11/26 Impact Wrestling TV Results: Moore’s review of Throwback Throwdown featuring Impact set in the early ’80s

By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling TV
Taped October 27 in Mississauga, Ontario at Don Kolov Arena
Aired November 26, 2019 on AXS TV

[Hour One] The intro for IPWF aired wich was a generic blue screen with a bunch of picture-in-pictures running across the screen. Essentially an ode to 80s television, which is going to be the theme of this week’s Impact. IPWF stands for Impact Provincial Wrestling Federation…

Not-Josh-Mathews and Sexton Hardcastle Callis checked in on commentary. Not-Josh hyped up a Kongo Kong body slam challenge for later in the show (So when John Hennigan threw him in the pool that one time, he went back in time?). Other matches flashed across the screen with graphics. Not-Josh introduced himself as Giuseppe Scovelli and Not-Don as Sexton Hardcastle…

John’s Thoughts: For the convenience of my fingers, I’m just going to call Mr. Scovelli, Josh Mathews. I’m sure you’ll understand.

Sexton was having trouble both staying focused and utilizing the microphone. I’m guessing he’ll be playing the role of Johnny Curtis with Josh playing the role of John Cena to make the Southpaw analog. Josh sent it over to Doug Stevenson, the ring announcer. Stevenson handled formal ring introductions, giving credit to the “crew”. I noticed the name Ariel Sherrer, who is an Anthem Executive that I see in the press releases…

First out was Rip Rayzor who was Ace Austin rocking a punk rock gimmick. Kinda reminds me of a more tame Shannon Moore. Out next was Rich Swann as Rapid Delivery Pete, The Pizza Man.

John’s Thoughts: I wouldn’t mind a pizza now. Anyway, where’s Kikutaro? I heard that guy is a skilled pizza delivery man.

1. Rip Rayzor (Ace Austin) vs. Rapid Delivery Pete (Rich Swann). A “we want pizza” chant ensued. Pete was over the top in talking about pizza. Rayzor said he didn’t order pizza. Pete dropped the Pizza and started the initial match lockups. Pete took down Rayzor with a shoulder block. Pete isn’t as athletic as Swann, so he tripped over Rayzor during the lucha sequence. Rayzor locked in a headlock next. Pete escaped and got to a vertical base. Rayzor came back with a kick. Rayzor then hit Pete with a hip toss.

Rayzor dominated Pete for a sequence. Sexton said he was hanging out with Rayzor earlier doing a “dart” (cigarette). Pete made the comeback by tossing Rayzor to the mat. Pete hit Rayzor with a running twisting frog splash for the victory.

Rapid Delivery Pete defeated Rip Rayzor via pinfall in 3:53.

Josh Mathews sent things over to Destiny Wrestling owner George Iceman (this guy likes to say the word “s-it” alot when he’s filling in for Melissa Santos on the Twitch streams). Iceman hyped the crowd up. He introduced the Television Champion Julian Cumberbun and his manager Sonny Sanders. This was All Ego Ethan Page as the Champion with Sami Callihan parodying Jim Cornette as his manager, complete with a tennis racket. George talked about how the belt was being defended tonight. He passed the mic to Sami-Cornette. Sami tried to make his voice as squeaky and Southern as possible, but it still sounded like when Sami exaggerates his own wrestling voice (which is him putting on a fake voice in the first place).

Sami hyped up Not-Ethan-Page. Not-Sami talked about how Not-Ethan’s opponent is talking about how they are all blow and no show, but they are going to play everyone like instruments instead. Not-Page simply added evil laughs. Not-Sami said they are going for cheeseburgers after the match. Not-Page said he wanted extra pickle. Page said the fan’s aren’t getting any pickles. Page then cut a promo and said the town would be nothing without the champ. He said he’s even keeping the pay window open. Down Town Daddy Brown showed up. It’s Willie Mack wearing jeans and white tank. Page talked about his match with Mack being a loser leaves town match. Page said even if Mack wins, he’ll never live up to the lifestyle of Page. Mack grabbed the mic and said that Page can stick his riches where the sun don’t shine.

