Powell’s WWE Raw Hit List: Asuka vs. Bayley in a champion vs. champion match, Drew McIntyre vs. Heath Slater in a non-title match, Kevin Owens and Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins and Murphy, Sasha Banks vs. Kairi Sane


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Raw Hits

Drew McIntyre vs. Heath Slater in a non-title match: The show peaked in the opening segment. It was cool to see a serious side of Slater, who delivered a good promo. The only negative is that it made McIntyre look bad when Slater stated that McIntyre hadn’t called him since he was released from his WWE contract. All was forgiven in the end, but it still seemed odd that McIntyre’s facial expression essentially confirmed that there was truth in what Slater’s character had claimed. Nevertheless, the promo was strong enough that I wanted the match to be more than it was. It was disappointing that it was so brief and played out so early in the show. I didn’t expect McIntyre to sell a lot for Slater straight up, but with the presence of Dolph Ziggler at ringside, they surely could have done some interference spots to stretch it out.

Randy Orton, Andrade, and Angel Garza vs. Big Show and The Viking Raiders: As awful as the Viking Raiders’ characters are (more on that later), they are still entertaining once the bell rings. The ongoing issues between Andrade and Garza continue to be strange, but I liked the way that Orton didn’t put up with their drama. I guess we have to wait until next week to find out what type of match Orton and Show will have at the pay-per-view.

Kevin Owens and Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins and Murphy: Putting aside the ridiculous match stipulation that Mysterio chose for Extreme Rules for now, the KO Show and the match were entertaining. On a side note, it’s interesting that we’ve gone two weeks without anyone on Raw even mentioning Austin Theory.

Bobby Lashley and MVP vs. Ricochet and Cedric Alexander: It was odd to see the pay-per-view challenger introduce the new U.S. Championship belt when they could have simply waited to unveil it at the pay-per-view when Apollo Crews will presumably be present. That said, I can see how this will put a little bit of heat on MVP for walking around with a title that doesn’t belong to him.

Sasha Banks vs. Kairi Sane: A good match with a puzzling finish. Banks is challenging for the Raw Women’s Championship at the pay-per-view, yet it seemed like creative was more concerned with making The Kabuki Warriors look strong heading into the WWE Women’s Tag Title match that will air on next week’s Raw. Banks was on the verge of tapping out in this match before Bayley interfered to cause the DQ, and Banks is also coming off a loss to Io Shirai on last week’s NXT television show. I guess the silver lining is that Shirai was finally booked strong in a main roster singles match.

All spectator wrestlers wearing masks: It’s a shame that it took a reported 30-plus positive COVID-19 cases amongst the WWE crew, but this along with the use of actual COVID tests are steps in the right direction. Now if only company officials would come to their senses about using 71 year-old Ric Flair during a pandemic, especially given his recent medical history and after the company experienced a COVID outbreak.

WWE Raw Misses

An Eye For An Eye match: As if Mysterio stating that he wanted to gouge out the eye of Rollins wasn’t enough, the actual match description on the WWE website actually reads that “a winner can only determined by extracting the opponent’s eye.” Isn’t this the same promotion run by a man who complained that his competition was blood and guts?

Asuka vs. Bayley in a champion vs. champion match: A Hit from a match quality standpoint. Perhaps I’m in the minority, but these non-title champion vs. champion matches don’t do anything for me. In fact, these matches being part of the nonsensical battle for brand supremacy are reason why I hate what Survivor Series has become. I’d actually prefer that WWE show some semblance of discipline by keeping these wrestlers away from one another so that it means more once they end up on the same brand together.

The Viking Raiders backstage: This jolly viking gimmick is dreadful. I miss the badass War Machine tag team. Erik and Ivar feel like throwbacks to the days of the WWF cartoon characters and not in a fun, nostalgic way.

Ruby Riott vs. Billie Kay: It wouldn’t be fair to label this as filler because they are clearly setting up Liv Morgan returning to team with Riott against The IIconics, but the finish appeared to be botched and this was the least interesting match on the show. Despite losing matches over the last two weeks, the talented Riott does seem to be benefitting from the creative shakeup, as she’d pretty much disappeared from television until recently.


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  1. I truly don’t want to use this as a Covid platform or discussion but I just have to ask this. And only because Mr. Powell seems to include it every week. Jason, the numbers have shown that 100,000+ have died of the virus. My question for you is this.. Do you know how many people died in the 4 or so months prior to the virus being used to count the numbers? I believe it’s so ridiculously media created, and maybe I’m totally wrong in my thoughts, so I’d like to know how more educated you are about it than I am? This is all about your Ric Flair comments. I’ll wait for your answer before adding more. All respect meant here and thank you.

