4/7 Impact Wrestling TV Results: Moore’s review of “The North” Josh Alexander and Ethan Page vs. Tessa Blanchard and Eddie Edwards for the Impact Tag Titles, Madison Rayne vs. Jessicka Havok, Chris Bey vs. Daga, Rhino and Tommy Dreamer vs. Jake Crist and Dave Crist


By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling TV
Taped March 6-7 in Atlanta, Georgia at Coca-Cola Roxy

Aired April 7, 2020 on AXS TV

[Hour One] Highlights from last week’s Impact Wrestling show aired, followed by the Impact intro theme…

Ken Shamcrock was shown entering the arena…

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne were on commentary. A pissed off Willie Mack made his entrance. He called out Ace Austin for sending Reno Scum to attack Rich Swann at his home. Mack asked for Austin, and got Luster the Legend and Adam F’n Thornstowe making their entrance instead. For some reason the bell rang once Scum entered the ring…

1. Willie Mack vs. Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend in a handicap match? Scum had the advantage until Mack tossed Tornstowe out of the ring. Mack gave Luster a body slam. Thornstowe tagged in and the Scum got an advantage again. Luster body slammed Thornstowe on Mack and got a two count. Scum continued the quick tags and double team advantage over Mack for a few minutes. Mack managed to turn the tide and hit Luster with his signature moonsault combination. Scum bot the advantage back once Thornstowe grabbed Mack’s leg.

Thornstowe hit Mack with a poetry in motion double stomp to give Luster a two count. Mack shoved Luster into the corner to crotch Thornstowe on the top rope. Mack hit Luster with the Stone Cold Stunner and the Six Star Frog Splash for the win.

Willie Mack beat Reno Scum via pinfall in 5:58.

Ace Austin blindsided Mack with a roundhouse kick to leave him lying after the match. As Mack recovered, Ace posed with his Ace card halfway up the ramp. Scum recovered and beat up Mack which allowed Ace to reenter the ring to hit Mack with the Fold…

Josh Mathews ran through upcoming segments…[c]

John’s Thoughts: A well wrestled match, but still a bit paint-by-numbers. I praised Impact a few weeks ago for trying to put heat behind Scum by having them beat The Rascalz. That heat is nullified because they just got handily beaten one-vs-two by just Mack. The setup made no sense either. Mack called out Ace, got Scum, and because Scum entered the ring that means Mack is subjugated to a handicap disadvantage? What would have happened if the trio of Ace, Adam, and Luster came out? Three on one?

An extra giddy Kylie Rae was entering the building where she ran into and was welcomed by Jimmy Jacobs and Gail Kim at different points. Kylie Rae then ran into Susie Yung where they traded “Hi I’m [fill in the name]“. Both childlike characters then had a conversation where they mimicked each other. Kiera Hogan cut off the copy-fest and said that what she’s seeing is adorable. Kiera said the sad truth is that everybody in the locker room is fake despite Kylie wanting to make friends.

Kiera told Kylie that Kylie’s next opponent is Kiera Hogan. Kylie sold this with excitement. Kiera said Kylie won’t be able to stand this heat. Susie put her fingers in an “x” sign and said “that was bad”. Kiera dared Susie to do something about it. Kiera then challenged Susie to a match tonight…

John’s Thoughts: Even though the jury is still out on Kylie’s indie-Bayley routine, it makes total sense for her to interact with the similer, but twisted childlike character in Susie. Impact has let me down before when they introduced this stellar character, only to ruin her with their pretentious supernatural fetish, but now that they’ve hopefully moved away from the crappy Undead Realm, I’m willing to see if they have the creativity to write a coherent story with a fresh slate.

