4/12 Moore’s Impact Wrestling TV Review: Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie vs. Brian Cage and Jordynne Grace, Su Yung vs. Rosemary, Zachary Wentz vs. Moose, “The North” Josh Alexander and Ethan Page make their tag team debut, the build toward Rebellion continues


By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling on Pursuit (simulcast on Twitch TV)
Taped March 22-23, 2019 in Windsor, Ontario at St. Clair College

A recap aired of last week’s Impact Wrestling episode…

Josh Mathews and Don Callis were on commentary. Josh noted that St. Clair’s College was sold out and that Rebellion was in 16 days. Moose made his entrance wearing a higher budget royal bath robe (as opposed to the cheap and sharpeed bath robe that Moose gave to EC3 jacket guy about a month ago)…

1. Moose vs. Wentz (w/Trey, Dezmond Xavier). Josh reminded viewers that Moose is a former NFL Offensive Lineman. Moose asked for a handshake while also mocking the Rascalz hand gesture (which I would honestly mock too). Moose then baited and toyed with Wentz for the lols. Wentz went for some chain wrestling but Moose simply grabbed Wentz and chopped Wentz while Wentz was on the top rope. Moose gloated a bit. Wentz managed to run circles around Moose. Wentz escaped Moose’s power slam and shoved Moose into the ringpost.

Wentz gave Moose a few strikes in the corner but Moose responded with two dropkicks in the corner that were more impressive that Wentz’s moves. Don Callis was confused as to why Wentz had his fingernails painted black. Josh said it was freedom of expression which Impact offers. Moose manhandled Wentz while the Rascalz tried to cheer on Wentz. Josh used the methodical sequence to hype future segments. Wentz went for a PK on the apron but Moose simply tripped Wentz up. Callis noted the crowd are only booing Moose because he’s so dominant, not because he’s breaking the rules. Moose mocked the crowd a bit more which allowed Wentz to hit Moose with a plancha. This fired up the crowd a bit.

Wentz hit a series of running dropkicks on Moose followed by a high knee. Wentz hit Moose with a CQC combo. Wentz then hit Moose with a corkscrew crossbody. Wentz followed up with a rolling knee which got Moose to one knee. Moose caught a flying Wentz and then Military Press Slammed him on Dez and Trey, knocking out all three Rascalz. Don Callis noted how rare a good offensive lineman is (so true) and how Moose is one. Moose twarted another rally by Wentz and then speared him for the pinfall.

Moose defeated Wentz via pinfall in 8:36.

Callis and Mathews noted that Wentz made a good effort. Josh said that Moose is building up his career and might be setting himself up for a World title run. Trey and Dez carried Wentz to the back…

John’s Thoughts: I really liked the basic Moose showcase here. Not the high impact spotfest we got from Moose and Trey, this match told a great story and was solid in propping up Moose (and if you remember around his babyface run, the guy never got to look this strong). Wentz bumped around really well while also not looking totally weak in his hope spots. As much as the 70s show segments are a turnoff, Moose is really benefiting from this feud by feeding off the Rascalz as cannon fodder. I wonder if they’ll feed the entire trio to Moose or if Impact would try to single out Dezmond as the standout of the trio?

Rosemary was shown taping up her wrists and warming up heading into commercial…[c]

Josh Mathews reminded viewers that Rob Van Dam is signed to Impact and will be returning to Impact during the Rebel Complex and 2300 Arena tapings…

Impact aired a Rob Van Dam interview and video package. Rob van Dam talked about his return at United We Stand and how that was supposed to be a single match. RVD said this led to him signing up for more matches and signing an agreement for “a while”. RVD said he draws in title belts like magnets and that he only wears title belts on his waist when he has two belts. Otherwise he just wears his belts on his shoulder…