Mack said he’s taking Page’s championship. Mack said Page may be from up town, but Mack’s from Down Town. Sami-Cornette tried to calm things down between the two challengers, but snuck up behind Mack and hit him with the tennis racket. Sami and Page then attacked the good ol’ babyface Mack. Mack ducked a punch from Page to cause Page to accidentally clock Sami. Mack hit Page with the Bionic Elbow and then started stripping Page with his suit to whip page with. Page was wearing blue underwear. Sami and Page retreated… [c]

John’s Thoughts: A decent show so far, but I do see some negatives. I get that they’re going for the ha-ha stuff from WWE’s Southpaw Regional Wrestling. The joke’s funny, but it’s not as funny when you drag it out the same joke over 20 minutes where Southpaw tried to contain it to one minute segments per joke. That said I like some of the performances. Sami as Cornette makes sense given Sami and Cornette’s tumultuous relationship over the years. I actually liked what I saw from Page and Mack in a pseudo main event promo. If this were 2016 Impact Wrestling, I could see Mack and Page as good candidates for Lagana’s “Smackdown Six” formula and these two can shine in the main event. I’ve also seen Mack do really well when put in Lucha Underground’s main event so I have more sample there too. Page, this guy can be a world champion if treated right but it took Impact years to put this guy in a meaningful position (after weird runs as Joe Park’s weird nephew and as Matt Sydal’s student).

An old school vignette aired for whatever gimmick the Deaners are doing. They’re still southern, but they also like to party. This was done in front of a green screen and similar to the Southpaw Vignettes for Konnor and Viktor of the Ascension. They’re calling themselves “The Hard Workers” Oats and Hall (get it) and they are dressed up like Cameron Grimes…

George Iceman introduced the “Excessive Force” tag team. It was Fallah Bahh and D’Lo Brown doing an old school big man gimmick. Iceman said the working men want to challenge Excessive Force. Bahh said Tick Tock a few time and said the hard worker’s time is ticking down. He said a bit of a promo and slapped Brown on the chest and said “Tell em”, like the Road Warriors. Brown yelled his promo, as he should. He yelled about hard work and talked about how the pummel and plunder are coming because they are EXCESSIVE FORCE…

2. “Excessive Force” Plunder and Pummel (Fallah Bahh and D’Lo Brown) vs. “The Hard Workers” Hall and Oats (Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake). Not sure who’s who and I already given up typing their gimmick names. So there! Excessive Force double teamed Cody early on and hit a stereo running headbutt on a grounded Cody. D’Lo and Bahh traded quick tags for the isolation game on Cody. Jake dropkicked Cody for support in Cody’s crossbody. Bahh regained control and EF continued to play the isolation game on Cody. Cody managed to shove D’Lo and crawl under his legs to tag in Jake for the hot tag (but the crowd was fairly quiet).

Jake hit D’Lo and Bahh with a double lariat. Jake pulled down the suspenders and went for the telegraphed punches but D’Lo hit Jake with an Atomic Drop. Cody got the blind tag in. Cody rolled up D’Lo with a sunset flip bomb for the victory.

The Hard Workers defeated Excessive Force via pinfall in 4:04.

The Deaners tried to dance afterwards but they were attacked by D’Lo and Bahh. Excessive Foce hit Jake with a running body press. Bahh put tophats on Jake’s stomach and then hit Jake with a running splash. Excessive Force made their way to the back while Cody Deaner cried in the ring…

They aired a blue screen vignette for The Crist Brothers, Jake and Dave Crist, doing some sort of surfer dudes gimmick. They were actually calling themselves Dave and Jake. They said their team was called “The New Wave”… [c]

John’s Thoughts: Fun ode to old school power tag teams like the Road Warriors or whatnot. That said, I’m starting to get tired of the old school joke because while the wrestlers look like they’re having fun with this, I feel like they are stretching a joke very thin. The dragged out nature of this makes this comes off as a dragged-out version of Southpaw Regional Wrestling. Almost like a low budget imitation.

There was a jobber already in the ring. Getting an entrance is Johnny Swinger as Johnny Swinger. Essentially he’s wrestling in his element. His opponent was the same jobber he beat last week, Buck Gunderson…

3. Johnny Swinger vs. Buck Gunderson. Swinger raked Gunderson’s back several times. He then hit Buck with a running lariat. Pretty much one sided for the opening sequence. After a few minutes, Gunderson managed to get a back rake on Johnny. Buck went for the ten punches in the corner. Swinger fought out of the corner by giving Buck a double leg spinebuster. Swinger hit Buck with the Swinger Neckbreaker for the victory.

Johnny Swinger defeated Buck Gunderson via pinfall in 2:00.

