Marc Mero on jumping from WCW to WWE, failing to connect with his WWE character, taking calls from Dallas Page in the middle of the night, the wrestlers who helped him improve


By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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Jumping from WCW to the WWF in 1996: The WWF was such a big deal because that was going to the dance. You really knew you made it, when you made it to WrestleMania and I was the first one to get a guaranteed contract. I had so much good stuff going in, but I also didn’t know how much it hurt me going in, bringing my wife at the time and the character of the “Wildman” were very difficult. I came from the flamboyant, crazy Johnny B. Badd to the “Wildman” Marc Mero, and I thought what is a Wildman? Am I from a jungle? I never connected with the character and unfortunately the audience didn’t either and that was difficult because I was starting to get better as a wrestler. But I have no regrets, good, bad it all led me to where I am today.

Working with Dallas Page in the ring: He would call me at three o’ clock in the morning and I’d say who is calling me at this hour and when I’d pick up the phone I’d hear “Hey bro, I got a spot I want to run by you, when you reverse the hip toss go underneath” and I’m saying Dallas, its three in the morning and he said, “Oh, I couldn’t sleep, but what do you think?” I wanted to strangle him but, that’s why I loved the guy he is just so passionate about everything he does but now he is doing it for the whole world. DDP and I had some really good matches. But my best matches with DDP were at house shows because you can go a little bit longer and we would always try new things. We had matches where people were on the edge of their seats.

Wrestling Brian Pillman at Fall Brawl 1995: We knew that it was going to be a 30-minute match and I remember that Brian really worked hard to help construct a match that would raise some eyebrows because I was still very green and Brian wanted to bring the best out of me. I would actually say that is probably one of if not the top five matches I’ve ever had.

On which wrestlers helped him become a better in-ring performer: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin at King of the Ring 96. Definitely anytime against Eddie Guerrero. Eddie was the easiest guy to wrestle. Steve (William) Regal helped me out a lot along the way. Going back all the way to the beginning it was Raven, he helped me out in becoming a much better worker. Guys that would work with me in the ring and maybe they weren’t happy about me beating them in the ring, they were business guys and they always wanted to make it better. I know there are guys I am forgetting but there are so many guys that were instrumental in helping that were fun to work with.

Other topics include being a protégé of Dusty Rhodes, the Johnny B Badd gimmick, the epic them song, the Wildman in the WWF, Vince McMahon, Marvelous Marc, the Attitude Era, feuding with Sable, Vince Russo, Champion of Choices,, and more.

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