WWE Hell in a Cell results: Powell’s live review of Seth Rollins vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt in an HIAC match for the WWE Universal Championship, Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks in an HIAC match for the Raw Women’s Championship, Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair for the Smackdown Women’s Championship


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Hell in a Cell
Aired live October 6, 2019 live on WWE Network and pay-per-view
Sacramento, California at Golden 1 Center

Kickoff Show result: Natalya defeated Lacey Evans.

A video package opened the show and focused on the Hell in a Cell structure… Pyro shot off on the stage and then the Raw broadcast team of Vic Joseph, Dio Maddin, and Jerry Lawler checked in from ringside. Entrances for the opening match took place and the Spanish and German broadcast teams checked in between the entrances…

1. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks in a Hell in a Cell match for the Raw Women’s Championship. Mike Rome delivered introductions from ringside while both women were inside the ring, then the HIAC structure was lowered. Banks attacked Lynch before the structure was completely down.

Both women were outside the cage when it finally lowered to the ground. Banks ran Lynch into the cage a couple times, then entered the cage and gloated in the ring while the referees checked on Lynch at ringside. Lynch got up and Banks went to ringside. Lynch slammed the cage door on Banks’ face and went on the offensive. Once both women were inside the ring, the referee called for the bell to start the match.

A referee was locking the cage door when Lynch approached him and took the chain. Lynch used the chain as a weapon. Joseph noted that the door to the cell wasn’t actually locked. Lynch pulled a table out from underneath the ring and slid it into the ring. Lynch tried to pull out a ladder, but Banks hit her from behind with a chair. Lynch returned the favor with a chair to the face and then rolled Banks inside the ring.

Banks went for several pin attempts, but Lynch escaped them all and then slammed her face into a chair that was set up in the middle of the ring. Banks came back and dropkicked the chair at Lynch. Becky came right back with an exploder suplex that sent Banks to ringside. Lynch kicked Banks under the bottom rope and sent her crashing into the cage three times. Banks performed a meteora that drove Lynch into a ladder that was leaning against the cage wall. Banks brought Lynch back inside the ring and covered her for a two count at 6:20.

The cage door was locked with the chain from earlier when the women went back to ringside. Back inside the ring, Banks put Lynch’s hand inside a chair and closed the chair on it. At 9:30, Banks put the legs of a chair in the cage at ringside. Lynch dropkicked Banks from the apron and into the cage. Lynch ran Banks into the ring post and then rushed to ringside and hit an exploder into the cage. Lynch rolled Banks inside the ring and performed a drop toe hold that sent Banks face first into the chair. Lynch covered Banks for a near fall.

Lynch went to the top rope, but Banks cut her off. Moments later, Lynch performed a missile dropkick that sent the chair into the face of Banks, which led to another near fall. Banks rolled to ringside. Lynch followed to the floor where Banks was waiting and hit her with a kendo stick several times. Banks wedged two kendo sticks between the cage. Lynch slammed Sasha’s face into the kendo sticks. Lynch set up a chair over the two kendo sticks, then braced it with another.

Lynch placed Banks so that she was seated on the chair that was hanging on the cage. Lynch performed a dropkick from the apron that knocked Banks off the chair at 15:30. Cool spot. The crowd popped big with “holy shit” and “this is awesome” chants. Back inside the ring, Lynch performed a legdrop from the ropes for a near fall. Lynch set up a table in the ring, but Banks caught her with a Backstabber. Banks put Lynch on the top rope and went for a superplex, but Lynch slipped under her. They continued to fight for position, and Banks performed a meteora that drove Lynch through the table, which led to a good near fall at 17:55.

Banks grabbed a kendo stick and used it to wrench back the head of Lynch, who eventually crawled to ringside. Lynch took the stick and hit Banks repeatedly while the camera shook for reasons that only WWE production people understand. Banks responded by reversing Lynch into the chair that was attacked to the cage from earlier. Banks slide several chairs inside the ring and a number of them hit Lynch.

