7/21 Impact Wrestling TV Results: Moore’s review of the Slammiversary fallout edition featuring The North vs. Motor City Machine Guns for the Impact Tag Titles, EC3 returns, Rhino invites Heath Miller, and more

By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling TV
Taped July 19-20 in Nashville, Tennessee at Skyway Studios

Aired July 21, 2020 on AXS TV

This week’s Impact started off with a promo from EC3. Ethan was standing in front of a brick wall with the number III projected on it. Ethan was speaking rhetoric. He talked about how politicians, corporations, media, love, and entertainment have been controlling the minds of people for ages. EC3 said those factors are taking away your free will, causing you to have to conform.

EC3 asked the viewers if they should fight back against those factors that steal from you and betray you. EC3 said it was time to fight against these tyrants who are out there to humiliate you or cancel you. EC3 said it was time to find purpuse in your life, and find enlightenment. EC3 focused on the words “control your narrative”. EC3 said you should live in “this” moment because EC3 is living in “this” moment. EC3 ended the promo by saying “you have been warned”…

John’s Thoughts: Very cool to see EC3 back because this guy has been one of the most criminally underutilized wrestlers in the last few years due to being repressed on Raw and Smackdown. Glad to see him back on Impact where the guy proved he can be one of the best overall wrestlers in the world on the mic with some pretty decent in-ring. That said, the jury is still out on “dark and brooding” EC3. I’m confident in his ability to make it work, so I don’t think I should worry too much. This just really felt like I was hearing a Killer Kross promo circa 2018. The only difference is Kross has credibility in his nihilism ethos, meanwhile Ethan Carter III/Derrick Bateman has been consistently quirky (in a good way) in all interations of his character.

Impact aired a new intro theme and video (very good to see, almost like a new season). Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne were on commentary…

1. Chris Bey vs. Willie Mack for the Impact X Division Championship. Bey and Mack traded ground and pound positions early on with Mack getting the upper hand. Mack kept Bey grounded with standing right hands. Bey countered Mack and sent Mack into retreat. Bey went for a plancha but Mack caught Bey and gave Bey a body slam at ringside. Mack tossed Bey back in the ring and hit Bey with a slingshot senton. Bey dodged Mack, which tangled Mack in the ropes. Bey hit a tangled Mack with a neckbreaker.

Bey locked Mack in a headlock to slow things down. Mack got to a vertical base and hit Bey with a knife edge chop. Bey stopped on a dime and ran circles around Mack. Bey hit Mack with a sweep and stop. Bey missed a moonsault. Mack hit Bey with his signature standing moonsault. Josh noted that Bey called Mack “Willie Wack”. Bey escaped a stunner attempt. Mack hit Bey with a pop up right hand. Mack missed a six star frog splash. Bey hit Mack with a springboard cutter for the clean win.

Chris Bey defeated Willie Mack via pinfall in 5:36.

John’s Thoughts: Is Willie Mack leaving Impact? I’m partially kidding, but it’s very odd that they built up Willie so strong heading into his title reign, only to have him lose pretty handily by Chris Bey who has been using Johnny Swinger to help him cheat in matches. I mean, I do like that they are giving Bey clean wins. It makes him look stronger. I’m just baffled that they’ve seemingly given up on Willie Mack so early in his run as X Division Champ. Hey, maybe we get that Willie Mack vs. Brian Cage hidden gem dream match earlier than I expected (for the company Cage is in of course). If Mack isn’t leaving, they might be positioning Mack for something against Rich Swann?

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne checked in from their commentary set. Josh Mathews recapped some of the hot points of Slammiversary. Josh Mathews told viewers that EC3 does not work for Impact. Josh hyped The North vs. Motor City Machine Guns as the main event of this show. Madison Rayne noted that Eddie Edwards will appear later in the show to give his first thoughts as World Champion. Mathews talked about how World Class Maniac Eric Young injured Rich Swann during that title match…

Back to Skyway Studios, The Good Brothers, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, made their entrance…[c]

Back from the break, Karl Anderson said “hey yo” and joked about how he always wanted to say that. The Brother joked about drinking a lot of protein during quarantine. Anderson talked about how rumors were swirling for months on where the Good Brothers would land. Anderson said the Brothers are proud to say that they have arrived in Impact. Anderson said Slammiversary was trending worldwide on Twitter because of Good Brothers. Anderson said with the Brothers you don’t only have the best tag team in the world, but you have the best big man in the business Luke Gallows, and the best wrestler in the world in the Machine Gun.