2. Chris Bey vs. Daga. Daga took down Bey with a side headlock early on. Daga then countered Bey into several rollups next. Both men then traded rapid fire rollups. Bey clocked Daga with a cartwheel kick. Daga came back with a huracanrana. Daga nailed Bey with a dropkick. Daga went for Old School, but Bey crotched Daga on the top rope to escape the hold. Bey spilled Daga to ringside. Bey planted Daga with a Suplex.[c]

Bey and Daga traded counters. Bey hit Daga with a step up senton. Rayne trashed talk Jessika Havok while on commentary to set up their upcoming match. Bey used a rolling kick to lock Daga in a body scissors. Daga flipped Bey to escape a sleeper hold. Daga hit a rally of lariats. Daga then hit Bey with a Dragon Screw. Daga hit Bey with a sitout bomb for a two count. Daga tried to dive on Bey, but he had a scary botch where he crash and burned head first into the ground. Josh and Madison acknowledge the botch.

Daga ended up hitting Bey with a crossbody in the ring for a two count. Bey escaped a power bomb with a rollup for a two count. Daga went for a sunset flip, but Bey sat on Daga and held on to the ropes for the leverage pin and win.

Chris Bey defeated Daga via pinfall in 10:10 of on-air TV Time.

Josh and Madison talked about Bey stealing the win with an illegal pin…

John’s Thoughts: So Chris Bey’s a heel now? A good technical match, but both guys aren’t really over as characters quite yet. I thought that the first match they had Bey in, the squash, was an approach they should have taken with one or two more matches. I also get Shane Strickland-lite from Bey given Bey’s mannerisms and moveset. He’s essentially Shane Strickland without the Chaka Khan, and the Chaka Khan was a huge part of what got Shane “Swerve” Strickland over.

The Impact Plus Flashback Match of the week was a cage match from Lockdown 2011. It was The Brian Kendrick vs. Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks. The AEW Executive Vice President won the cage match by escaping the cage. They aired about 2 or 3 minutes…

John E Bravo was in a semi truck container wearing a bunch of padding all over his body. Taya pummeled John E with a steel chair. John E said to think about “our” dog. Taya said it was John E’s stupid dog. Taya was talking about training for getting back the Knockouts title. John E asked to not hit him anymore. Taya hit John E a few more times to leave him lying…[c]

The Rascalz had the return of their That 70s Show Smoke Circle, except there was no Adobe After Effects smoke, but they still had their Adobe Premiere Laugh Track in. Dezmond and Zachary acted like goofs. They argued about inviting The Deaners, Fallah Bahh, TJ Perkins, and Team XXXL. Cody and Jake sat down and Cody said he brought the stuff. Cody showed them a beer bottle and Zach yelled that beer wasn’t allowed here. Bahh and Perkins sat down. Bahh brought his platter of what looked like cornbread. XXXL sandwiched Trey Miguel. More lame jokes ensued…

Josh Mathews noted that Madison Rayne was doing “double duty” tonight. When Havok made her entrance, Josh Mathews that “Father James Mitchell is no longer with us”…

3. Madison Rayne vs. Jessika Havok. Rayne yelled at Havok that she was the locker room leader. Havok ignored it and slammed Rayne. Havok hit Rayne with a STO backbreaker and clothesline. Havok gave Rayne a basement face wask kick. Rayne managed to stagger Havok with a series of kicks. Havok recovered when Rayne tried to gloat. Rayne fended off Havok with chops. Havok countered Rayne’s Northern Lights with a standard suplex. Havok caught a flying Rayne and then hit Rayne with a Tombstone Pile Driver for the win.

Jessika Havok defeated Madison Rayne via pinfall in 3:37.

John’s Thoughts: Fingers crossed that Havok has escaped the Undead Realm Division of Impact and that the division is dead and buried. Havok has been much improved since her last run in Impact and it was a shame that they kept her buried in meaningless parity segments in the last couple of months.

Tessa Blanchard met up with Eddie Edwards backstage and asked Eddie why he came to help her last week despite Tessa asking Eddie not to help her last week. Eddie said he understands how stubborn Tessa was. Eddie said he could have left Tessa out to dry, but Eddie said he was in the same position before. Eddie said that Tessa needs to accept the hand when someone offers it to them. Eddie tried to hype Tessa up to become a potential Tag Team Champion…

Ken Shamrock and Jimmy Jacobs were shown in a room getting ready for their interview…[c]

[Hour Two] Jimmy Jacobs introduced his sit-down interview with Ken Shamrock. Jacobs asked Shamrock for a health update. Shamrock said the heat from the fireball penetrated Shamrock’s eye and caused retina damage. Shamrock said he’s had to use antibiotic eye drops for weeks now because of a high risk of infection. Shamrock said it was scary because he thought he could have ended up blind. Shamrock said Sami has no respect for people trying to make a living. Shamrock said Shamrock always wanted to win, but not by injuring someone.

