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AEW suspends Sammy Guevara indefinitely

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

AEW announced Monday that Sammy Guevara has been suspended indefinitely. The suspension was issued in response to Guevara “joking” in a 2016 interview that he wanted to “rape” Sasha Banks while both were backstage when he was working as an extra in WWE.

Powell’s POV: Guevara apologized for the incident, and Banks announced that she had an open discussion with him about it earlier today. The suspension is a logical step for AEW to take and obviously I expect there to be additional suspensions and terminations throughout the pro wrestling world related to the #SpeakingOut movement.


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  1. I’m just a fan, but if Sasha says she’s talked with him, Guevara has apologized, it was a stupid comment but it’s been four years. Maybe they can suspend him a couple of months and move on? Who among us has not said something stupid? My gosh. How far does the judging go?

    • I might have agreed with you if he didn’t like a tweet excusing his behavior as a compliment AFTER he apologized. He’s not sorry, he’s gotta go.

  2. It seems that Banks took the high road and was ready to let this be an embarrassing learning experience for Guevera and I thought that was a powerful example on her part. When I saw that Guevara was liking tweets excusing his behaviour, I began to think that Guevara didn’t learn the lesson.

  3. This could be the end of the line for him as far as professional wrestling is concerned. Dumb comments do have a way of coming back and biting people on the ass years after the fact. It may be a suspension now but what if his bosses decide to wash their hands of him completely, and after that decide that they don’t want him back at all…. ever? His suspension could easily become a termination and that termination could become a blacklisting.

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