Gallows then reiterated some of Anderson’s points and noted that shopImpact was sold out of Good Brothers merch. Gallows then plugged the Good Brothers Fite TV talk show. Gallows noted that they don’t need a “Too Sweet” these days. Gallows and Anderson were then about to drink beers, but Ace Austin and Madman Fulton made their entrance. Ace said he forgives the Good Brothers because he understands that they were making a statement. Ace asked for an apology, saying he understands that the Brothers were trying to make a statement against top guys.

Ace called Madman Fulton one of the best big men in the business. Ace slapped away Anderson’s beer, saying he wasn’t a beer guy. The Good Brothers and Fulton and Austin brawled against each other. Ace and Fulton were cleared from the ring and The Good Brothers stand tall with their theme playing…

John’s Thoughts: Nothing new from Gallows and Anderson. We’ve heard this promo from them before, but it’s a solid introduction of the Good Brothers to Impact viewers who are seeing them for the first time (the only thing missing is Prince Devitt dropping F Bombs and making insider references). Gallows and Anderson add a ton of star power and charisma to Impact so this is a good signing. I kinda hope they don’t just feed Ace Austin to The Good Brothers as the initial sacrificial lamb. I say this because Ace has been Impact’s fastest rising star, and I hope they don’t do the old TNA thing of feeding their rising stars (a la AJ Styles and Samoa Joe) to debuting WWE castoffs.

Heath [Slater] was shown trying to get into the arena, seemingly reliving his WWE Smackdown Storyline from 2016 (Where Shane McMahon infamously called Rhino one of the hottest free agents in wrestling). The security guard asked Heath if he has a last name. Heath said he did have a last name, but he isn’t allowed to use it anymore so he’s just “Heath” now. The guard said he doesn’t see “Heath” on the guest list. Heath stepped aside and called someone on his phone…[c]

They cut to Rhino and Shawn Hernandez arguing backstage over that wad of money they were fighting over. Hernandez was shown combing his newly thick moustache. Rhino challenged Hernandez to a match where the winner gets all the money…

An Impact Plus ad aired…

Chris Bey was shown backstage in front of a vanity mirror, hanging out with a few girls. Bey was trying to pass around champagne, but Rohit Raju walked into the room to greet Bey. Bey wondered why Raju was dressed in gear. Rohit said you never know when you’re needed to wrestle. Bey said he might call Rohit if he needs help. Rohit left and Bey blamed the girls for allowing a loser like Rohit to get in the room…

John’s Thoughts: After seeing how NXT is giving Trevor Lee huge wins and massive amounts of protection, maybe Rohit Raju just needs to leave Impact and get that NXT shine. I only joke about that because ever since Trevor Lee left for brighter pastures, Rohit Raju took over the spot of designated loser goof.

2. Jessika Havok and Nevaeh vs. Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz. Tasha and Nevaeh started off the match. Nevaeh had the upper hand with a series of punches and a suplex on Tasha. Nevaeh and Havok ketp Tasha under control with some tags and double team offense. Kiera tagged in and ran right into Havok’s boot. Havok got a two count on Kiera. Nevaeh tagged in and hit Kiera with a Blockbuster. Kiera shoved Nevaeh to the second turnbuckle and put the boots to Nevaeh.

Kiera and Tasha traded quick tags to isolate Nevaeh. Josh Mathews teased the Women’s Tag Team Championships returning. Madison Rayne agreed given the number of teams in the division. Nevaeh turned the table with a lariat on Tasha. Tasha came back with a pump kick for a two count. Nevaeh got a neckbreaker on Tasha. Kiera and Havok tagged in. Havok gave Kiera a big boot and gave Tasha a backbreaker. Havok gave Tasha and Kiera hip attacks in the corner.

Tasha pulled Nevaeh off the apron. Havok was about to hit Kiera Hogan with a pile driver, but Tasha Steelz ran in and hit Havok in the back with a chair, which Havok no sold. Havok and Nevaeh win by DQ.

Jessika Havok and Nevaeh defeated Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz via DQ in 6:04.

Nevaeh got the chair and cleared Tasha from the ring. Havok followed through and hit Kiera with the Pile Driver. Havok and Nevaeh stood tall in the ring…

John’s Thoughts: Josh mentioned it on Saturday and tonight. It looks like Impact is en route towards building towards the return of the Knockouts Tag Team Championships. I’m all for it. Impact has done a great job building a deep women’s division and feuds over a tag belt would definitely be way better than making John E Bravo comedy the center of a Knockouts match.

