9/4 WWE 205 Live results: McGuire’s review of Ariya Daivari vs. Tehuti Miles, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs. “Ever-Rise” Chase Parker and Matt Martel, Mansoor vs. Colby Corino

By Colin McGuire, ProWrestling.net Contributor

WWE 205 Live
Live from Orlando, Florida at Amway Center
Streamed September 4, 2020 on WWE Network

Ariya Daivari made his entrance while Vic Joseph checked in on commentary. “He is here to prove he still sits atop the food chain in the cruiserweight division,” Joseph said of Daivari after the cameras reminded everybody that the wrestlers were competing in the ThunderDome. Meanwhile, Drew Gulak returned to his position next to Joseph as color commentator.

1. Tehuti Miles vs. Ariya Daivari. Tehuti Miles made his entrance with a little bit of a different look. Gulak spoke about how Miles and him are Philly boys and then Gulak criticized Miles for his attitude. Daivari landed a punch and said, “You wanted a veteran? I’m a veteran. … Come on, rookie.”

Daivari taunted Miles before the latter chased Daivari around the ring. They then landed inside the ring for a few runs before Miles hit an elbow. Miles then took control, throwing Daivari to the corner. Daivari threw Miles out of the ring and eventually pushed his legs into Miles to force him into the commentary table. Daivari landed a one-count after getting Miles back in the ring.

Daivari went for a neck-breaker after getting some punches in. He then went for a cover to get a two-count. From there, Daivari held onto a face-lock. After Daivari hit a hard lariat, Daivari looked cocky and pulled Miles up for a chop. He went for an Irish whip, but Miles countered for a DDT. Miles then had a nip-up.

Miles kicked Daivari into the ropes for a spine-buster and got a two-count. Miles went to the top rope and Daivari caught him. Miles punched him off, but then jumped off the ropes to land tenderly on his knee. Miles got a series of roll-ups for near-falls. Daivari went for his lariat finish and got it for the pin.

Ariya Daivari defeated Tehuti Miles in 6:18.

After the match, Daivari asked for a handshake and then pulled back at the last minute, yelling “Syke!” Miles was riled up, but the program cut to a WWE Shop commercial.

McGuire’s Musings: Maybe I’m wrong, but Miles continues to look good in his underdog/too-confident role. Yes, I know that’s a paradox, but depending on who he’s working with each week, he can adapt and even become someone fans can root for. Daivari played his part well, considering how Joseph labeled him a “205 Live Original,” and considering how he was one of the first in town to play the cocky gimmick so well on the Purple Brand. I’m interested to see where this leaves Miles. Last week, I thought The Brian Kendrick might step up to team with him (or at least work in an advisor role on screen), but now, maybe not so much.

2. Mansoor vs. Colby Corino. Colby is the son of Steve, for those who were wondering, so he has the lineage. Mansoor went into a headlock before Corino countered and Mansoor got back on the offensive with an arm lock. He continued to work the arm before both worked the ropes and Mansoor got an inverted atomic drop in.

Mansoor went for a top-rope bulldog, which looked both scary and great. Corino countered as Monsoor was on the middle rope and Monsoor took a nasty fall. Corino then flipped onto Mansoor for a one-count. Mansoor got in a body slam and then a Northern Light Suplex.

Mansoor landed a very clunky neck-breaker after some maneuvering from both wrestlers. Mansoor got in his “signature move,” and a “high-impact move,” according to both Joseph and Gulak. Either way, it was his finisher and he got the pin.

Mansoor defeated Colby Corino in 3:17.

McGuire’s Musings: I know this was a showcase for Mansoor, and we all know he’s still undefeated in not only WWE, but also 205 Live, but I actually thought Corino looked good for being an unfamiliar face. At times, it felt like Corino actually carried his opponent, especially when that botched set-up to the neck-breaker went down. I’d like to see more of him. Meanwhile, Mansoor gets another win. At some point, the WWE brass is going to have to figure out how much they believe in him. It’s not great that neither Joseph or Gulak even knew what the guy’s finisher was called.

A recap of last week’s tag-team match aired before a Connor’s Cure ad began. Ariya Daivari joined Gulak and Joseph on commentary. Ever-Rise threatened Joseph before they got in the ring.

3. “Ever Rise” Matt Martel and Chase Parker vs. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. Lorcan and Martel began before Parker and Martel landed a double-team move. Before long, Lorcan got on the offensive, tagged Burch in and Burch and Lorcan got in a double chop.

Ever-Rise had a few fast-tags for double-team moves. Lorcan was tagged in and landed a running uppercut on Parker. Martel tagged in and more double-team moves ensued. Martel landed some strikes and then Parker tagged in. He then landed a suplex on Lorcan. Parker then got Lorcan into an arm lock.

Parker and Martel yelled about conspiracies. Lorcan got a shoulder block but Martel and Parker countered before getting in some tandem offense. Martel got a very close two-count after a modified Codebreaker. Lorcan got the hot tag into Burch, who came in and landed punches and elbows. He then executed a dropkick, clothesline and German Suplex. Burch got a two-count.

As Lorcan and Burch were going for their finisher, both teams turned their attention to the entrance, where Legado Del Fantasma came to the ring and hit a few chair shots.

“Ever Rise” Matt Martel and Chase Parker fought Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch to a no-contest in 5:35.

Raul Mendoza dropped Burch before Martel took a hard chair shot. Lorcan took a kick and Martel had his mouth taped by the faction as they yelled, “you’ll never talk again, we’re going to shut you up.” Santos Escobar stood tall and held his Cruiserweight Belt over Ever-Rise to close the show.

McGuire’s Musings: So … Legado Del Fantasma can take a loss on NXT to Breezango and Swerve Scott, but once they return to 205 Live, they’re back to their bad-ass ways? OK. I guess? Either way, the dominant faction looked good, and this sets the table for Legado Del Fantasma to spend a little more time on 205 Live, which is a good thing. Santos Escobar is the brand’s champion, remember.

In all, this was an intriguing episode of 205 Live. I’d even venture to say it was just a little better than last week’s episode. Sure this is clearly not the most exciting hour of television – and, for that matter, it’s probably not even the most exciting half-hour of television – but it seems to be getting into a groove now that it’s in the ThunderDome. And now that Legado Del Fantasma seem to care about the brand again, business, as JR would say, is about to pick up.


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