Shamrock said Sami has no remorse and is taking the food off of somebody’s table. Jacobs said that next week Shamrock and Sami will have a contract signing with a no contact rule. Shamrock said he’s going to keep his composure and the only way he’s getting his hands on Sami at Rebellion is by not touching Sami next week. Shamrock was then distracted by the sudden flashing of the lights. Shamrock said if Impact can’t control Sami, then Shamrock will. Shamrock then left the room, searching for Hacker Sami…

John’s Thoughts: A solid interview, but it would have been better if Shamrock sold the “retinal damage” a bit more. I only say this because I have something to compare it to in MLW. When Ikuro Kwon misted Marshall Von Erich’s “eyes” on Fusion, Marshall showed up in interviews the following weeks with bandages, makeup, and eye drops for a while to sell the injury (I think he also did a similar sell to Josef Samael’s fireball too). Here it just looked like Shamrock was claiming eye damage but showing no battle scars.

Jake Crist, Dave Crist, and Madman Fulton made their entrance. Sami Callihan is still featured in OVE’s video wall. Madison Rayne rejoined the commentary table…

4. Jake Crist and Dave Crist (w/Madman Fulton) vs. Tommy Dreamer and Rhino. Dave and Dreamer started off the match. Dreamer dominated with elbow strikes. Jake tagged in and took a hip toss from Dreamer. Rhino tagged in and worked on Jake with chain wrestling. Dreamer and Rhino traded quick tags to cut the ring in half on Jake. Madman Fulton grabbed on to Dreamer. Instead of disqualifying OVE, the referee ejected Fulton from ringside. Jake and Dave dragged Fulton to the back.

Dreamer backdropped Jake back in the ring. Dreamer hit Jake with the Bionic Elbow combination. Dave tagged in and put the boots to Dreamer in the corner. Dave used restholds to cut the ring in half on Dreamer. After an isolation sequence, Dreamer hit Dave with a suplex. Jake tagged in and Rhino caught the hot tag. He rallied on Jake. Rhino hit a suplex on Jake for a two count. Dreamer hit Dave with a Cutter. Jake hit Dreamer with savate kicks. Jake was the legal man. Rhino hit Jake with the Gore for the win.

Tommy Dreamer and Rhino defeated The Crist Brothers via pinfall in 6:31.

Madman Fulton ran back out to beat up Rhino and Dreamer. Fulton tossed Rhino outside so OVE can triple team Dreamer. Fulton hit Dreamer with Baron Corbin’s End of Days (They’ve never really given it a customized name for Fulton, so I just call it End of Days)…[c]

It was time for this week’s Rosemary in a Bar segment. Rosemary checked out one guy’s drink and didn’t like it. He then scanned another guy and dismissed him. Johnny Swinger showed up to hit on Rosemary. Rosemary asked Swinger if he’ll help her get souls. Swinger said Rosemary can have his soul and take him anywhere if she has a nice car. Swinger called the other guys in the bar Mizzarks. Swinger said he’s bringing over one of his “Young Bucks” next week. He said he’s bringing “M Jackson”. Rosemary said Swinger is an intriguing person, but Taya would never forgive her if Rosemary gave Swinger a shot at her…

John’s Thoughts: Swinger’s friends with the sprit of Michael Jackson? I kid, but like Rosemary I’m oddly intrigued. I totally expect some sort of lame parody, but Impact did plant the seed to this joke by showing Matt Jackson winning some cage match earlier on. I know Matt Jackson isn’t showing up on Impact anytime soon, but the Impact Plus Moment of the Week actually enhanced their presumed parody.