Banks hit Lynch and the chairs with another chair. Banks went to the top rope and motioned for the title belt. Lynch got up and hit Banks with a chair. Lynch performed an exploder suplex off from the ropes and onto the chairs. Lynch put Banks in the Disarmer and got the submission win…

Becky Lynch defeated Sasha Banks in a Hell in a Cell match in 21:50 to retain the Raw Women’s Championship.

Powell’s POV: An outstanding performance from both women. They did a fantastic job and worked in some innovative spots and really left it all in the ring. This was terrific. An HIAC match should feel like a war and they definitely pulled that off. The finish surprised me if only because I expect Lynch to be moved to Smackdown via the draft given that she’s been all over the Smackdown advertising. As such, it will be interesting to see what happens with the title if she does move. It’s worth noting that WWE has stated there won’t be any wild card rules this time around, though obviously that could change like everything else they do.

After some advertising, the Smackdown broadcast team of Michael Cole and Corey Graves checked in from ringside while Sacramento artwork was shown… A video package set up the tornado tag team match…

2. Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan in a Tornado Tag match. Reigns was the first person to make an entrance. He slammed his fist on the stage and pyro shot off. Greg Hamilton was the ring announcer. Bryan performed an early missile dropkick on Rowan, then followed it with a suicide dive on Harper.

Harper and Rowan took offensive control and worked over both opponents. They set up for what appeared to be a Doomsday Device on Bryan, but Reigns broke it up. Rowan barked that Bryan was trying to embarrass him. Bryan reached up and put Rowan in a LeBell Lock, which Harper broke up with a kick. A short time later, Harper performed a Michinoku Driver on Bryan and had him pinned, but Reigns returned to break it up.

Bryan threw some Yes kicks at Harper. Rowan pulled Bryan to ringside. Reigns caught Rowan with a Drive By. Harper performed a dive onto Reigns and hit his forehead on a broadcast table. Harper and Rowan tore the tops off all three broadcast tables. Rowan slammed Harper onto Reigns on the floor. Rowan took a piece of the barricade off and used it as a battering ram on Reigns at 13:00.

Harper and Rowan set up for a powerbomb on the broadcast tables, but Bryan performed a huracanrana that took Harper to the floor. Reigns returned and speared Rowan through one of the broadcast tables. Inside the ring, Bryan performed three running dropkicks on Harper, who remained standing in a corner of the ring. Bryan placed Harper on the top rope and went for a huracanrana, but Harper blocked it and powerbombed Bryan from the ropes and covered him for a good near fall at 15:50. Harper worked over Bryan, but Reigns came back and hit Harper with a Superman Punch. Bryan caught Harper with a running knee. Reigns speared and pinned Harper.

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns defeated Luke Harper and Erick Rowan in a Tornado Tag match in 16:45.

After the match, Bryan offered Reigns a handshake. When Reigns approached to accept, Bryan pulled his hand back. Bryan called for a hug instead. The fans responded with a yes chant. Reigns and Bryan hugged. Bryan raised the arm of Reigns and they shook hands while Reigns’ music played…

Powell’s POV: Another stellar brawl. I feel bad for the standard matches that have to follow the first two matches. This show is off to a great start. Harper and Rowan didn’t lose much. They dominated the match before taking the loss.

Backstage, Charly Caruso interviewed Seth Rollins, who said he was facing the most psychological test of his career. He said Bray Wyatt could play all the games he wants. Rollins said he’d have no choice but to be ready, fight, survive, and burn it down. “Or at least I hope so,” Rollins added…

A WWE video game and Crown Jewel ad aired…

3. Randy Orton vs. Ali. Ali went to the ropes a few minutes into the match. Orton tripped up Ali, who fell to the floor and sold rib damage. Orton picked up Ali in suplex style and dropped him face side onto one of the broadcast tables. Orton ran Ali into the ring post. Once they were back inside the ring, the camera closed in on a nasty scrape on Ali’s abdomen, presumably from the broadcast table spot. Orton slowed the match down.