Melissa Santos interviewed Madison Rayne about being back in Impact despite losing her return match. Rayne said she’s not letting the loss get to her and is going to be a six time Knockouts Champion. Tessa Blanchard interrupted and said that becoming champon is a bit ambitious for someone who just lost her return match. Tessa said Rayne is just like the “old” knockouts like Gail who just expect to get title matches and relive the glory days. Rayne responded by bringing up that she’s 2-0 against Tessa since Tessa made her debut (I totally forgot about those losses because of how Tessa’s run has sorta wiped that out of my memory for the better). Rayne challenged Tessa for “third times the charm”. Rayne left and Tessa said “bring it on”…

John’s Thoughts: Tessa’s really good in these interview segments and in the ring. She’s so good that I totally forgot that Impact fed Tessa to Rayne early in Tessa’s run. I’m guessing Tessa’s going to get her wins back sooner or later? Either that or Rayne will beat Tessa 3-0 and that would be good progression in the Gail Kim storyline because Gail Kim would end up helping Rayne pick up the “turnabout’s fair play” dirty win.

Josh Mathews and Don callis checked in at ringside. Josh was wearing a more casual long sleeve shirt as opposed to a suit. Josh advertised the debut of Josh Alexander. Josh also advertised Sami Callihan having “special message” for Rich Swann before Rebellion. Josh advertised Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie vs. Brian Cage and Jordynne Grace as the main event…

Su Yung made her entrance flanked by her bridesmaid zombies. Josh went into a monotone (or somber?) voice to try to sell that Su Yung murdered Allie I guess. Josh also talked about how Rosemary’s and Su Yung’s mind games have set their careers on a collision course. Callis said the difference with Su Yung is that Su is willing to cross the line. Rosemary made her entrance wearing hooded gear and a plastic skull mask. Josh said Rosemary was the most dominant Knockout on the roster once upon a time ago…

John’s Thoughts: Well… Since Su Yung committed murder and Josh Mathews is talking about it, rather than have a match shouldn’t she be sent to jail? For example, when the Dario Cueto character from Lucha Underground was found out to have murdered wrestlers in their storylines, he was sent to jail…

2. “The Undead Bride” Su Yung (w/Undead Bridesmaids) vs. Rosemary. Rosemary dominated Su Yung and the bridemaids. Callis said that Su Yung’s blood glove might be an x factor in this match. Rosemary continued to dominate Su and hit her with her version of Tajiri’s Tarantula where Josh reference Tajiri and how it was an illegal move due to the default rope break. Su Yung sidestepped Rosemary and locked in an illegal Single Leg crab on the second rope. Josh said Rosemary’s surgically repaired knee might be her weakness. Su Yung worked on Rosemary’s knee. Su then pulled out the bloody glove and put it on.

Rosemary fended Su off with her boots. Rosemary reversed a headscissors with a Scorpion Death Drop. Josh noted that Su was convulsing on the ground. Rosemary banged the drum on Su Yung against the ropes and got a two count. Rosemary reversed a Panic Switch attempt with a German Suplex that Su no sold. Rosemary then knocked out Su with a spear. Rosemary simply punched them off the apron. Kiera Hogan ran out and tripped one bridesmaid and punched another. Rosemary walked to ringside to bicker with Kiera for interfering again. The bridesmaids attacked Kiera and Rosemary to call for a DQ.

Rosemary defeated Su Yung via an apparent DQ in 5:28.

Josh said he thinks this is a No Contest (isn’t it an obvious DQ? this is why Impact needs to hire a ring announcer. Or used their very skilled ring announcer Melissa Santos as a ring announcer). Su Yung beat up Rosemary while the bridesmaids forced Kiera Hogan to watch. Su Yung hit Rosemary with Panic Switch. Su Yung then hit Kiera with Panic Switch. The crowd kinda just sat there… [c]