An instant replay aired which 80s-Josh said was new technology…

Josh Mathews sent things over to another wrestler introduction vignette. The vignette was for Southpaw Regional Wrestling wrestler Frank the Butcher jumping ship to IPWF. This is Rhyno doing his butcher gimmick from Southpaw. Rhyno talked about how much he likes to chop his competition and beat his meat. Butcher Rhyno also asked Butcher Seth Rollins to leave the “minor leagues” and join him in IPWF. (I watched a few episodes of Southpaw last week in preparation for this)…

John’s Thoughts: Nice continuity ode’ to Southpaw with Butcher Rhyno “jumping ship”. Can we get horny Bad Santa Rhyno to jump ship too just in time for Christmas? Better yet? Can we get Southpaw Regional Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion John Johnson (TJ Perkins) “jumping ship”. John Johnson is the best TJ Perkins has ever looked as a babyface (I’m kidding, I’m kidding).

Sexton Hardcastle and Josh Mathews checked in from the commentary table. Josh Mathews said Frank the Butcher makes him want to drink more whiskey. They sent things over to George Iceman who introduced “The Rough Riders”, which are Tessa Blanchard, Jordynne Grace, Jessika Havok, and Alexia Nicole (?). Tessa grabbed the mic and said the Rough Riders are “coming on you like no one has come on you before”. All four women cut a Four Horsemen type of promo. Tessa and Havok were pretty good with their mic work and sexual innuendos. Grace was okay? Alexia was a bit rough and didn’t really get into the gimmick.,, [c]

A faux-ad aired for IPWF’s upcoming live events throughout Canada…

There was already a wrestler in the ring. Getting a full entrance is Jazzy Fitbody, which was Madison Rayne doing a jazzercise gimmick. Josh said that Jazzy’s presence is doing something for his “cigar”…

4. Jazzy Fitbody (Madson Rayne) vs. Agnes Beerhart (?). Agnes had the expression of a person who knew she was losing. Rayne dominated early on while also doing exercise themed moves like jogging and bicycle kicking. Jimmy Jacobs came out as a manager named Sebastian Baker. This distracted Rayne enough for Agnes to get control and hit Rayne with a suplex. Rayne fought out of a headlock. Both women took each other out with double facebuster. Sexton said Josh is a “Fitbody” just replace the “F” with a “Sh”. Rayne made a babyface comeback. Rayne lifted Agnes in Fireman carry, did some squats, and then ran on the back of Agnes. Rayne hit Agnes with a second rope splash for the victory.

Jazzy Fitbody defeated Agnes Beerheart via pinfall in 3:05.

Jimmy Jacobs entered the ring to cut a promo with the match winner. Jacobs talked about how Rayne’s moves are what caused him to follow Rayne’s career for months. Jacobs talked about how Rayne has been avoiding him and noone avoids Jacobs. Jacobs presented Rayne with a contract to join his stable. Jacobs even threw in a threat that Rayne might be less successful if she doesn’t sign. Rayne took the contract and did squats. The crowd did Daniel Bryan “no” chants. Rayne signed the contracted and gave it to Jacobs. Just as Jacobs was about to celebrate, Rayne gave Jacobs a low blow kick, ripped up the contract, and did running exercises on it. Sexton said “right in the nuts”. Rayne Jazzercised to the back while Jacobs was selling his balls. …

They cut over to R.D. Evans doing a Southern Manager gimmick where he hyped up his monster Kongo Kong (Kongo Kong). He hyped up a body slam challenge… [c]

John’s Thoughts: I still feel like this joke is stretching longer than it should. That said, I really enjoyed Madison Rayne’s take on the 80s character. She really went all in in terms of moveset. That would fit well on a GLOW show.

[Hour Two]Coming out next was Tim Burr the Evil Lumberjack (Josh Alexander), Jim Nasium the evil coach (Dezmond Xavier), Bill Ding the evil architect (Trey Miguel), and Ray Strack the evil race car driver (Zach Wentz). Sexton wondered to Josh as to why they were evil?

John’s Thoughts: Thumbs up for Dezmond coming out to what sounded Paula Abdul. Paula Abdoul was my jam.

5. “Glenn Gilbertti’s Unused Gimmicks” Tim Burr, Jim Nasium, Bill Ding, and Ray Strack (Josh Alexander, The Rascalz) vs. “The Rough Riders” Georgia Cobb, Mildred Moore, Ladybird Johnston, and Blanch Ardmore (Tessa Blanchard, Jordynne Grace, Jessika Havok, and I think Alexia Nicole) in an intergender tag match. I’m guessing Blanch Ardmore is Tessa ode’ing to herself and Arn. I’m not sure who else is who? And I don’t really care much. Trey and Tessa started out the match. Trey said the girls weren’t wearing proper work attire. Tessa locked Trey in a side headlock early on. Tessa and Trey had a bit of a lucha agility exchange. Trey called a time out and started shaving with a razor.