Ali came back and went for his finisher. Orton moved and Ali landed on his feet. Ali avoided an RKO and caught Orton with a DDT. Ali went up top and went for a 450 splash, but Orton moved out of the way. A short time later, Orton went for an RKO, but Ali blocked the move by doing a handstand and then rolled up Orton for a two count. Orton came right back with an RKO and scored the clean pin…

Randy Orton defeated Ali in 12:10.

Powell’s POV: A solid match. The pre-show panel laid it on so thick while talking about Orton being a lock to win that I actually thought they might put Ali over.

An ad for Raw focused on Tyson Fury’s appearance and questioned what he has in store for Braun Strowman…

The broadcast team recapped Natalya beating Lacey Evans on the Kickoff Show. Cole announced Natalya vs. Evans in a Last Woman Standing match for Raw…

Powell’s POV: Maybe this will actually be the blowoff and we’ll get a decisive winner of this feud?

4. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. “The Kabuki Warriors” Kairi Sane and Asuka for the WWE Women’s Tag Titles. Hamilton delivered standard entrances despite it being a title match. Cole and Graves called the match and spent a lot of time hyping the WWE Draft. Cole said USA and Fox want their own talent and it’s about brand supremacy.

Asuka caught Bliss in an ankle lock at 5:05. Bliss reached out for the ropes. Asuka pulled her to the middle of the ring, then transitioned into a half crab. Sane tagged in and acted like she was walking a plank as she approached Cross in the corner and then poked her eye before turning around and charging at Bliss. Sane had Bliss pinned, but the referee was caught up with Cross.

At 8:30, Sane went for her Insane Elbow, but Cross put her boots up. Cross performed a neckbreaker and had the pin, but Asuka broke it up. Asuka dragged Sane to their corner and then tagged herself in. Asuka threw kicks at Cross, who blocked the grand finale kick and then knocked Asuka down with a clothesline. Bliss took out Sane with a senton off the apron and then sold back pain. Cross checked on Bliss. Asuka sprayed green mist into the face of Cross, kicked her, and pinned her…

Kairi Sane and Asuka defeated Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross in 10:25 to win the WWE Women’s Tag Titles.

Powell’s POV: The referee was looking at Bliss and didn’t see the mist, but he did do a double take when he saw it covering Cross’s face and still made the three count. The mist wasn’t presented as a heelish move. In fact, there really weren’t any heels in the match since Bliss and Cross have been working as babfaces lately. The obvious question is whether the tag title change was booked because they intend to split up Bliss and Cross. It seems like they’ve run out of fresh ideas for the duo, which is a shame.

After some advertising, Cole and Graves set up a video package on the Friday Night Smackdown premiere on Fox…

5. “The OC” AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson vs. Braun Strowman and “The Viking Raiders” Erik and Ivar. The Raw team called the match. Strowman was a mystery partner and came out last. The babyface trio was on a roll until Erik went for a dive at Gallows only to have Styles catch him with a shot from the apron. Erik was isolated by The OC for a stretch of time.

Strowman checked in around 6:15 and worked over all three opponents. Strowman charged at Styles, who moved, causing Strowman to crash into the corner. Styles applied a Calf Crusher, which Erik broke up. A short time later, Strowman avoided a charing Styles in the corner. Strowman set up for his finisher, but Anderson took out his knee. Gallows superkicked Strowman and the referee called for the bell while Gallows and Anderson put the boots to Strowman.

Braun Strowman and The Viking Raiders defeated AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson by DQ in 8:15.

After the match, Styles went for a Phenomenal Forearm on Strowman, who punched him out of the air. Strowman held up his fist and stood over Styles. Lawler assumed he wasn’t finished, but his entrance music played to signify that he was. After Strowman left the ring, Gallows and Anderson helped up Styles, who pushed them aside and then stumbled back to his knees. Styles acted loopy from the punch and was helped to the back by Gallows and Anderson…

Powell’s POV: A weak finish to a match that will probably serve as a setup for a rematch on Raw. I wonder if Strowman and Fury will somehow go from being at odds on Raw to teaming against The OC.