    • Timmy,
      Are the hospitals having ICU units being filled to near or over capacity in a variety of areas across the US over the last 4 months just a fluke, or is there perhaps a pandemic going on?

      • Britton Thompson July 8, 2020 @ 10:31 am

        No, no…. It’s a lot more complicated than that. There’s a lot of misinformation and misinterpretions of the data. Again, it’s a very complex issue. If you want to respond, we can get into it a little further if you’d like.

      • Brucey, you use the word pandemic. You know what I call it? A PANICDEMIC!! ICUs are being filled up because they certainly can’t refuse people if they test positive for it. But I, you, or anybody else in this country shouldnt be told where we can go, that we’re not allowed to go to a place because social distancing says they’re full to capacity, or anything similar to that. Do you like being a prisoner? I don’t. And Ric Flair shouldn’t have to be either, health risk or not. If he wants to be back on TV, and WWE wants him, it’s his right to be there. That is my opinion. And you have yours. You don’t seem to agree with mine, and that’s fine. But I’m entitled to mine as well, and so is Ric Flair. And every other American as well. Thank you Brucey

    • Write This Way July 8, 2020 @ 10:24 am

      Wow, just when I though your takes on things couldn’t get dumber.

      More Americans have died from Covid than did during the entire 3 years of the Korean War. It’s the worst pandemic since the Spanish Flu. Are you really trying to downplay it with some asinine comment about how many people died before this?

      Here’s a hint, moron, while Covid cases have jumped we’re also not seeing any dip in other causes of death. In fact, things likely related to Covid, like pneumonia, are seeing their highest death rates and totals in years.

      Meanwhile, countries run by actual adults aren’t seeing these issues. Germany has 83 million people and yesterday saw 298 new cases. Florida has just under 22 million people and yesterday saw 7347 new cases. There isn’t any conspiracy here, it’s just a blithering orange idiot and the governors of states that need him causing over 100,000 needless deaths and counting.

      • Your opinion of me, you one trick pony, means less than nothing, you pathetic sheep!!! The next time I read a positive sentence out of your ass/mouth will be the first. You’re a joke who I believe knows nothing about anything. The people you mention, retard, who have died during this time have most likely died for reasons that the virus intensified, not the virus itself. Just because you believe everything you read and hear from the piece of garbage politicians doesn’t make it so. Do you even know anyone who’s tested positive for the virus, you pathetic clown? Well, I do, and it’s why I have the opinion I do. And the last person who will change my viewpoint on it is a pathetic joke like you.

      • I just tried to respond to you and it appears it didn’t print it. Is it because of them or you. Did you block me? Are you that cowardly?

      • My bottom paragraph was meant for you, and you only. I respect everyone else who comments on here.

    • No, I don’t know how many people died before the pandemic, but we do have the numbers of those who have died as a result of the pandemic. 131,521 in the U.S. and 544,996 globally. Some will try to claim that the COVID numbers are inflated because they are counting deaths that should be attributed to other causes to the virus. Let’s pretend that’s true. Let’s say that they’ve gone overboard. Let’s be very generous and chop off 31,521 deaths from the U.S. total. The number of deaths is still 100,000.

      The politically created story that’s regurgitated by home team media is that the only thing that matters is the mortality rate. And it’s great that the mortality rate is lower. That’s something everyone can agree on. But what the people who only point to the mortality rate are neglecting to talk about is the long term health effects of the virus. I won’t get into all of it here, but you can easily do a quick online search to learn more.

      When it comes to Flair, he’s high risk due to his age and medical history, just as Jerry Lawler is. It’s one thing for Vince McMahon to risk his own life by attending these tapings as the owner of the company, but I find it disgusting that he’s allowing Flair to appear even though Flair clearly wants to be there. As I always say, it’s their duty to protect him and other talent from themselves.

      This a company that won’t even release the number of wrestlers and crew members who have tested positive for the virus. The major pro sports leagues have no problem doing that, but WWE has hidden that information and I suspect it’s because they don’t want the negative media attention. Call me crazy, but if the legendary Ric Flair were to die due to COVID-19 on their watch, it would certainly generate the negative media attention that they fear. It’s not worth the risk on a human level or from a business standpoint and that’s why I continue to point it out.

      Thanks for asking and I hope you have a better understanding of where I’m coming from. The pandemic isn’t media created. Every country in the world is dealing with this (most better than we are in the U.S.). I don’t know why, but some people have to see a threat in order to believe it’s real or that it poses a real threat to them. Here’s my advice. Don’t listen to politicians. Don’t just get one side from the political news networks. Listen to the medical experts. And don’t go doctor shopping to find a doctor out there who tells you what you want to believe. Listen to the majority of medical experts.