Kiera Hogan made her entrance. Josh Mathews noted that Atlanta is her home town. Josh said that Swinger was crazy for saying that he knew an “M Jackson” but said that Swinger may know people in Atlanta (home of TNT, get it?)…

5. Kiera Hogan vs. Susie Yung. Susie gave Kiera a slap early on. Susie then gave Kiera a few headlocks. Susie gave Kiera a bulldog for a two count. Kiera hit Susie with a reverse X Factor for a two count. Kiera pressed Susie in the corner. Kiera gave Susie a series of hip attacks followed by a basement baseball slide in the corner. Kiera got a two count. Susie fired back and Kiera with a palm and chop combo followed by a Theaz Press.

Susie and Kiera traded guard positions with Kiera ending up on top. Kiera hit Susie with a superkick. Kiera got a two count. Susie hit Kiera with the Su Yung Frankensteiner for a two count. Susie was then searching from under her shirt for Su Yung’s bloody glove, but Josh noted that “Susie” probably doesn’t own the glove. Kiera Hogan hit Susie with the Twisting Backbreaker for the victory.

Kiera Hogan defeated Susie Yung via pinfall in 5:01.

Madison Rayne praised her former “protege” for winning her match…

John’s Thoughts: I’m actually a bigger fan of the way Susie Yung plays her childlike character more than the Kylie Rae version, mostly because Susie’s is fresh and original. I like that Kiera is picking up a few wins and this match was booked well to protect Susie because she cost herself the match looking for Su’s glove. There’s a part of me that hopes that Kiera moves away from Susie so that they don’t have to give Susie her win back, but sadly I think we might end up seeing Su/Susie get her win back down the road. I hope I’m wrong there because Kiera should mean more than just as a gatekeeper.

Josh Alexander and Ethan Page were sitting on a couch backstage. Michael Elgin showed up and asked one of the North guys to step away from the main event match so Elgin could get his hands on Tessa and Eddie. Josh said that’s not how this works. Alexander told Elgin to show the tag champions respect. Page cut in and tried to be diplomatic. Page said the North will soften up Eddie and Tessa so Elgin can win the world title. Elgin joked that Page might get pinned tonight. That fired up Page. Elgin told Page to use that fire out in the ring…[c]

Jimmy Jacobs interviewed Tenille Dashwood backstage. Jacobs asked Tenille about Tenille’s issues with Taya. Tenille talked about how Taya saying she’s the best, but Taya isn’t. Tenille said she tried to tell Taya that, but Taya hasn’t been the same since losing to Jordynne Grace…

John’s Thoughts: Uhm. So is this Emmalina all over again? In that they tease us with a character reboot only to have Emma show back up as Evil Emma. And in Impact she’s Babyface Evil Emma, which is Emma with the police Aviators and gloves? I was kinda hoping for more than bland Tenille.

Josh Mathews announced Tenille Dashwood vs. Taya Valkyrie, The Shamrock and Callihan contract signing, and Johnny Swinger vs. Young Buck “M Jackson” (Complete with a long haired man sillhoute).

Josh Mathews then ran through the upcoming Impact Rebellion card (which doesn’t have a “posponed” crawler graphic and we know that this is fresh commentary with Madison Rayne replacing Don Callis). Josh announced Kiera Hogan vs. Kylie Rae, Ace Austin vs. Willie Mack for the X Division Championship, Hacker Sami Callihan vs. Ken Shamrock, Jordynne Grace vs. Taya Valkyrie in Full Metal Mayhem (TLC) for the Knockouts Championship, and Tessa Blanchard vs. Michael Elgin vs. Eddie Edwards for the Impact Championship…

Entrance for the main event tag team match took place…[c]

6. “The North” All Ego Ethan Page and Josh Alexander vs. Eddie Edwards and Tessa Blanchard for the Impact Tag Team Championships. Eddie is wrestling in green sneakes and jorts. Eddie and Ethan started off the match. Eddie took down Ethan with a wristlock takedown. Alexander tagged in and took an armdrag from Eddie. Tessa tagged in and gave Alexander a side headlock. Alexander no sold a shoulder block and then tripped up Tessa. Tessa hit Alexander with a huracanrana.