The Street Profits talked backstage about HIAC and the WWE draft. R-Truth and Carmella arrived on the set. Truth crashed into the Profits, then Tamina rolled up and pinned Carmella to win the WWE 24/7 Chapionship. Tyler Breeze blocked Tamina’s path. Tamina punched out Breeze. R-Truth got up and had no idea what happened to the title belt (or what it’s actually called)…

A video package set up the next match…

6. “King” Baron Corbin vs. Chad Gable. The Smackdown team called the match and Cole said the feud between Corbin and Gable has captured the imagination of WWE fans over the last couple of weeks. Corbin went to ringside, took the house mic, and said he’s also disappointed that he has to face Gable again, especially after he just put The Rock in his place on Smackdown. Corbin told more bad short jokes and dubbed him “Shorty Gable.”

Graves used the “Shorty Gable” name and told more short jokes on commentary, while Cole still referred to him by his name. Corbin controlled the bulk of the offense. Corbin hit a late suplex for a near fall. Corbin threw two kicks in the corner and went for a third, but Corbin caught him and powerbombed him for a near fall.

Later, Corbin hit his Deep Six for a near fall (so now we can get to the finish). Gable avoided the End of Days and hit a swinging neckbreaker and a a moonsault for a near fall. Gable applied an ankle lock. Corbin crawled under the ropes to break it and then fell to ringside once Gable released it. Corbin chokeslammed Gable on the apron. Corbin grabbed his scepter from ringside and tried to hit Gable with it, but Gable ducked it and got the pin. Hamilton announced “Shorty Gable” as the winner. Cole bitched about it on commentary…

Chad Gable beat Baron Corbin in 12:40.

Powell’s POV: Corbin was on the offensive the majority of the match and it was mostly slow, plodding, and downright boring when he was. These two have had better matches and the short jokes are just plain corny.

Ads aired for NXT on USA Network, and the WWE Draft… Cole and Graves spoke about the the draft starting on Smackdown and continuing on the October 14 Raw…

Ring entrances for the Smackdown Women’s Title match took place. The international broadcast teams checked in. Tamina ran into the international broadcast team section to hide from Truth. She ended up using Funaki as a shield. Truth and Funaki had a karate style pose down. Tamina shoved Funaki toward Truth, who moved. Tamina turned into a superkick from Carmella, who encouraged Truth to pin her. Truth covered Tamina and pinned her to win the 24/7 Title again…

7. Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Cole and Graves called the match. Hamilton delivered in-ring introductions for the title match. Charlotte smiled around 7:30 and had blood in her mouth. Flair went for a top rope moonsault, but Bayley put her knees up. Both women went to ringside where Flair performed a fallaway slam.

Back inside the ring, Flair went for a figure four, but Bayley countered into an inside cradle for a near fall. Bayley tried to follow up with another pin and used the ropes for leverage, but the referee caught her. Flair took advantage of Bayley talking with the referee and hit her with a big boot, then applied her Figure 8 and got the submission win.

Charlotte Flair defeated Bayley in 10:15 to win the Smackdown Women’s Championship.

Cole said at some point they would have to start referring to Flair as one of the greatest. Graves said he has been for some time and pointed to her 10-time champion status (meaning she lost nine times, but anyway…). Bayley threw a fit at ringside and tore apart the ring steps. She sat down and told people to shut up and then got emotional following her loss…

Powell’s POV: A strange finish with Bayley losing because she was apologizing to the referee for cheating. Flair winning the title again doesn’t do much for me, and I guess we’ll see where they go with Bayley from here.

