(Updated) Brian “Road Dogg” James reportedly resigns as Smackdown co-lead writer, Vince McMahon fires another writer

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

-Brian James resigned as the co-lead writer of WWE Smackdown on Wednesday, according to Dave Meltzer of WrestlingObserver.com. Meanwhile, Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com reports that James resigned due to ongoing frustration with Vince McMahon making scripting changes.

-Vince McMahon reportedly fired creative team member Robert Evans, according to Meltzer. McMahon was upset that his name was mentioned during a WWE Hall of Fame speech that Evans produced. Evans wrestled as RD Evans in Ring of Honor and other promotions. (UPDATE: Evans wrote on his Twitter page that he quit WWE).

Powell’s POV: This has gone far beyond the point of absurdity. McMahon’s chaotic approach of making changes on the fly and even during live television shows would be considered insanity in any other form of scripted entertainment. Hilariously, the company has a job listing for a creative team position for someone to oversee the weekly continuity for Raw and Smackdown. While that seems like a great idea on paper, McMahon is notorious for feeling that if he doesn’t remember something then neither will the audience. And it’s nearly impossible to maintain storyline continuity when McMahon is making last minute changes to the storylines.

As for Evans, the belief is that he worked on the Hart Foundation’s Hall of Fame speech, which featured Bret Hart mentioning McMahon. It’s a longstanding rule that McMahon’s name is not to be mentioned during WWE Hall of Fame speeches. And while rules are rules, it seems rather petty to fire someone for a mere mention of McMahon’s name by Hart, especially when the DX acceptance speech was filled with countless mentions of Vince’s name later that night.

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. It does seem a bit like a double standard to fire a writer because someone else namedropped Vince McMahon, but yet at the same time, Triple H and DX mentioned McMahon’s name several times even saying that it’s a “forbidden word” or “something you shouldn’t say” during their speech. I honestly don’t see why Vince has a problem with his name being mentioned especially when/if someone wants to thank him for how he’s helped them/someone else during their career.

  2. I wonder who Vince is holding accountable for Bret being attacked while giving his speech?

    Ultimately the buck stops at the top.

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