This week’s Impact Plus Flashback Match of the Week was Bobby Lashley vs. Eddie Edwards from an episode of Impact Wrestling in October 2016. They aired five minutes and Eddie Edwards ended up winning the TNA World Championship…

Sami Callihan ran into Ken Shamrock backstage and blamed Shamrock for their loss at Slammiversary. Shamrock accepted the criticism and agreed that it was his fault. Shamrock said nobody is tougher on Shamrock than Shamrock. Shamrock told Sami to talk to him next week…[c]

Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes were cutting a promo back stage. RVD said there have been a lot of changes for the better in Impact. Forbes said she doesn’t like to wear clothes and in the process of trying to punish the fans she was punishing herself. Katie said she has a new website where fans can see her body and Katie doesn’t need to see the fans. She said you usually have to pay to see her photos, but next week you’ll be able to see them for Free-99…

John’s Thoughts: Uhm? So Katie Forbes is shilling what sounds like a onlyfans nude photos account? Ok.

Hernandez and his thick mustache made their entrance…

3. Rhino vs. Hernandez for a wad of cash. Hernandez took his time trying to make sure all the cash was there. Rhino ended up hitting Hernandez with the Gore for the quick win.

Rhino defeated Hernandez via pinfall in 0:21 to win the wad of cash.

The referee awarded Rhino with his cash. Hernandez shook his head in disappointment…

The North, Ethan Page and Josh Alexander, were backstage talking about how dominant they were in the Impact Tag Team Division. They addressed the Motor City Machine Guns were coming after the titles…

Eddie Edwards was shown heading to the ring…[c]

A vignette aired teasing a mystery wrestler. The person was wearing a mask but I couldn’t tell who it was (The former Curt Hawkins?)…

A video package aired with the winners at Slammiversary talking about their wins…

Gia Miller interviewed new Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo backstage. Gia wanted to know Deonna’s plans now that she’s champ. Deonna bragged about dislocating Jordynne Grace’s shoulder. Deonna’s interview was interrupted by Kylie Rae who introduced herself to Deonna.

Kylie was hyped because she won number one contendership to Deonna’s title. Deonna said she’s looking forward to it and she extended her hand out for a handshake. Kylie accepted and Deonna tried to pull Kylie in for an armbar. Kylie resisted. Alisha Edwards and Kimber Lee ran in between to pull the women apart…

New Impact World Champion Eddie Edwards made his entrance. Josh Mathews noted that Eric Young injured Rich Swann during the match where Eddie won the title. Eddie held up the title and said he’s finally able to call himself the Impact World Champion again. Eddie talked about all the broken things that were in wake en route to Eddie becoming champion. Eddie said that journey is in the past and it’s time for a new journey to begin.

Eddie said there’s been something missing in Impact in recent years, stability. Eddie said he wants to be a champion that the locker room and this company can be proud off. Eddie said he’s also doing it for the fans at home. Eddie said the only thing harder than becoming champion, is staying world champion. Eddie said people have called him crazy in the past, but he’s going to be a fighting champion, defending the title every week to anyone who deserves a shot. Eddie said he is living proof that “anything is possible”. Eddie said he will bring stability and credibility to this championship.

World Class Maniac Eric Young made his entrance to confront Eddie from the stage. Eddie cut off EY from talking, pointing out that EY hurt a friend of his in Rich Swann. Eddie said Rich Swann might not be able to walk again. Eddie said the only thing Young deserves now is an ass kicking. Young said it’s pathetic seeing Eddie think he has any say in the fate of the world title. Young said this place belongs to Eric Young now. Young said Eddie should be thankful because Young caught Swann in his crosshairs and not Eddie.

Young said nothing right now has anything to do with Eddie’s journey. Young said Eric Young made this situation so. Eddie Edwards dove at Eric Young and gave EY some ground and pound. Referees pulled Eddie away. Eric Young got one cheap shot punch in on Eddie before leaving…

John’s Thoughts: Not the most eloquent of promos, but a great first promo for the new world champion in terms of calming down some of the fears I had of Eddie becoming world champ (Thank God he didn’t take a marker and draw a smiley face on the belt). If Eddie gained anything over the past few years in his oddball character, was he gained way more confidence than he had as TNA Tag Champion or Ring of Honor champion. Here’s hoping we see some stability and credibility with Eddie, more than the belt. I think he can pull this off, as long as Impact creative doesn’t get in the way and start booking him to be cute again.