Another Crown Jewel ad aired…

Backstage, Kayla Braxton approached Chad Gable for an interview and accidentally called him Shorty. He told her to go ahead. He also said he wants to know how Corbin feels about coming up short tonight. Gable said he showed tonight that he’s the bigger man. Corbin attacked Gable and left him lying…

The Raw broadcast team spoke at ringside and then set up a video package on the WWE Universal Championship match…

The cage was already lowered when Rollins made his entrance. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt made his entrance to the remix of his old theme song and brought his head lantern to the ring with him. Wyatt placed the lantern on the apron…

8. Seth Rollins vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt in a Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Universal Championship. The Raw team called the match. Wyatt knelt in his corner and the referee called for the bell. Wyatt got to his feet and then charged at Rollins and grabbed him by the throat and tossed him to the mat. The ring lighting remained red during the match. Rollins got right up and went at Wyatt, who quickly dumped him to ringside.

Rollins pulled out a kendo stick. Rollins hit Wyatt with the stick twice, but Wyatt no-sold both shots. Rollins went for a move from the middle rope, but Wyatt caught him and put him down with a uranage. Rollins rolled to ringside and Wyatt followed. Wyatt worked over Rollins on the floor and ran him into the cage a few times. Wyatt ran Rollins into two different sets of ring steps.

As Wyatt looked for something under the ring, Rollins showed up with a piece of the ring steps and struck Wyatt with them a couple times and knocked him down. Rollins pulled out a table slid it inside the ring, then performed a suicide dive and drove Wyatt into the cage. Rollins performed the move again and then tossed Wyatt into the steps. Rollins set up the table inside the ring, then went for another suicide dive. Wyatt caught Rollins and performed a Sister Abigail into the side of the cage at 5:15.

Back inside the ring, Rollins placed Wyatt on the table and put him through it with a top rope splash. Wyatt stood up. Rollins put him down and stomped him. Wyatt got right up. Wyatt hit Sister Abigail for a near fall. Wyatt hit Rollins repeatedly, then stood up and stared ahead. The referee checked on Rollins. Wyatt tossed Rollins to ringside.

Wyatt pulled out a giant mallet from under the ring and hit Rollins with it at ringside. Rollins fired back with superkicks. Back inside the ring, Rollins hit the Stomp on Wyatt. Fans booed. Rollins hit the move again. Wyatt got to his knees. Rollins performed a Pedigree and another Stomp and covered Wyatt, who kicked out at one. Rollins hit Wyatt with repeated Stomps. Rollins hit Wyatt with a chair and continued the attack, but Wyatt still kicked out at one.

Rollins placed a chair over the face of Wyatt and then slammed a ladder down on it. Rollins covered Wyatt and got a two count. Rollins expressed disbelief. Rollins threw a tool box inside the ring. Rollins placed a ladder of Wyatt’s head and put a chair between the ladder’s legs. Rollins picked up the toolbox and hit the ladder and chair repeatedly. More boos. Rollins placed the toolbox on the ladder and chair, then went to ringside and grabbed a chair, which he threw down.

Rollins grabbed a sledgehammer from underneath the ring. The referee blocked his path and told Rollins that this isn’t who he is. Rollins looked like the words were registering, then suddenly hit the objects with the sledgehammer. The referee called for the bell to end the match.

Seth Rollins fought Bray Wyatt to an apparent no-contest in a Hell in a Cell match in 17:30.

Fans booed loudly and a bullshit chant broke out. The cage was raised and then several referees and a couple of EMTs came out to tend to Wyatt. Rollins leaned over Wyatt, who reached up and put him in the Mandible Claw. Wyatt dumped Rollins to ringside, followed, and performed Sister Abigail on the floor. There were also loud AEW chants. Wyatt kissed Rollins on the forehead and gave him another Sister Abigail. Wyatt applied the Mandible Claw again and blood came out of Rollins’ mouth. The lights went out. The Fiend was shown by a spotlight on the stage. The fans booed loudly, then the Wyatt laugh track played to close the show…

Powell’s POV: The big question about this match was what would WWE do to get out of it if they didn’t intend to put the championship on Wyatt. And that’s what they came up with? This was one of the most idiotic finishes I’ve ever seen. The timing couldn’t have been worse given that fans were just introduced to a strong alternative. The show peaked with the first two matches, but that awful main event finish is one that will be talked about for years to come. What a disaster. I will have more to say when Jake Barnett and I co-host a post show audio review for Dot Net Members coming up later tonight. Join Will Pruett and I on Monday afternoon at 3CT/4ET for ProWrestling.net Live at PWAudio.net.


