10/23 WWE Friday Night Smackdown results: Barnett’s review of the final push for Hell in a Cell, Roman Reigns reveals the consequences for his match with Jey Uso, Otis goes to court


By Jake Barnett, ProWrestling.net Co-Senior Staffer (@barnettjake)

WWE Friday Night Smackdown (Episode 1,105)
Live from in Orlando, Florida at Amway Center
Aired October 23, 2020 on Fs1

[Hour One] A video package aired recapping the Uso and Reigns feud, with a Corey Graves voice over. Cole and Graves spoke about the show as Kevin Owens made his way to the ring for the KO Show. Owens made introductions and then introduce Daniel Bryan as his guest on the first KO Show since he was officially drafted to Smackdown. 

KO and Bryan had a friendly opening, and Bryan said he was excited to be back on Smackdown, and was looking forward to seeing who stepped up next. He also said he thinks a Championship should be defended every week on the show, and in his mind that would be the Intercontinental Championship. Owens thanked Bryan for having him in mind for that (he didn’t), and then said he had accomplished a lot in WWE, but had never captured the WWE Tag Team Championships. 

He pitched the idea and he and Bryan should be a great tag team, and offered up the name Team Hell-KO. Bryan reminded him that would be him teaming with Kane, because Kane was the Hell part of that equation. Bryan also reminded Owens that he had betrayed a lot of friends. Owens asked to move past that….but they were interrupted by Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler. Roode and Ziggler called themselves hot young talents, and said they were the greatest team on the planet. They were interrupted by the Street Profits. 

The Profits hyped themselves up for a second, and then said they wanted the smoke. They were interrupted practically immediately by Nakamura and Cesaro. Cesaro complained the Profits got the titles handed to them like it was a White Elephant party. Bryan said they should test how good of a team they would be right now, and they kicked off a brawl. Adam Pearce ran down to the ring to break things up…[c]

My Take: I guess they had to do something to kick off the tag division again, but I was hoping for something higher profile for both Owens and Bryan. Here’s hoping this is a misdirection so those two both end up in the orbit of the Intercontinental Championship. 

1. Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens and “The Street Profits” Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins vs.  Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura, Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler: The match was joined in progress. Chaos reigned early on with multiple quick tags. Cesaro landed an impressive uppercut to Dawkins. Ziggler then landed a dropkick on Montez Ford. The heels isolated Ford in their corner. They made quick tags and latched onto holds. Ford managed to knock Ziggler and Nakamura down on the apron, and break free of Cesaro to tag in Daniel Bryan.

Bryan entered and quickly dumped Cesaro to the floor. He then landed a dive, and went for a cross body from the top, but Cesaro caught him. Bryan flipped out and then jumped out of the corner, but sold a knee injury as he landed back in the center of the ring. Cesaro kicked Bryan to the outside, where he attempted to recover…[c]

Cesaro and Roode targeted the weakened knee of Bryan, and then Ziggler wrapped it around the ropes. They continued to stifle his attempts to get to his feet. Bryan bought himself a bit of time with a catapult, but Roode got into the ring in time to prevent the tag. Bryan was able to climb to the top and land a missile dropkick on Roode, and tagged in Angelo Dawkins. He landed a series of dropkicks and a spinning avalanche in the corner onto Nakamura for a two count. 

Nakamura landed a kick and a backstabber on Dawkins for a two count. He then tagged in Cesaro, and they landed a knee strike powerbomb combo for a near fall. Things broke down as Owens landed a stunner on Roode, and Ziggler landed a superkick on Owens. Chaos on the outside as Owens took out everybody on the floor with a splash. Ford tagged into the match and pinned Cesaro with his signature frog splash. 

Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens, and the Street Profits defeated Shinsuke Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro, Robert Roode, and Dolph Ziggler in roughly 15:00. 