Gia Miller interviewed Moose backstage and she addressed Moose as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Gia asked Moose if Moose was going to be a fighting champion like Eddie Edwards. Moose called Gia a sweetheart and said that was a dumb question. Moose said the answer is no. Moose said in order to get a title shot, you need to be invited by Moose. Gia brought up Chris Sabin, Eric Young, and EC3 being former TNA champions in Impact now that Moose can invite (I thought EC3 was “not under contract”). Moose said EC3 is too busy controlling his narrative so he won’t get an invitation. Moose said he was giving Fallah Bahh a title shot later in this show…[c]

Gia Miller interviewed Eddie Edwards. Gia brought up Eddie saying he’s defending the title every week and if Eddie has anyone in mind. Eddie said he’s willing to defend against anyone. Trey Miguel showed up and confronted Eddie. Trey said Eddie has something Trey wants. Trey challenged Eddie for Eddie’s title next week. Eddie said if Trey wants it, he’s got it…

Moose made his entrance and Josh Mathews continued to call Moose’s title belt a “fake championship”. Josh also pointed out that Moose put a new white strap on his “prop”. Moose forced David Penzer to do formal in-ring introductions for the title match (they didn’t even do this for the real titles on Saturday)…

4. Moose vs. Fallah Bahh (w/TJ Perkins) for Moose’s TNA Title belt. Moose tried to choke Bahh early on, but Bahh backed Moose into the corner and laid chops on Moose. Moose blocked another choke with chops. Moose gave Bahh a running boot. Moose gave Bahh some chops and a shoulder tackle. Moose ended Bahh’s chop rally with a takedown and leg drop. Moose worked on Bahh for a bit with some trash talk. Baah retaliated with a series of corner splashes.

Bahh hit Moose with a hip attack. Moose escaped a Samoan Drop with an eye rake. Moose gave Bahh the spear for the victory.

Moose defeated Fallah Bahh via pinfall in 3:34 to retain Moose’s TNA Title Belt.

Moose told the camera that he is Mr. Impact Wrestling. EC3 then showed up behind Moose and hit Moose with a Scorpion Death Drop. Josh Mathews kept pointing out that EC3 doesn’t work here. After EC3 left, Josh said that EC3 is controlling his own narrative…

John’s Thoughts: Not sure what they’re trying to get out of saying “EC3 doesn’t work here”. The only way that would work is if EC3 showed up on AEW Dark or New Japan television at this point. Anyway, this was kinda what I was expecting at Slammiversary. A bit underwhelming for EC3’s return though given that it was in the middle of Moose’s comedy gloatfest.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows were walking outside. Madman Fulton and Ace Austin drove up beside the Good Brothers. Ace was gloating. Reno Scum tried to attack the Good Brothers, but the Good Brothers quickly punched them away. Ace and Fulton drove away…[c]

An Impact Plus ad aired…

Rosemary and John E Bravo strolled into a nice looking loft apartment. Rosemary and John E continued to flirt. Rosemary even noted that the only way to cook is with a dash of rosemary. John E said he cooks with extra extra virgin olive oil. Rosemary said “we” will take care of John E. Taya Valkyrie interrupted Rosemary. Rosemary assumed they were going to be alone, but John E pointed out that Taya rented out the house. Rosemary then said it was time for a party.

Rosemary then used her teleportation powers to teleport people from the Impact roster into the house like The Deaners, Kylie Rae, Acey Romero, Crazzy Steve, Johnny Swinger, and others. Crazzy Steve stumbled into a reality show cutscene set. Steve said this is the craziest reality show ever. A graphic said that “Wrestle House” was premiering next week..

John’s Thoughts: Well, ok? I’m actually not too offended with that segment (aside from Impact creative’s fetish with teleportation powers). I’m willing to see this play out because I think that all the players involved in that segment can create some funny stuff. It helps if they keep that universe away from their storyline universe. I’m willing to give it a chance.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne checked in from their commentary set. Madison joked about Josh having reality show experience. Josh Mathews advertised Good Brothers vs. Reno Scum and Eddie Edwards vs. Trey Miguel for the Impact World Championship next week…

The show cut to a replay of Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley challenging the North to a tag team title match…

Entrances for the tag team title place took place…

5. “The North” Ethan Page and Josh Alexander vs. “The Motor City Machine Guns” Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin for the Impact Tag Team Championships. Page and Shelley started off the tag team match. Shelley dominated Page early on with unique chain wrestling. Page gained control with back elbow and side headlock. Page showed off some of his Tae Kwon Do strikes with Shelley avoiding and countering them. Alexander and Sabin tagged in.