Readers Comments (16)

  1. The fiend vs seth rollins was so flat, made no sense what so ever, so much hype put into the fiend.. what a massive let down … wwe at its finest what a waste of my time

  2. There’s been 2 other no Contests in HIAC history with the first being Mankind vs Kane in 98 so it’s not the first time this has happened.

    • THat HIAC match in 1998 was part of a storyline where McMahon was directly in control of the cage, if I remember rightly, and it was supposed to be a storyline leading into Summerslam 1998 alongside Austin v Taker.. The fans didn’t care if it was a no-contest as there was no consequence.

      This is completely different scenario. The fans are behind a new supernatural, indestructible character and he should have gone over tonight or at least had an ending which made sense. This is typical WWE. Bray went and found his own gimmick, with his own style and mask etc, it gets over, and because WWE weren’t the manufacturers of the gimmick, they’re all butthurt and put the brakes on it.

      Well done WWE, big clap for you. You’ve managed to alienate your entire adult fanbase in one night.

    • Undertaker deafeated Mankind by pinfall at hell in a cell 1998.

  3. All I have to say is Fuck you Vince! Fuck you for ruining a good character in one night. Fuck you for putting the “face of the company” Seth Rollins into a hated man (worse than Roman Reigns in 2015-most of 2018) and Fuck your out of touch booking. Did you hear the fans Vince? Did you hear your fans chant for your rival company? You need to retire. Fuck you Vince! After tonight, I hope you burn in Hell.

  4. That’s how you kill a territory. Show was very strong to start and then they once again fuck up the Bray Wyatt character. Rotunda needs to get out and create something else for that other company.

    • Agreed. Rotunda strikes me as a guy that, if given some creative freedom, would be able to reinvent himself over-and-over, much the same way as Matt Hardy and Jericho can. I’d love to see what he could do in AEW, away from Vince’s stupidity. If I had my way, Harper and Rowan would go with him.

      • If Harper and Rowan were to go with him, I’d rather see a 6+ month run with MLW to feud with Contra Unit first.

  5. Should have just wheeled out a couple of legends for Miz TV and had Wyatt take them out. Would have been better than that horrible main event.

  6. The Fiend is being turned into the modern day version of the Undertaker.

    taking all the punishment and still keep going. just like Undertaker did when he debut. granted Undertaker is still around but no doubt The Fiend is being groom to take his place when Undertaker desides to finally retire.

    plu it’s clear The Fiend and Undertaker will meet and have a match my guess at next years Wrestlemania.

    • The one big thing that will now work against your theory is Vince is both stubborn and petty. After the fans chanted for AEW last night in protest of his booking, he may very well bury Wyatt. By ‘Mania, Bray might be doing jobs for R-Truth.

  7. This reminds me of the time when a “NO DQ ” match at a WCW Uncensored event ended in either a disqualification or a no contest. I can’t really remember aside from the fact it was utterly ridiculous then and is even more ridiculous now.

  8. A question for those of you that watched: Do you think WWE tried to plant the seeds for a double-turn, ala Hart vs. Austin, and missed the mark; or is Vince really just that stupid?

    I mean during the course of one match they took the steam right out of their most over act, completely killed the HIAC gimmick; and most likely damaged Seth as a face, to the point he might start getting those old Roman reactions. If the idea isn’t to switch the face/heel roles, then this was a critical misstep for them when they can’t afford one. Vince is completely out of touch with what the fanbase wants though, so that’s not a shocker.

    • I think it was Vince trying to get Rollins over as a babyface by beating up the monster who had him quivering in fear the week before.

      I honestly think Vince hates that Husky Harris has twice gotten himself over as the top act in the company.

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