Todd Champion recalls working with Sylvester Stallone and his pro wrestling fandom, says working with Steve Austin was like having a night off, the original plan for WCW Patriots, winning the U.S. Tag Titles

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast with Todd Champion
Hosts: Chad and JP (transcription by John Poz)
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The original idea for WCW Patriots aka WCW Special Forces: Originally it was going to be four of us and we were going to be WCW’s Special Forces and then the WCW Patriots. They even had an idea of turning us into a cartoon that kept getting bounced around, but never happened. So they brought us out after Operation Desert Storm as a team, myself and Firebreaker Chip, so that’s where all the Army stuff came long. Curtis (Chip) was such a great guy, we went everywhere together and hung out together all the time. We became very good friends and had great chemistry as a team.

Winning WCW United States Tag Team Championships: We were kind of shocked by it. Dusty Rhodes who was booking a lot at the time and had a great deal to do with me even being in the business and being in WCW, saw a lot in us. They put some stock in us and got the straps 6 months into teaming with Chip. We beat the Fabulous Freebirds that night for the United States Tag Team straps, and were excited as hell about it. We were also a little surprised that we ended up losing the straps to the Southern Boys so quickly, but we weren’t the ones making those decisions.

Working with Steve Austin: I remember working with a young “Stunning” Steve Austin really well because I see the video on YouTube all the time. Working with him was like having a night off, he was so easy to work with. It was like working a match with Ric Flair, it was just following his lead.

Working with Sylvester Stallone: A lot of people don’t know what a big wrestling fan Sylvester Stallone was. I worked with him on Tango and Cash, and on Rocky V. In Rocky V, I actually played one of the boxers that got knocked out by Tommy Morrison (Tommy Gunn). Behind the scenes Sly would always want to be locking up or asking how wrestlers do some of the moves they do. He would come to the matches sometimes and you could tell he was such a big fan of what we did. He loved it.

Other topics include playing pro football, becoming a pro wrestler, breaking in under Dusty Rhodes, MACW, NWA, JCP, Crockett Cup 1987, friendship with Magnum TA, wrestling Ric Flair, his time in Japan, WCW in the 1990’s, DDP, and much more.

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