Tessa clocked Trey with a superkick which Sexton said was a kara-tay move. Grace and Wentz tagged in. Zack acted like he was driving a car and said he had to go fast. Jordynne was about to strip down Zach but Zach said he didn’t want to go that fast. Zach kept running the ropes, because he’s fast. Zach dodged a kick and gave Grace a schoolboy. Grace took down Wentz with a shoulder block. Dezmond tagged in and acted like a coach. Alexia Nicole tagged in too. Dez taught Alexia how to do evasive maneuvers. Alexia caught Dezmond with a Busaiku Knee and tilt a whirl headscissors.

Dezmond called a time out with the whistle and then tagged in Josh Alexander. Jessika Havok tagged in and so sold Alexander’s offense. Havok put Alexander in a bear hug. Alexander escaped by biting the head of Havok. Josh Alexander built it up and hit Havok with a top rope “Double Axe Handle” strike. Get it? He’s a lumberjack. Alexander fought Havok back with a chop to Havok’s chest. Nicole tagged in and put Alexander in the Electric Chair position. Alexander slipped out and tagged in Wentz who clocked everyone on the opposing team with superkicks.

Wentz called for a goal and hit Tessa with a PK. The rest of the team thought it was good. Wentz crashed and burned on a splash attempt. Tessa Blanchard hit Wentz with a Hammerlock DDT for the victory.

The Rough Riders defeated Tim Burr, Bill Ding, Jim Nasium, and Ray Strack via pinfall in 7:22.

The Rough Riders did their hand sign after the match…

John’s Thoughts: I think the weird part here is the little bits of heels and babyfaces working together (Alexander and Havok on their respective teams). That and we come from Tessa becoming number one contender last week to her in a comedy hijinks match. Yes, I get it. Non-canon. Anyway, I did actually think that the fun stuff was fun here. I always welcome the Rascalz doing gimmicks that are better than their washed up 70s Show tribute. Still, Dezmond needs to break away from the comedy ASAP because the guy does have main event upside. By the way, why didn’t they fly Disco Inferno in for this given that one of the teams was essentially the “Sons of Disco Inferno”.

Josh Mathews sent things to footage of “last week’s” Body Slam challenge where some guy named Ali couldn’t body slam Kong. RD Evans was in the ring “this week” and set up the Body Slam Challenge. Evans said he’s upping the ante to $3,000 this week. Mr. Atlantis took up the challenge. Mr. Atlantis is this older looking wrestler we saw before who wrestles for Border City Wrestling. He was wearing what looked like Goldmember’s robe. Mr. Atlantis introduced himself and thought he could body slam Kong.

Mr. Atlantis took off his robe to reveal a weightlifting belt and abs. Atlantis was about to body slam Kong, but Kong blocked it by beating down. Atlantis. Suddenly entrance music played for a run in. Brian Cage came out dressed in something Petey Williams would wear, all Canada. Oh my word, his gimmick name is “Muscles McGhee”…

John’s Thoughts: Okay… For some reason, that’s the perfect 80s gimmick for Brian Cage. I didn’t expect that joke to pop me. Good job Impact.

Josh talked about how Muscles McGhee is a proud Canadian. RD Evans yelled at Muscles that the challenge was over. Muscles grabbed the mic and said he’s not here for the money, he’s here for the people. Muscles went for the cheap “hometown” pop. Muscles threw Evans out of the ring. Kong got some cheap shots on Muscles. Muscles made a comeback with punches and managed to body slam Kongo Kong. Muscles ripped of his shirt and took the bag of money… [c]

John’s Thoughts: Again, more fun stuff, but they’re till stretching these jokes thin so they drag out a bit. That said Cage’s gimmick name popped me. There’s that. We also found out that when Johnny Impact threw Kongo Kong in a pool, it sent him back in time for some reason. That’s something right out of Lucha Underground.