After the match, it was revealed that Roman Reigns would talk about the “Tribal Consequences” of his Hell in a Cell match. We then saw a “Law and Otis” segment, presided over by JBL. Ron Simmons was the Bailiff and called it “Court of Thunderdome”. JBL asked Miz’s lawyer to make her statement, and Miz told her “he’s got this”. Miz says he is there to get the truth. He said the defendant had victimized him both physically and emotionally, and his conduct wasn’t befitting a WWE Superstar. Miz said it was his duty to take the Money in the Bank contract from someone who exhibits such poor conduct, and place it in the hands of someone honorable. He called himself the honorable one. 

Otis then made his case that he deserves the Money in the Bank contract because he won the Money in the Bank ladder match. Miz’s lawyer told Miz and Morrison that Otis had a good argument, and Miz subsequently fired her. The case will be continued later…

In the arena, we saw a brief video package for Bianca Belair, after which she made her entrance…[c]

My Take: I’m not sure why Bryan had to sell an injury like that for most of the match if it had no bearing on the finish. Maybe it will be something that plays out later, but he didn’t appear shaken up after the match. I have no idea why they feel the need to give us multiple segments of Law and Otis tonight, but here we are. 

Backstage, the Street Profits celebrated with Bryan and Owens. Bryan said he was “up with the smoke” and said “fist me boys” and held up his hands for a fist bump. Hilarious. Sami Zayn walked up to Bryan after they walked off, and took exception to the idea that the Intercontinental Championship should be defended every week. Zayn said he disagrees, and thinks the Championship is special, and he should decide when it’s defended, and who it’s defended against. He said as long as he’s Intercontinental Champions, Bryan should keep his opinions to himself, because he was going to do things his way…

Zelina Vega made her entrance for the next match against Bianca Belair. [C] 

2. Zelina Vega vs. Bianca Belair: Bianca landed a slam on Vega early. She also wore Smackdown themed gear in White and Blue. Vega attempted a flying head scissors, but Belair flipped away from it and landed a big shoulder tackle. She then landed a kick and taunted Vega. Bel Air used her power and vaulted Vega in the air before hitting a big right hand. She then put up Vega for a Press Slam, and then dropped her on the top turnbuckle. She then landed the KOD for the win. 

Bianca Belair defeated Zelina Vega at 2:38

After the match, we got a Lars Sullivan video package. Lars was then shown backstage, and he has a match next…[c]

My Take: A bit of a rough outing for Zelina and Bianca, but the KOD looked great. I’m really looking forward to a potential Zayn and Bryan program. 

Shorty G was in the ring with Kayla Braxton. She asked what possessed him to face Lars Sullivan. He said he was fed up. He can get drafted on Raw, he can’t get drafted on Smackdown. Gable said he had to prove he belonged here, and he would turn things around tonight. 

3. Lars Sullivan vs. Shorty G: Gable took to the ropes and leapt at Sullivan, who caught him and landed a fallaway slam. He then sent Gable off the ropes and pancaked him. Gable raked the eyes of Sullivan, and landed a Liger Kick, but Lars shook it off quickly and hurled Gable across the ring. He then landed a lariat and the “Freak Accident” for the win. 

Lars Sullivan defeated Shorty G at 2:01.

After the match, Gable was interviewed again and said he quit…

Murphy vs. Rollins is set for later…

Elsewhere, Alyse Ashton interviewed Seth Rollins. She asked Rollins about Murphy seemed to join in on the fun with the Mysterio family last week. Rollins said his idea of fun is what he’s going to do with Murphy later tonight. Rollins said the greater good is for the benefit of all of us. Rollins called himself a Messiah, and he is a disciple. He is a savior, and Murphy is a walk behinder. He then said he would define Murphys’ role for him later, and that sounded like fun to him. 

Roman Reigns was then shown smoldering in a hotel room pushing away plates of food…[c]

My Take: Gable quitting the same week as Austin Theory? Coincidence? Or do the Smackdown writers give zero shits about what’s happening in NXT? Rollins continues to struggle with his current gimmick on the microphone. It sounds like a performance rather than something that he’s connected with.

Backstage, Adam Pearce spoke to Shorty G in the locker room. He asked him if he actually quit, and he said he quit being Shorty G. He said he was tired of being a poster child for self acceptance, and that he wanted to go back to being a man with a list of accomplishments so big it has to be seen to be believed. He said that man is Gable….Chad Gable.

