Dalton Castle discusses the back injury that sidelined him from ROH, reaching his ten year milestone as a pro wrestler

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Dalton Castle spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News in advance of the ROH Final Battle pay-per-view and noted that he did not undergo surgery to repair his injured back. “The biggest thing right now is I’m wearing a couple braces,” Castle said. “I wear like this lower back brace and like a hip and groin brace, which essentially are just kind of preventive. They don’t they don’t fix anything. They just kind of remind me personally that there’s some limits here, so I need to be aware of where my body going and what I’m doing. I think I could wrestle without the braces because when I walk through the curtain I get such an adrenaline rush. It’s almost like nothing hurts at all. It’s just knowing that I need to do this again the next night that I wear them.”

Castle also spoke about reaching his ten year milestone as pro wrestler. “It wasn’t until I started doing Dalton Castle that you see today where I really kind of figured myself out as a performer,” said Castle. “I know everything about Dalton. I know how I need to act in situations. I know how I’m going to feel when someone does something or if an audience is turning one way. It’s second nature for me. It’s not until I figured it out; this character is where I was able to relax.” Read the full interview at SportingNews.com.

Powell’s POV: Castle noted that he has a Pars defect that resulted in two broken bones in my back, which eventually led to nerve impingement. He is moving around better now than he was prior to his long layoff, but he is still limited in the ring, which he acknowledged in the interview. Hopefully it’s the type of injury that will heal fully in time and he won’t require surgery. Castle speaks more about the injury, facing Matt Taven at Friday’s Final Battle pay-per-view, his Youtube show, and more in the actual interview.

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