      • Thank you Jason. I admit to not fully studying up on it, because I just believe politicians live to embellish things like this. Also. I personally know of an 85 year old who tested positive for the virus. This person has diabetes, heart problems, and an endless number of other health issues, yet she not only beat the virus, but did so within a week of being diagnosed with it. To me, if Ric Flair wants to continue to risk his health in order to keep his name in the spotlight, and they want him on TV, that is his right, his choice. This country is supposed to allow him, and anyone else, the right to do that, no matter his age. It cannot be more risky than the lifestyle he led throughout his wrestling life. I say this with complete respect for your opinion, and I thank you for the forum.

        • It’s wonderful that the person you know survived the virus. I sincerely hope there’s no long term damage that will play out later. But it’s been said for quite some time that the virus affects people differently. For instance, one person may have a fever for weeks, while someone else in the same household may have a headache for a day or two and no fever. Some people recover quickly. 555,531 worldwide have not been so lucky. I have a cousin who had leukemia as a kid. He survived it and is doing well today. It doesn’t mean that I took it any less seriously when another family member was diagnosed with leukemia in more recent years.

          As for Ric Flair, if you’ve noticed, I haven’t blamed him. I put the blame on the company. Flair loves what he does and clearly wants to be there. I’ve been consistent in saying that it’s on the company to say no and save him from himself.

          The idea that the virus is being overhyped by politicians doesn’t hold water. This should not be a political issue, but it’s been made one in the United States and that’s a big reason why we’re getting our asses kicked with all these positive tests today. This isn’t an American political issue. This is a worldwide health issue with over 12 million cases across our flat earth (kidding about that flat part). It’s become politicized in our country because the president’s first concern is his own reelection and he’s acting like the virus is overblown. He has a “news network” that will go along with damn near anything he says regardless of facts (and I’m not talking strictly about the virus).

          More than anything, I just hope that you are thinking of others by wearing a mask when you are in public places and can’t practice social distancing. Even if you think it’s all overblown, do you really want to take the risk that your inaction could cost someone else their life? What do you have to lose by wearing a mask when you go grocery shopping or visit a convenience store?

          • That comment was meant for someone else, Jason. I will tell you though that yes, I do wear a mask out of respect for my fellow humans. I don’t agree with it, but I do it because it matters to others.

      • I want to add that I love this site, and your columns. It’s always the first wrestling website I check out for reviews.

        • And I personally have heart disease, permanent congestive heart failure and a-fib. I’ve been given about 3 years. And you know what? Covid has never been brought up as a reason for my illness. But why am I debating with you anyway? You give new meaning to the word stupidity. Now come back with your insults that equate to a 10 year old brain. And I’m being unfair to 10 year olds with that comparison.

  2. I’ll go through each paragraph. You calling me dumb is the equivalent of Bill Mulkey being compared to Ric Flair. Number 2…I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, what I am saying is it’s the most overblown, media/CNN created epidemic ever created. It’s NOT a pandemic, it’s a PANICDEMIC, and you, being the sheep you are, just accept what the liberal, fear-mongering media tells you. I’d actually feel sorry for you, if it was anyone BUT you. Third, do you know anyone who has actually contracted the virus? I bet you don’t. Well, I DO know someone. She’s a month from turning 86 years old. She is a diabetic, has a heart problem, caught pneumonia, along with a fever, and it was gone within one week. She eats healthy, lives right, and this so-called fatal illness was gone in one week. 86 years old! Again, I know this person. Who do you know? Who’s the moron here? Someone disagrees with you and the best you can do is type these, what you think is clever, but in reality, are imbecilic insults. Dude, that’s what brainless people do. I’m so intellectually above you, it’s not even funny. But keep trying. I’m sure that someday you’ll get to….oh….around 2% of my level. Byebye.

    • Write This Way July 10, 2020 @ 8:14 am

      You’re a freaking moron. Dumb is far too kind of a word to describe you.

      The Korean War say 128,000 deaths in 3 years. Covid has seen just under 136,000 deaths and counting in the US in 4 months.

      Pneumonia and fibrosis related deaths are climbing, most likely due to Covid attaching to ACE2 receptors in the lungs. Heart disease is increasing as well, as the heart is the second most common location for ACE2 receptors in our bodies.

      This isn’t a media creation you knuckle dragging halfwit.

      • Thank you for your words. Your calling me dumb only means one thing….that I’m not. It is a good thing for you that ignorance and stupidity aren’t killers, because if they were, you’d be dead before I even finish this reply.

      • The last comment to Jason was meant for you. I have respect for him because he’s an actual journalist, unlike you, whose comments belong in my old grade school newspaper. And one more thing…how about you using your actual name, you gutless coward? Of course, if I were you, I’d make up a name too. Clown!!!!

      • I think from now on, I’ll just refer to you as Doink.

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