WWE Hell in a Cell Poll – Grade the overall show

WWE Hell in a Cell Poll: Grade the overall show

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Due to a technical issue, our usual best match poll is not available for this event.


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  1. Totally agree with what was said in your review about the main event. Idiotic finish that just about wrecked the legacy of the Hell in a Cell match – a legacy that was established by Taker and Foley at King of the Ring 1998. Whoever booked it should be fired. Match of the night was the curtain jerker. Following tag was also great. Rest of the show was okay, and I would have given this show a good rating without the main’s finish. As it is I’ve rated it average only.

    • Mankind vs Kane ended in a No Contest in 1998 and Roman vs Braun did as well in 2017. This didn’t try and “kill” the legacy of HIAC.

      • We heard you the other 3 times Vince.

      • The Reigns/Strowman no contest made sense because of Lesnar’s interference (and that was 2018 not 2017) and neither man could continue not just one. Foley/Kane was similar with the Taker and Steve Austin (and to an extent Vince). So, no, I don’t agree. Neither of them wrecked the legacy at all. Rollins/Wyatt finish did. No doubt. It’s not the no contest. It’s reason it was done and how. By that same token, Foley’s fall at King of the Ring (either of them – take your pick) would have caused a no contest and it didn’t. Forgetting for the moment that the second wasn’t planned.

  2. whoever thought of that finish should be ashamed. come out on raw and apologize and fired on the spot. if its vince I don’t care. it was insulting to the fans, the crew and the past performers like foley and undertaker. mick lost years of his life in his match. its a fucking insult to him with that ending. a travesty.

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