My Take: So he didn’t actually quit, and he’ll be Gable again? Not bad at all. 

Bayley was in the ring to discuss Sasha Banks. She discussed the accusations that she was ducking Sasha Banks, and afraid.

[Hour Two] Bayley said Sasha doesn’t deserve this shot, and she did what she did a few weeks ago because she wanted to be done with Sasha Banks, but not she’s a bigger pain in the ass than before. She said Sasha said her name was bigger than the title, and that her head has gotten so big that it won’t fit in Hell in a Cell. Bayley said Sasha is not the boss of her, and she isn’t signing anything. 

Sasha then made her entrance and shoved the contract in her face. Sasha said that she needed to sign it, because Bayley started it, and she needed to finish it. Bayley grabbed the chair that was in the ring, but Sasha avoided it. They then had a tug of war over the Women’s Championship. Sasha won and wrapped a chair around Bayley’s head. After a struggle, Sasha grabbed a chinlock while Bayley’s head was trapped in the chair, and forced her to sign the contract. She said she would take her title on Sunday, and left her with it. 

We then went back to the courtroom, where Miz questioned Morrison on the stand. He spoke about his physical and psychological wounds of Otis’s attacks. He then started crying. Rey Mysterio then testified on behalf of Otis, and Asuka testified in Japanese that no one understood. JBL checked with court stenographer Teddy Long, and Asuka did a “Holla” bit. Tucker then testified and said Miz crossed the line by having Mandy Rose traded to Raw. 

Miz then asked to treat Tucker like a hostile witness. Miz got in his face and said that Otis had neglected the Money in the Bank Championship, and Tucker said he didn’t even know what that meant. He then said all Otis can focus on is kicking the crap out of The Miz, since he started messing with him. And now that he thought about it, he wanted to kick the crap out of him too. Miz backed off, and JBL called for order. Ron Simmons said shut up to everyone. JBL called for a recess to render a verdict. Teddy Long excused himself to go pee…[c]

My Take: That was a stronger segment than recent weeks with Bayley and Sasha. I keep hoping they are going to find magic together in this feud, and thus far it just hasn’t gotten there. Maybe they’ll find it in the match on Sunday. The court segment is predictably terrible.

JBL rendered his verdict after the show returned. JBL said he’s supposed to believe that Otis created a hostile work environment, and has been negligent. He called that the job description of a WWE Superstar. If being hostile wasn’t part of the job, he and Ron Simmons would be serving life sentences. JBL then said Otis has not been negligent, because he has a full year to cash in his contract. The Miz turned over last minute evidence, which was a briefcase of cash, which swayed the verdict in his favor, because JBL is crooked. JBL announced Miz would face Otis at Hell in a Cell, with the winner keeping the contract. 

We then threw to a video package for Murphy and Rollins, recapping their recent disagreement over Alia Mysterio. After the video package, Seth Rollins made his entrance.

My Take: The court segment was a really ham fisted and lazy way to get to Otis vs. Miz. This whole process has further cheapened Money in the Bank, and at this point they should probably just give it a year or two off.

Murphy made his entrance for the next match. 

4. Murphy vs. Seth Rollins: They went back and forth early on. Rollins landed a shoulder block and taunted Murphy. He replied with a forearm to Rollins face, and then a head scissors that sent Rollins to the floor. He then slid out to the floor and sent Rollins onto the announce table with a back body drop…[c]

Murphy fought out of the corner with a back elbow. He then climbed to the top, but Rollins cut him down by shaking the ropes. Aalyah was shown backstage watching the match, with her Dad and Brother trying to keep her out of it by pulling her away from the screen. Rollins grabbed a bear hug and wore down Murphy on the ground. Murphy backed Rollins into the corner to try and break free, but Rollins then slammed him into the corner in response. 