Alexander used his core to block a DDT. Tessa gave Alexander a clothesline. Alexander came back with a clothesline. Tessa managed to hit Alexander with a lariat over the top rope. Page blocked Tessa from hitting a suicide dive. This allowed Alexander to circumbent the ring and club Tessa from behind. Josh Mathews noted that Tessa is trying to avoid tagging in Eddie. Tessa fell in the corner and Eddie tagged himself in. Eddie hit Page and Alexander with his signature Kobashi chest slaps. Eddie hit Page with a Belly-to-Belly combination. Eddie hit Alexander with a suicide dive. Tessa got the blind tag in. Tessa hit both north guys with a dive.[c]

Tessa Blanchard tagged Eddie in which Josh Mathews said was the first time Tessa made a voluntary tag in this match. Josh shoved Eddie off the top rope when Eddie went for a Frankensteiner. Alexander got a two count on Eddie. The North traded quick tags to cut the ring in half on Eddie. Josh Mathews announced that Madison Rayne was going to be on commentary next week. The North went back to dominating Eddie with Page showboating to the crowd. Eddie hit both opponents with a huracanrana. Tessa got the hot tag and cleaned house. Tessa hit Page and Alexander with suicide dives.

Tessa caught Page wtih an Ace Crusher for a two count. Page shoved tessa to the corner to block a Hammerlock DDT attempt. Alexander tagged in and took forearms from Tessa. The North hit Tessa with a RKO-German Suplex combination for a two count. Eddie pulled Tessa away from The North and tossed Alexander’s foot into Page. Tessa hit Alexander with an RKO. Eddie knocked out Page. Alexander clocked Tessa with a discus forearm. Eddie came back with a Belly To Belly suplex. Page gave Eddie a thrust kick.

Tessa sent Ethan outside. Eddie turned Alexander inside out with a lariat. Tessa kicked Alexander. Eddie hit Alexander with a Tiger Driver. Tessa walked off of Eddie’s back to hit Alexander with a Code Red for a two count. Alexander caught Tessa during a Magnum attempt. The North hit Tessa with a Double Chokeslam. Eddie broke up the pin. The North tossed Eddie out. Tessa escaped the double Neutralizer. Tessa hit Page with a Samoan Drop. Alexander was too heavy. Tessa hit Alexander with a Tornado DDT.

Eddie was begging for a hot tag to finish off the North, but Tessa just gave Eddie an angry glare. Alexander lifted Tessa and rammed Tessa’s boots into Eddie, knocking him off the apron. Alexander slammed Tessa. Page threw Alexander at Eddie. The North then hit Tessa with their Burning Hammer Spinebuster to give Alexander the pinfall win.

The North defeated Eddie Edwards and Tessa Blanchard via pinfall in 14:31 of on-air TV Time.

Mathews and Rayne talked about Tessa’s pride costing her the match. Rayne said it may be paranoia coming from Tessa. Eddie and Tessa then argued in the ring with Eddie deciding to have the cool head and walk to the back. Michael Elgin then blindsided Tessa Blanchard. Eddie teased going back but then walked to the back. Elgin gave Tessa an Elgin Bomb. Michael Elgin stood tall with the world title to close the show…

John’s Thoughts: An entertaining tag team match. If Impact really wants to continue on with their intergender thing, they might want to consider pulling Tessa out of the world title picture and into the tag team division to hide the sandbagging that usually happens in her singles matches. That said, they played this card with Tessa before. Not only that, but they played this card with Eddie Edwards and Moose. The babyface kinda looks like an idiot when they are so prideful that they can’t accept a fair fight. Anyway, good tag match.

A decent enough show with some positives here and there. There isn’t really anything intriguing either without a PPV (in its current form) to look forward to. The build to that PPV hasn’t been great either. They haven’t said Rebellion is cancelled, so I wonder how they’re going to handle that. They were quick to cover up TNA graphics and change the commentary track when the TNA show got cancelled, but for some reason they’re pushing forward with Rebellion. Let’s see how they do this. Empty arena show?


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  1. Guess as missed the bit whree Mack said on the mic that he would take on both members of Reno Scum.

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