Not-Tommy-Dreamer was shown cutting a promo backstage with 80s music in the background. Dreamer said Jack Tunny stripped him of the title recently for using a pile driver on Tunney’s piece of crap chosen champion. Dreamer said he went north and broke Bruno Sammartino’s neck in front of Vince McMahon sr. Dreamer said he slapped Vince jr. His gimmick name is “Tommy Dreamer”. Dreamer said he doesn’t care if it’s Rhodes, Race, Bockwinkel, Backlund, etc. Dreamer said he’s coming back to take what’s his “you bunch of egg sucking dogs”…

John’s Thoughts: Ok. That’s two jokes that caught me off guard. Dreamer is immortal. And in every wrestling promotion for some reason.

They cut to footage of a match last week between Joey Ryan and Moose were they were in a middle of the Eddie Guerrero fake chairshot spot. Moose and Brian Cage actually did this iteration of the spot at an Impact indie show I was at a few months ago. Kiera Hogan was at ringside. Ryan’s gimmick name was “Captain Joystick”. Moose hit Ryan with teh Game Changer (he finally hit somebody with it). Moose’s name was “Captain Too Large”…

They cut to Joey Ryan and Kiera Hogan hosting a blue screen segment called “The Cock Pit”. He’s doing a pilot gimmick. Ryan’s guest was Moose. Moose got hip hop background music. Joey Ryan asked him a few questions and kept cutting him off before he could speak. Kiera Hogan seemed smitten with Moose. Ryan started bad mouthing rap music, because Moose is a rapper gimmick. Moose did a rap and said he was taking Kiera Hogan “on a round trip”. Moose kept doing this cheesy cross arm thing. Ryan got mad and hit Moose in the head with Kiera’s server tray. The blue screen disingaged. Ryan said this flight has landed… [c]

John’s Thoughts: I’ll give it to them this time. They are popping off jokes that are popping me at least in the past few jokes. Part of it is Moose’s great character work. The thing with Dreamer, that just worked for some reason. And let’s not forget Muscles McGee.

They cut to footage of Gama Singh wrestling Eddie Edwards “one month ago”. Yes, Gama Singh is actually wrestling and doing some moves. What looked like Raj Singh was playing someone “Older” than Gama. Raj held Gama in place while Gama shot a Josef Samael-like fireball in Eddie’s face (I can’t help but associate Josef Samael with the fireball spot these days). Raj’s gimmick name is “Dada” Singh, the father of Gama. Eddie’s gimmick name is “Cowboy” Colt McCoy.

John’s Thoughts: So Eddie’s gimmick is he’s a underwhelming NFL Quarterback?

Eddie Edwards was cutting a promo in the locker room with both eyes covered in bandages. He was rattling off the many eye injuries stemming from the fire ball shot. Eddie ended his promo by saying he’s coming for Gama Singh. Eddie said he’s farm strong and farm strong can’t be stopped…

Gama and his not-Son Dada came out first. Sexton did what Don Callis usually does by hyping up how successful Gama was in Stampede Wrestling…

6. Gama Singh (w/”Dada Singh” Raj Singh) vs. “The Cowboy” Colt McCoy (Eddie Edwards) in a blindfold match. Gama’s shirt said the words “Karachi Vice” which I’m assuming is his finisher. Blindness ensued. Sexton compared it to looking for a light switch of bathroom in the dark. Eddie tried to use the crowd to help direct him. Gama ducked a strike from Eddie. Raj distracted the referee which allowed Gama to peak and hit Eddie with a cheap shot. Gama then thought he was doing a formula running sequence but Eddie stopped on a dime to recover. More blindness ensued. Gama tripped over Eddie. Eddie missed a stomp. Back to the blindness.

Eddie took care of Raj by punching himoff the apron. Eddie Edwards hit Gama with a neckbreaker for the victory.

Colt McCoy defeated Gama Singh via pinfall in 3:27.

Sexton said that Eddie used a modified Ace Crusher (Was Johnny Ace even using the Ace Crusher during the 80s? Again, I’m not sure when John Laurinatis was in his prime. I grew up in the 90s). George Iceman interviewed Eddie Edwards. Edwards said he was farm strong. Eddie then cut a promo saying he was doing it for the people, the working man, his wife, and others. Suddenly, Michael Elgin and Madman Fulton ran out and beat down Eddie. They were doing an evil Russian gimmick. They teamed up and choked Eddie with a chain. Suddenly, Scott D’Amore ran out as Not-Josh-Mathews’s dad. The Russians beat up D’Amore. Sexton said “they’re gonna kill your father”. The commentators then oversold Elgin and Fulton putting the Russian Flag on Edwards. Sexton called Josh a wimp for not helping his dad. Josh said it’s probaby now time to take over the territory. Sexton said those guys were Russian bastards… [c]

John’s Thoughts: I’m guessing blindfold matches were popular back in the day? I wouldn’t know. I had my fill of blindfold matches with the one and only one I remember clearly, Triple H vs. D’Lo Brown. I had to say, I had a bit of morbid curiosity in wanting to see Gama wrestle a match. I feel like the blindfold thing took that away.