John’s Thoughts: The match wasn’t bad but the crowd wasn’t into it. Could you blame them? Not only has Su Yung’s mystique been drastically damaged, but it seems like this “undead realm” crap isn’t really drawing any real interest from the crowd. If I were to argue metrics, I’m not saying this is 100% the reason for the “above average” YouTube views, but I think the views are higher because viewers like the performers as opposed to the turnoff storyline. To point out a positive, Su Yung’s closing moments were really good imagery wise and harkend to when she was so special early in her Impact run…

Josh Mathews introduced a United We Stand video package and said the event was “historic”. Josh also asked viewers to order the replay of the show on Fite. The video package had RVD, Cage, Tommy Dreamer, Moose, and Sami Callihan give promos about the event. Of course Dreamer would compare it to ECW. Callihan was excited about how Impact sold this son of a bitch out because of the Death Machine. Jimmy Jacobs said he hopes people say that United We Stand was the best wrestling show of the week (to be completely objective, wasn’t NXT Takeover the best show of the week? I didn’t see it but I’m really looking forward to Killer Kross vs. Davey Boy Jr. from Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport, now called Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport). RVD said he feels that RVD is back…

Ace Austin cut a promo and was cutting his poker puns. He talked about how he had the winning hand and how Jake Crist folded in their encounter. Austin said that Aiden Prince took Austin’s win away from him and gave it to Petey Williams. Austin said this is starting a story with him and Prince. Austin ended his promo by pulling out his signed ace card as he said “ace’s up”.

John’s Thoughts: I really like that they’re allowing Austin to stand out with a stylized promo. What I do find a bit odd is how the promo was centered around this random Aiden Prince guy who Impact viewers know nothing about.

Josh Mathews advertised upcoming TV Tapings, VIP packages, and One Night Only specials…

It was time for the Global wrestling Network match of the week. This week’s match was Rob Van Dam vs. Joey Ryan from TNA Turning Point 2012. I fast forwarded through 5 minutes. RVD won as his crappy but hilarious entrance music played (His theme is a guilty pleasure of mine). This was apparently an X Division title defense.

John’s Thoughts: As much as I dislike these GWN segments that do nothing to sell the GWN network and do more to show Impact’s inferiority complex to the WWE Network, I like that Impact is focusing on Rob Van Dam in these segments to reintroduce viewers to Rob while also keeping him on TV while I assume he didn’t attend the most recent set of tapings (due to Impact signing him after). This is exactly how WWE reintroduced Rob Van Dam to viewers during his last run and I thought it was effective then too.

Willie Mack was in his ring gear and rubbing his beard while sitting in a stairwell. Killer Kross sat next to him and said hello. Kross randomly asked Mack if he liked jazz and Mack responded with a loud “what?!?” (great reaction). Kross said he likes opera and classic music but jazz is something he really likes and differs from the prior two genres he mentioned. Kross said he likes the improvising yet deliberate nature of the music. Kross said he also likes how each Jazz musician is a top tier musician. Kross said that’s beautiful.

Kross said he thinks that Rich Swann likes Jazz too. Kross said he’s not telling Mack anything he doesn’t already know (hello Sean O’Hare), but people are saying that Rich is playing Mack for a fool. Kross said when music is published you can’t rewrite it, much like Mack’s career. Kross said he’s recommending that Mack looks at his career future… [c]

John’s Thoughts: Not only is Kross a great wrestler and talker, but the guy is a great salesman. This guy is so skilled and eloquent on the mic that he’s amazing. When I was hyping him up all those years ago I never knew he could talk and was more impressed by his strong in-ring that included a lot of violence (something you guys haven’t seen in Impact yet).

The Deaners were acting like idiots. Cody said it was time to “git er” and to drink. Cody berated his brother for drinking IPA…

3. “The North” Josh Alexander and Ethan Page vs. El Reverso and Sheldon Jean. Callis and Mathews talked about how the North are a renown team in Canada. The crowd chanted “walking weapon” for Alexander starting the match with Reverso (I thought they were chanting for New Japan’s “Funky Weapon” Taguchi). Alexander manhandled Reverso prompting the larger Jean to tag in. Jean tried to use his agility around Alexander but Alexander swatted him down wiht a chop. Reverso tagged in and hit a few kicks on Alexander. Alexander hit Reverso with a Dream valley Driver.

