NXT TV viewership improves in total viewership

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Tuesday’s NXT television show produced 761,000 viewers for USA Network, according to Showbuzzdaily.com. The viewership count was up from the 744,000 viewers who watched last week’s show.

Powell’s POV: NXT finished 21st in the Tuesday cable ratings with a .18 in the 18-49 demographic. Last Tuesday’s NXT show finished eleventh in the cable ratings with a .22 in the 18-49 demographic.


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  1. I would love to see wwe place NXT back mon wednesdays against aew again. WWe’s goal should be to keep aew’s numbers down as much as possible.

    With the nhl leaving after this season, you would think that all of the remaining NHL games will be broadcast on NBC sports and NBC for some stanley cup finals games to fulfill the remaining tv contract and usa network would be wide open on wednesday nights for wwe nxt programming.

    NXT CAN DRAW these type of numbers up against aew anyway.

    • Why do you care about WWE stunting the growth of AEW? Honest question.

      • I will gladly answer this question. I own stock in wwe and I want wwe to maintain its position as the number one promotion in this industry.

        I detest tony khan because he has never earned anything in his life. He is a money mark man child.

        I am a huge nfl fan. Would tony khan even hold any executive position on an NFL TEAM if his father did no own the jaguars?

        The khan family have struggled to succeed with the franchise since they purchased the team in 2012. Before the pandemic hit in march 2020, shaD KHAN was going to play 2 home games in LONDON.

        The khans are lucky that they tanked the 2020 season and got their hands on trevor lawrence. At least the 2020 ny jets were trying to win games.

        tony has not earned anything in pro wrestling. Without his dad’s money and connections, he would have another nwa indy federation on his hands.

        vince took his dad’s regional promotion and made it into a multi billion dollar powerhouse all while fighting people trying to take him down.

        • Sounds like some hardcore jealousy issues.

          • I am just stating FACTS. You claim to be a BIG nfl fan and you love the minnesota vikings. If your dad had a billions of dollars and purchased the vikings and just made you a vice president of the team just because you are his son, is that REALLY an accomplishment that YOU earned through hard work?

          • I’m guessing that Jerry Jones’s kids are both proud of their accomplishments with the Cowboys.

          • The difference is that nfl players do not take verbal shots on twitter against stephen jones like they do tony khan.

            Tony got into a verbal spat on twitter last year with a few disgruntled jagaurs players who took shots at him for being the ownenr’s son.

            You see tony on twitter thanking fans for watching aew and how it is the greatest show. Tt is so patronizing that it is not even funny.

            Tony kisses up to dave meltzer and miraculously gets a boat load of positive wrestling observer awards from meltzer’s cult of subscribers.

            Vince mmcahon gives zero attention to meltzer’s “expert opinions” and winds up with a bunch of negatve wrestling observer awards.

          • I remember Tony Khan having issues with Yannick Ngakoue. I didn’t think either side looked good and wrote that at the time. If memory serves, Ngakoue started it with the hope of forcing his way out of Jacksonville via trade. My Vikings ended up making a deal by giving up a second round pick for him, then traded him a few games later to the Ravens for a third round pick once the Vikings realized they were not a realistic playoff contender and Ngakoue was merely a one-year rental. Are there other examples of Khan having issues with players?

          • Khan had a twitter spat with jalen ramsey over his contract before he was traded to the LA RAM a few seasons ago.

            The point is that tony has an executive position in the jaguars team strategy and analytics because his father OWNS the team. Tony does not deal well with any criticism. Stephne jones runs the cowboys along with his father .

            Tony is fine running a wrestling promotion because wrestling appears to be his lie long obsession and he worships dave meltzer’s wrestling observer so it is easy to see why dave is pro aew and anti wwe in every business/tv situation.

            At the end of the day, meltzer and every dirt sheet reporter wanted nxt to be away from AEW in order to benefit aew. WWE IS BETTER OFF HAVING NXT up against aew and losing every week in the ratings battle as long as nxt can hold aew’s numbers down to some degree.I hope that wwe and nbc universal place nxt back on wednesady nights up against aew because that situation is in wwe’s BEST interests.

          • We have public feuds between Khan and both Ramsey and Ngoku in Jacksonville, where they demanded to be traded, with rumors of more.

            We have public feuds with Fulham fans on Twitter, in large part because he took a team that had been in the premier league for 13 years and hadn’t been relegated in 19 years, and fired everyone in sight while immediately getting them relegate. Fulham has had to institute rules about fan signs because of the things they’ve said about Tony.

            Then we’ve got Tony Khan, or someone working for him, going after YouTube channels pretty vigorously if they have any negative content about AEW. He’s tried to get Girl on Cinema’s channel shut down with manual strikes for words (she didn’t use any AEW video or image content). His current target is Botchamania which obviously love the AEW product since it’s got quite a few green indy workers trying to do stuff they’re not capable of pulling off and even vets like Fenix who botch on a regular basis. Several other very small YT channels have shown proof that AEW (probably Tony himself) has gone after them with manually added strikes.

            It all adds up to a kid who hasn’t done anything but ruin a mid table Premier League team, taken the Jags from perennial playoff contender to 9 losing seasons in 10 years, and put a wrestling show on TV that has seen ratings cut in more than half except for shows that either feature a celebrity or are loaded up with a PPV caliber lineup.

            I’m not rooting for or against WWE/NXT, but at this point I’m rooting against AEW as long as Tony Khan is running things.

          • EXActly, TONY KHAN is a very sensitive, arrogant money mark nerd who has been riding his father’s coat tails for his whole life.

            Tony does not “run” the jaguars, He has zero nfl experience. If it was up to tony, he would hire washed up football legends to play football if it was fake like pro wrestling.

            If you can have a 62 year old sting and a 51 year old jericho playing wrestler, you can have a 65 year old joe montana playing quaterback, a 59 year old jerry rice catching passes and a 62 year old lawrence taylor on defense.

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