A replay aired of Eddie Edwards and Not-Josh’s dad getting beat up by the Russian. Josh said the cold work is continuing. Scott D’Amore recovered and threw popcorn at Josh Mathews. D’Amore then cut a promo about how he put money behind this promotion. D’Amore talked about how the Russians are disrespecting Canadian culture while also attacking a nice guy like Colt. D’Amore said he’s going to lace the boots to team up with Edwards to fight the Russians next week. D’Amore told the crowd that hot dogs and pop corn were now half off at concessions…

Entrances for the main event… [c]

7. Julian Cumberbun (All Ego Ethan Page) vs. Down Town Daddy Brown (Willie Mack) for the IPWF International Commonwealth Championship. Sami Callihan was rocking his Jim Cornette gimmick as Sonny Sanders. Mack dominated Page early on by shoving Page in the corner. Page used the rope break to gain an advantage. Mack came back with an atomic drop on Page. Mack had Page trapped on the second rope and he hit Page with punches, sending Page back and forth with like a rocking chair. Mack was distracted by Callihan. This allowed Page to put a beanie on and hide in the crowd. Page led a “Down town” chant that the crowd around him actually played along with.

Mack wasn’t fooled as he gave Page a right hand. Mack also gave the actual fan his beanie back. Mack teased a Bionic Elbow, but Page escaped after kicking Mack. Page distracted the ref to allow Callihan to hit Mack with the tennis racket. Page dominated Mack. Page would work on Mack while also distracting the ref for Sami to get his shots in. After more working of Mack, Page locked Mack in the Figure Four. Sami helped Page with leverage. Mack reversed the pressure. Callihan helped Page grab the bottom rope. Page and Mack traded fisticuffs with Page winning the battle.

Page hit Mack with a front elbow. Mack came back with a Sunset Flip. Callihan tried to give Page more leverage support again, but the referee punted away Callihan’s hands. Page went for corner splashes, but missed. Mack hit Page with the Dusty Bionic Elbow combo. Mack then hit Page with a running elbow drop. Callihan put Page’s leg on the botton rope to break Mack’s pinfall. Sexton called Callihan a “nerd”. Callihan distracted Mack from the apron. This allowed Page to hit Mack wtih the tennis racket for the nearfall. Page and Callihan couldn’t believe it. Page accidentally hit Callihan off the apron. Mack won off a schoolboy.

Down Town Daddy Brown defeated Julian Cumberbun via pinfall in 10:01 to become the new IPWF International Commonwealth Champion.

Mack celebrated his win afterward. The IPWF locker room ran out to celebrate with not-Mack. 80s music played as Mack danced to the music. Muscles McGee and Tim Burr held up Mack to close the show…

John’s Thoughts: That was actually not a bad television match. Nothing too special, but probably the best worked match of the night because everything else was more gimmicky. What I did really like though was seeing Wille Mack with a layer of character paint on him. Impact Wrestling’s Willie Mack is a bit generic and loses all the time. The guy can be a good character when given one, I’ve seen him excel in Lucha Underground as LU’s Daniel Bryan-type of plucky babyface. I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing Willie Mack go away and Down Town Daddy Brown take his place. Hell, I know that Brian Cage and Down Town Daddy Brown can tear the house down given the many California matches I’ve seen them in. That can be Impact’s Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic if they wanna do it (a match that’s expected to be good and delivers every time).

Mixed bag on this show. I’ll admit a few jokes popped me. That said, it’s tough dragging one central joke over the span of two hours. I couldn’t even fast forward anything because there was no Impact Plus match of the week (for the better). It probably also hurt my perception watching Southpaw Regional Wrestling a few days ago. To be completely honest, while had it’s fun moments, it’s tough to recommend this thing fully when there are two other productions that did this better (Southpaw and NWA). Southpaw Regional Wrestling is a bit more streamline and comes off as more genuine and wholesome. This comes off as a lesser imitation. If you really want your time warp pro wrestling in the 80s, you have NWA Powerrr every week. I guess this is a good gaiden-type of show for Impact die hards?


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