Alexander hit Reverso with a twisting Tower of London. All Ego tagged in and hit Reverso with a backbreaker. Ego and Alexander traded tags to initiate the isolation game on Reverso. Alexander eluded kicks and locked Reverso into an ankle lock. Alexander hit Reverso with a power bomb backbreaker. Page and Jean tagged in. Jean ran around Page a bit and hit Page with a springboard lariat for a two count. Reverso tagged in and Page hit both men with a kick combination.

John’s Thoughts: Page finally used the Tae Kwon Do that Callis has been talking about for almost a year.

Page and Alexander hit Jean with a swinging side slam. Page followed up with a elbow drop while Alexander took out Reverso with a baseball slide crossbody. Callis said the best wrestlers come from Canada. Reverso reversed The North and hit them with a moonsault. Page staggered Reverso. The North then hit a cool looking tandem Alabama Slam like move on Reverso for the victory.

The North defeated El Reverso and Sheldon Jean via pinfall in 5:32.

John’s Thoughts: “The North” as a name does nothing for me, but that’s just subjective taste. A strong showcase debut for The North as a tag team. I liked Alexander’s debut because he got to look that much stronger than Page when he was on offense. It was fine to have Page do more of the selling due to him being an enhancement wrestler to the stars leading up to what might be a strong tag team push. It was smart to make Alexander look strong here and I’m looking forward to see what he brings in future matches.

Melissa Santos interviewed Gail Kim backstage. Gail Kim talked about heading to the ring to witness Tessa’s match with Madison Rayne. Gail said if Tessa has something to say to Gail then now’s her chance… [c]

Ethan Page and Josh Alexander cut a backstage promo. Page said that Alexander has awoken an Ethan Page that nobody has ever seen (I guess Matt Sydal’s third eye awakening sucked). Page said that you won’t get just Page’s thoughts now, you get the thoughts of two guys now, like brothers. Alexander said they’ve been the best wrestlers in Canada for too long and will now show the world all of the tag teams in Impact that they’re looking for gold. Alexander said the All Ego and the Walking Weapon are “The North”, and all tag teams are on notice…

John’s Thoughts: A simple, but very effective promo. I like it when damaged wrestlers take ownership over their damage and hit a reset button on it. I hope that Page’s intro to this promo where he acknowledged that he’s a new Ethan Page means that he’s going to look a bit more credible. Good start fot “The North” and fingers cross that they don’t turn them into the Canadian Desi Hit Squad. Given all the Canadian pride in the executive spots in this company, I’m less scared that they’ll turned the two Canadian dudes into job squadders.

The unnamed ring announcer guy introduced Gail Kim as the special guest commentator for the upcoming match. Josh Mathews noted that Gail Kim will make her in-ring return in her home town of Toronto, Canada at Rebellion. Gail reiterated her earlier point about being there to answer Tessa’s questions…

4. Madison Rayne vs. Tessa Blanchard. Madison’s video wall said “The Queen Bee is Back”. Tessa pie faced Madison to start the match and Madison Rayen bodied up Tessa back. Madison started out the match proper with forearms followed by a sliding forearm. Josh and Don talked about how the Knockouts division is really coming together. Madison hit Tessa with an impressive Old School Tightrope Huracanrana. Tessa retreated to ringside to jaw with Gail Kim. The commentators talked to Gail Kim about how experience pays a factor in the Gail Kim and Tessa Blanchard comparison.