Murphy climbed to the second rope and landed a missile dropkick. Both men fought to their eet, and Murphy landed an elbow and a kick. He then sent Rollins to the floor, and followed up with a kick and a suicide dive. Rollins failed to catch Murphy, and he crashed onto the floor. Back in the ring, Murphy landed a Meteora from the top, but sold his shoulder after the maneuver. 

Murphy rolled to the outside to try and pop his shoulder back in, as if he had a separated shoulder. Rollins then dove on him, and then slammed his arm into the apron. Aalyah looked concerned backstage…[c]

Murphy attempted a sunset flip powerbomb out of the corner, but his shoulder gave out. Rollins then gave him a buckle bomb, but Murphy replied with a knee to the jaw for a near fall. Rollins landed a back elbow when he got to his feet, and then slapped around Murphy. He told Murphy that he was the Messiah, and he was the disciple. Murphy replied with a hard right hand. 

They continued to trade punches and kicks. Murphy surprised Rollins with a small package for a near fall. Rollins landed a Falcon Arrow for a near fall of his own. Rollins missed a couple of stomp attempts. He then climbed to the top, but Murphy intercepted him. Rollins escaped by attacking Murphy’s shoulder and landed a stomp to put Murphy away. 

Seth Rollins defeated Murphy at 17:10

Aalyah begged Rey and Dominick to help him, as Rollins grabbed a kendo stick. She said if they wouldn’t help, she’d do it herself. Rollins told Murphy that he stands behind him, because he’s the only one he’s got. Aalyah got in the ring and covered up Murphy so Rollins would stop hitting him with the kendo stick. Dominick came out, which caused Rollins to bail, but he entered again and beat down Dominick when he was distracted by Aalyah. 

Rey walked out with a chair and Rollins finally cleared out. Dominick argued over her presence as she comforted Murphy. They finally noticed her comforting Murphy and looked uncomfortable. 

Elsewhere, a WWE staff member knocked on Reigns suite backstage, and told Paul Heyman that they were ready for Roman. Heyman said Roman makes his own schedule, and he would let him know…[c]

My Take: A very enjoyable match between Rollins and Murphy, but why won’t this end? I’m over it.

A video package aired of Roman Reigns defeating Braun Strowman last week, and then turning his back on Jey Uso after the match. After the video package, Roman made his entrance to speak on the Tribal Consequences of the Hell in a Cell match. 

Jimmy Uso was shown in Roman Reign’s suite, looking at the food and drink that Reigns refused to eat earlier. He said that Reigns had changed. He had lost connections to himself, and their family. But don’t ask him, ask my brother. Jey was right behind Roman and threw him into the corner post. Jey grabbed a chair and tried to use it, but Roman avoided it. Jey landed a superkick and an Uso splash, and then headed to the back. Jey and Jimmy celebrated on top of the ramp for getting one over on their cousin. 

Roman slowly got to his feet. Heyman tried to hand him the belt, but he wanted a microphone. Reigns said it was all just games, huh. It was funny to you boys. He said they didn’t understand, but he did. Roman said if Jey makes him quit, he’s not the tribal chief, or the provider for generations, and he could live with that. But if he wins, then they would fall in line and take orders, or they would be out. Not only would Jimmy and Jey be excommunicated from the family, but so would their wives, children, and future generations.

The Hell in a Cell structure dropped over the ring. Jey climbed it, and stared down at Roman from outside the cage. Reigns talked trash from the ring up at Jey…[c]

My Take: So Jey and Jimmy will be Roman’s lackeys, or their entire bloodlines will be excommunicated from the family? Seems like a pretty easy choice. Since a Samoan Dynasty faction is a lot more interesting than a lifetime of excommunication, I guess that makes the most sense.


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  1. the whole Otis vs. Miz feud is stupid and unless Vince changes his mind Otis wins since rumors are Vince likes Otis which is why he won MITB to start with. but you take rumors with a grain of salt.

  2. I still liked the MITB concept, but you’re right. They should bury it. For as long as they can.

  3. Josh, did you notice the evil smirk on Murphy’s face towards Rey and Dominik where Aalyah couldn’t see it? It’s not over. At all. Just saying.

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