Xavier Woods on his return, popping Vince McMahon, Kofi Kingston winning the WWE Championship, the “feud” with Kenny Omega, New Day’s chemistry and formation


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast with Xavier Woods (a/k/a Austin Watson)
Host: JP John Poz (transcription by John Poz)
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Website: www.tmptempire.com
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The formation of New Day and their chemistry: In working together so much, I think that’s where the chemistry came from. We worked on The New Day idea for about five or six months before anyone saw it on WWE TV. We would ask Vince [McMahon] if we could work together on house shows. We would sit by his office door before the shows for sometimes three or four hours, just to get five minutes with him to push an idea to him. We would show him what we had and he would say, ‘Ok cool’ and we would ask to come back again at the show to talk more about our ideas and he always said ‘Ok sounds good.’ It was basically rinse and repeat like that for months. Chemistry is 100 percent the reason we are still together after all these years.

Popping Vince McMahon: I decided why don’t I bring out the trombone to the ring with me. I may never get another chance to bring it out onto TV with me. Kofi and Big E are having a match and I’m on the floor, as per usual (laughs). So I have the trombone and I’m thinking to myself what would make the guys laugh. I just started randomly playing the trombone during the match and during the commercial break the cameraman walked up to me. He said Vince is dying laughing in the back, he loves the trombone, keep playing it. Vince had tears in his eyes and he was screaming laughing, he loved it that much. When we got to the back he said, “Forever, forever, you will always be bringing out the trombone to the ring with you.”

Kofi Kingston winning the WWE Championship: That was legitimately one of the greatest moments of life. I didn’t even want to know what the end was going to be. When me and Big E were watching the match at ringside we had no idea what was going to happen. To be apart of something like that was one of the coolest things ever. I was a complete and total emotional wreck because we did it. We did it as a team and as friends.

His achilles injury and possible return date: I will say I’m feeling alright and that’s all I will say. I was really really in a bad way mentally for like six weeks after the initial injury happened, I was depressed. It all came from the fear of not knowing if I would ever wrestle again. I was able to work through that with some really good friends like Kofi, E, Tyler Breeze and Rick Victor. I’m much better now, but no spoilers on a return date.

The Kenny Omega feud: Kenny Omega has been on my YouTube show before and so have the Young Bucks. We have been able to do a Street Fighter Tournament together with a wrestling spin on it of course with the contract signing and cutting promos on each other beforehand. Using video games as a conduit we have been able to do something no one else has been able to do. That rivalry is still going strong today and I’m pretty sure it will never end. I would love to do some sort of inter-promotional match with him one day. The goal is to destroy boundaries. Do things that we aren’t supposed to be doing because people would really enjoy it. Given the right circumstances, I do think it could happen, but we’ll see.

Other topics include more about the New Day, his entire WWE run including stints in FCW and NXT, UpUpDownDown, his quest to become a host on G4, The New Day beating Demolition’s record, his role in New Day, Big E’s potential, wanting to win the King of the Ring, and more.

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