Gail gave Tessa her due while also pointing out how Tessa constantly gets distracted during her matches. Tessa gained control and locked Madison in a headlock. Gail Kim said Tessa is reminding her of herself in terms of being a bit harsh attitude wise. Tessa dragged Madison to the commentary table to give her clubbing blows in front of Gail Kim. Madison tried to escape but Tessa managed to hit Madison with her signature trap codebreaker.[c]

Tessa and Madison traded angry strikes. Madison turned a schoolgirl rollup into a shotgun dropkick. Madison followed up with another dropkick. Madison hit Tessa with a Northern Lights for a nearfall. Gail Kim joked about how Gail has a short fuse on Social Media. Tessa hit Madison with a Full Nelson side slam. Madison hit Tessa with a crucifix bomb for a nearfall. Tessa escaped the Cross Rayne. Tessa hit Madison with a double slingshot suplex for a nearfall. Tessa and Madison brawled to the top rope. Tessa hit Madison with a Superplex. Tessa got angry at Madison’s latest kickout.

Tessa went to ringside to jaw with Gail a bit an then dragged a chair to the ring. Gail jumped to the apron to steal Tessa’s chair and prevent her from using it on Madison. Madison gave Tessa a schoolgirl for the surprise victory.

Madison Rayne defeated Tessa Blanchard via pinfall in 10:27 of TV time.

Callis said this was an upset with an assist from Gail Kim. Josh said Tessa took her eyes off of the match and it cost her. After the match, Tessa went to rant at the announcers that both Josh and Don were in on the interference. Calls pulled his usual “I’m just an announcer” card. Josh acted like he was on his phone. Callis said “I have a medical condition”…

John’s Thoughts: As silly as it was to have Madison Rayne go 2-0 on Tessa early on in Tessa’s Impact run (silly because they were giving Madison a superhuman push as she was on her way out of the company), I liked how they made the most of that 2-0 statistic by having it elevate all the players involved in this segment. Tessa and Gail continue their feud. Madison picks up a win. Tessa is protected because of the interference and escuse of losing focus. On top of that Gail was justified because Tessa was about to use a foreign object. I like sound logic in my pro wrestling.

Eddie Edwards and Eli Drake were backstage sizing up the Impact Tag Team Champions, the Lucha Brothers. Eddie pointed out how his team beat LAX. Drake said it was simple math, Drake and Edwards beat the number one contenders which should make them the new number one contenders. Before more arguing could ensue, Santana and Ortiz barged through the double doors to initiate a brawl with Lucha Brothers. Drake pulled Edwards away saying, “this isn’t for us”. Eddie kept crying out “I have Kenny!”… [c]

Another Deaners vignette aired. One Deaner shoved the other Deaner…

John’s Thoughts: Ok, two vignettes for the legacy TNA act that nobody asked for.

Melissa Santos interviewed Johnny Imapct and Taya Valkyrie. Melissa wanted their thoughts on the main event. Johnny said a lot of people are talking about the match and talking about how Johnny is a once in a generation athlete. Johnny said he had to be honest and say that Cage is a once in a millennium athlete. Johnny said Cage should be champion, right? Johnny said Cage’s problem is that he’s a once in a millennium dumbass. Johnny repeated it in the camera like he was talking to Cage condescendingly. Johnny said “the marks” want Cage to be champion because the marks could relate. Johnny said Cage and the marks should start a dumbass mark club. Johnny lumped Jordynne Grace into the dumbass club.

Taya brought up how Cage and Grace are impressive and probably have a similar daly regimine, like lifting weight and doing food prep together. Taya said that Cage and Grace probably do a lot of “Hard” cardio together (wink…wink…). Taya got up in Melissa’s face to obviously try ot piss off Cage’s real life fiance (without mentioning it). Johnny did a cheesy yelp and walked away at Taya’s burn moment…

John’s Thoughts: More good stuff from Johnny and Taya. Taya’s doing her best work in Impact wrestling by far. On the mic and in being very hatable. Johnny seems to be having fun which is allowing him to essentially come out of his shell a bit. It’s actually cool seeing this with him here because in Impact he doesn’t have the multiple takes and movie producers to micromanage his promos and acting. Therefore he’s developing as a main event wrestler.