Alexander went at Sabin with shoulder tackles and trash talk. Sabin locked Alexander in a Octopus Hold for a bit, but Alexander escaped and gave Sabin a punch. Sabin dragged Alexander to the mat with a few arm drag takedowns. Shelley tagged in, but Alexander took Shelley and threw him at Sabin. Page rolled outside and was trash talking, but Sabin gave Page a back kick. The Guns gave Alexander rapid fire kicks. They flipped to the apron and gave Page double back kicks.[c]

John’s Thoughts: It crossed my mind, but the commentators are also pointing it out. Alex Shelley looks like he hasn’t aged at all aside from having some lighter hair. This stands out even more because Chris Sabin definitely looks like he’s older than when he was in his TNA prime.

Page threw Alexander at Shelley and took down Sabin from the apron. Page and Alexander traded quick tags to isolate and work on Alex Shelley for a few minutes. One fun move from the North was a handoff suplex between both North member on Shelley. Shelley got a window of opportunity after Shelley avoided an Alexander moonsault. Sabin adn Page tagged in with Sabin cleaning house. Sabin hit Page with a huracanrana. Sabin hit Pagew with a missile dropkick.

Sabin shoved Alexander into Page, ran off of Page, and hit Alexander with a Tornado DDT. Sabin hit Page wiht a Tornado DDT for a two count. Sabin dove under Shelley’s legs to hit Alexander with a suicide dive. Shelley caught Alexander with a Shiranui for a two count. The Guns hit Page with rapid kicks. Shelley turned a pin attempt into a Crossface on Page. Sabin intercepted Alexaner into a Texas Cloverleaf. Page got Shelley’s shoulders on the mat, causing Sabin to break the Cloverleaf to break the pin.

All four men took the moment to recover. Alexander and Sabin tagged in to become the legal men. Both men traded precision strikes in teh center of the ring. Shelley nailed Alexander with a STO into the second buckle. Sabin took down Page with a Shining Wizard. THe north trapped Sabin and hit Sabin with a wheelbarrow double team cutter. Shelley broke up Page’s pin on Sabin. The North put Sabin in a kick punch combo. Sabin countered The North’s Burning Hammer Spinebuster finisher into a rollup on Page, giving Sabin the pinfall on Page.

The Motor City Machine Guns defeated The North via pinfall in 14:10 of on-air time to become the new Impact Tag Team Champions.

Impact closed with the Motor City Machine Guns standing tall with their title belts…

But wait? There’s more. This week’s post-credit stinger saw Jimmy Jacobs walk outside of the Skyway Studios back door. A foot got inbetween the closing, and Heath [Slater] walked into skyway studios (so, supposedly he’s going to camp out there for a week?)…

John’s Thoughts: A really good match and one of the better television Tag Team Matches we’ve seen on Impact on AXS in a while. The North consistently have good matches against everyone, but this one had those really great nearfalls in the end that you don’t get in a lot of Tag Team matches. This reminded me of that solid NXT style of tag match (that you don’t see on NXT these days because of their limited tag team personnel). I’m okay with the Guns going over. It means we’re in store for some more amazing Machine Guns matches. The North can go on to feud with the guns, or even become two strong singles wrestlers if they want to go that direction because Alexander and Page are really strong as individuals (hopefully we somehow get a North vs. FTR match before the breakup at least, somehow).

This was a good first Impact after a PPV and I think enough viewers were given a reason to check out next week’s show given the developments of this episode. They’ve done a solid job so far integrating the newly installed acts into programs and there is enough vagueness to keep viewers wanting more in future weeks. I like the restraint that Impact showed on this episode. We also didn’t get a lot of the stuff that comes off as hokey like the Smoke Circles or Undead Realm (leave the kiddy hokey stuff to Raw and Smackdown). They didn’t even have to bring in Aces and 8s.


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  1. Write This Way July 22, 2020 @ 10:30 am

    “Rosemary then used her teleportation powers”

    I don’t care who they put on their roster, if they’re doing this kind of hokey shit they’ll continue to work in front of 30 people in perpetuity.

    • I wouldn’t knock the entire show because they are doing some pretty good stuff in other segments. But I do think that someone in their production crew or creative has a fetish for “teleportation” and Adobe After Effects.

      For some reason, “Hacking” has given Sami Callihan the power to teleport with his cell phone. Is he a power ranger?

      • And there’s not a single thing wrong with it! You don’t like it don’t watch it. And smoke circles isn’t kiddy, kids don’t smoke marijuana!

        • Take your own advice. If you can’t handle someone offering an opinion that doesn’t mesh with your own, then don’t read it. Find a fanboy site that claims everything is wonderful at all times.

    • It’s funny people watched the Undertaker do similar things such as have lightning strikes in side a closed arena but that was ok but teleporting isn’t?

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