she’s the greatest women’s wrestler out there right now, and I’ve always felt that way. I always have a kindred spirit with Serena because I remember her when she first moved to Louisville in OVW when she was just a kid. She moved from Virginia so there was already like a little bond right there because we’re both Virginia girls.”

Other topics include her country music career, her WWE run, more on her WWE release, Vince McMahon, more on the trash bag incident, Trish Stratus, winning the WWE Women’s title, and more.

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