Sami Callihan, The Crist Brothers, and Madman Fulton were shown in one of their OVE selfie cinematics. They were throwing glass bottles in an alley somewhere. Sami said that something smells nasty. Dave said he smelled pee and thought that Fulton pissed around here. Sami said this is the smell of the place where Rich Swann grew up, which Sami said was a dumpster fire. Sami said that he saved Rich from dying in this place, the homeless alleyways of Baltimore. Sami said Rich stabbed OVE in the back because OVE could have given Rich “EVERYTHING”. Sami said after Rebellion Rich will be nothing after they take what he covets the most, the X Division Championship. Sami said he’s going to beat Rich so bad that people won’t recognize him (he’s already unrecognizable because of his new haircut). Sami said he’s doing this out of love. Sami then said OVE was for Ohio, by Ohio, and will take over everything… Everything… EVERYTHING!!!

Tessa was interviewed. She said Gail couldn’t help herself. Tessa said this could have been simple with Tessa exposing Gail as a fraud at Rebellion. Tessa said Gail made things personal tonight. Tessa said if Gail wants to play games then Tessa can make it personal too… [c]

Impact cut to a skit backstage with some cheesy 1950s cartoon music. Fallah Bahh was walking into random rooms looking for someone. Bahh freaked out a bit when he entered the women’s locker room and he chuckled a bit too. He walked into one room and Scarlett Bordeaux was sitting on a chair in one of the random rooms. She was in a red dress that exposed side boob. Bahh told Scarlett “Bahh”. Scarlett said she doesn’t know what that means but she likes it.

Bahh tried to clarify his “Bahh”. Scarlett figured out that it meant “thank you”. Bahh agreed. Scarlett said he didn’t mind helping Bahh because the Desi Hit Squad reminded her of Glenn Gilbertti. Scarlett said that she heard that Bahh needs a tag partner. Scarlett said the smoke show has Bahh’s back as she pat him on the butt. Bahh let out a happy “Bahh”…

Josh Mathews and Don Callis checked in from ringside. They recapped the last segment as Callis called it the most successful day in Bahh’s dating life. Josh advertised Madman Fulton’s singles debut next week against Tommy Dreamer. Josh also announced Lucha Bros vs. Eli and Eddie next week for the Tag Team Championships. Josh brought up the possibility of Drake and Edwards screwing up the Full Metal Mayhem match booking at Rebellion.

Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie made their entrance to Johnny’s theme. Johnny has a new video wall based off Hollywood landmarks and the walk of fame. They even threw in a Boone the Bounty Hunter plug randomly in the video wall. Johnny dangled his title belt like it was his dong which Callis called disgusting. Callis said he thinks that Johnny hasn’t put a shirt on since he turned on Cage…

5. Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie vs. Brian Cage and Jordynne Grace in a mixed tag match. Cage wanted to start the match off but Johnny had Taya body up Cage to try to get Grace in the ring. Josh reminded viewers that this was not an intergender match, but rather a Mixed Tag. Taya bodied up Cage knowing that Cage won’t hurt a woman (unless you watch Lucha Underground where Cage and Taya have wrestled before in singles matches). Taya was acting cocky allowed Grace to blindside Taya and dominate her.

Grace womanhandled Taya around the ring. Callis said it was rare to see Taya womanhandled so dominantly, but Grace is the right woman with the right amount of power. Grace hit Taya with a meteora and basement elbow. Taya escaped Grace and went for the tag but Johnny ran away from the corner because he didn’t want Cage entering the ring. Callis said, “ha, Johnny shortarmed his own wife”. Johnny tried to explain that he didn’t want none of Cage. Johnny then led the crowd in a Taya chant which Taya knew was BS. (good sequence). Grace tagged Cage in making Johnny legal. Johnny ran away around the ring heading into commercial. [c]

Johnny managed to run circles around Cage but Cage withstood Johnny’s strikes. Cage caught Johnny’s leg and then did bicep curls with Johnny’s body into a backtoss. Johnny sidestepped Cage to do his signature parkour evasion. Johnny hit Cage with a corkscrew plancha. Cage recovered and tossed around Johnny like a ragdoll. Cage hit 10 lariats in the corner on Johnny.

