Veda Scott on working as a color commentator and as a pro wrestler

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Last Minute Wrestling Podcast with guest Veda Scott
Host: Frank Mandolini
Interview available at

Scott on the possibility of switching permanently to working as a color commentator or continuing her in-ring career: “I think I can do both, however I recognize the value of committing yourself to one thing, particularly if you’re looking at a higher level like in AEW or WWE or wherever. Sometimes being versatile is great and having a background is great but also spreading yourself too thin makes it impossible to be good at one thing and many times being ok at many things.

“For me I love wrestling in the ring, that’s why I got into wrestling, but overtime I’ve grown to love the broadcasting side of things, some behind the scenes side of things more than I thought I would and overtime I think it evolved… I feel myself moving towards that direction more so than in the ring. Part of it is just logistically like you can’t physically wrestle forever but I enjoyed doing commentating and broadcasting at times even more than wrestling. I just sort of…I think that I’m good at it but also I enjoy being a part of the storytelling part of pro-wrestling and when you do the commentary that’s all you do, it’s trying to tell the story.”

Other topics include her engagement with Speedball Mike Bailey, being quarantined in Canada, how her gig as a commentator in AEW came to be, doing announcing work previously in Shimmer, Ring Of Honor, and for independents, if she still has Taz’s pen, Italian wrestler D3 in AEW, the mentality in the AEW’s locker room, the state of women’s wrestling, the need for wrestlers to better market themselves, what made the Ricky Starks’ videos special, and more.

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