Johnny dodged Cage and tried to go for Taya. Cage blocked Johnny. Johnny slid under Cage’s legs and tagged his wife. Callis noted that it didn’t look like Taya wanted to be tagged in. Taya sidestepped Grace and grounded Grace with a shotgun dropkick. Johnny mocked Grace from ringside. Taya hit a legdrop to the hamstrings for a two count. Taya then locked Grace in a Fujiwara Armbar. Josh noted that Taya is a former Queen of Queens Champion in AAA (and Taya wasn’t happy at the way she lost that title, thankfully Konnan’s in charge of AAA again and all is forgiven). Josh also noted that Taya was trained by Lance Storm.

Taya hit Grace with a hip attack. Taya then hit Grace with her signature corner meteroa. Grace sidestepped a corner move and folded Taya in half with a power bomb. Taya had the window open to get a tag to Johnny but Johnny still didn’t want any of Cage. Johnny then tried to elbow drop Grace when Taya struggled to gain control but Grace rolled out of the way for some slapstick fun with Johnny.

Callis called Johnny a piece of garbage for attacking a woman. Cage got the hot tag as he pummeled Johnny. Cage hit Johnny with a modified Reality Check. Cage then hit Johnny with a three hit German Suplex combo. Johnny escaped an F5 and gave Cage a Moonlight Drive. Johnny posed before Starship Pain which allowed Cage to recover. Johnny hit Cage with a Flying Chuck but Cage nosold it into a lariat. Johnny and Taya retreated to ringside. Grace hit what might have been a Tope into a DDT on Johnny. Taya took out Grace with a crossbody.

Josh said Johnny and Cage were the legal men. Cage hit Johnny with a flip dive. Cage called for the Drill Claw. Referee Johnny Bravo gave Cage a chop block during the Drill Claw attempt. Cage yelled “what?” as Johny landed a knee on Cage. Johnny picked up the pinfall after a fast count.

Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie defeated Brian Cage and Jordynne Grace via pinfall in 10:27 of TV time.

Johnny pointed to his head to signify that he had a genus plan. Johnny then backed down and used Johnny Bravo as a human shield. Cage went for a choke bomb on Bravo but Taya helped him escape with a low blow. Johnny then used a knee to set up for ground and pound on Cage. Johnny and Taya put the boots to Cage. Bravo gave Taya a hug. Impact didn’t want a hug but rather a handshake. Callis noted that Johnny Bravo is the lead and senior referee in Impact Wrestling.

Taya and Johnny then went on their knees and started to make out which made Don Callis groan. Josh said that Johnny Bravo was the referee and Homecoming and may have intentionally cost Cage the match. Callis said they need to review every match Johnny Bravo has refereed and Callis came to the conclusion that Bravo referees all of Johnny Impact’s matches. This closed out Impact…

John’s Thoughts: A screwy finish, yes, but this was a good usage of the screwy finish to forward this storyline. I’m not a huge fan of Nick Patrick 2019, but the whole segment here helped build up Johnny Impact’s douchebag mystique which was the goal. This wasn’t your typical bad formula TNA “REF BUMP!!!” finish. This was good as long as they don’t go overboard with Johnny Bravo being a heel ref. Unless they’re going the Lucha Libre route of having an overtly heel ref which I don’t have high hopes for in the US.

As for the match, the match was fun and Johnny continues to show that he’s having fun in the heel role. The slapstick and banter between him and his wife was classic with him finding creative ways to avoid his wife because he didn’t want to face Cage. Nice added touch after the match (and consistently since the heel turn) for Callis to act totally sickened by Johnny and Taya Mundo’s constant PDA. Overall, a solid episode of Impact top to bottom.


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