Alexa Bliss pulled from WWE Evolution match

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Alexa Bliss has been pulled from the lineup for Sunday’s WWE Evolution. WWE announced that Alicia Fox will replace Bliss and team with Mickie James against Trish Stratus and Lita. Read the official announcement at

Powell’s POV: Bliss will appear in the corner of Fox and James. WWE acknowledged that Bliss will be sidelined by an injury, but they did not offer any specifics. Join me for live coverage of WWE Evolution on Sunday beginning with the Kickoff Show at 5CT/6ET. Members will hear an audio review hosted by Will Pruett and I on Monday morning.

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Readers Comments (12)

  1. Wow, this match sure sucks now. They have Trish and Lita against the two designated women’s division jobbers. Looks like they could have taken someone out of the battle royal as a replacement, instead of Alicia Fox.

    • Well it’s not like anyone really expected the team of Trish and Lita to lose, so what does it matter who they are facing. I think this will work out better because this means no current woman that matters will have to job to the legends duo.

      • Well Einstein, I read another reputable site that the original plan (with Alexa in the match) was for Trish and Lita to lose, but obviously that will be changed with them facing the two jobbers. I just hope Lita doesn’t get hurt as she has that old neck injury and shouldn’t be doing her high flying moves from 20 years ago. I also hope Tamina Snuka doesn’t get hurt in the battle royal as old and extremely injury prone as she is. She always comes back for 2 months or less and then is injured another 9 months. She is as useless as JTG was.

        • I’m far more worried about Lita hurting people as she was a sloppy, dangerous worker in her prime and there’s no way that’s gotten better over time.

          • Seriously?! Wowww…

            Lita was also in the ring with a lot of women that were not really as athletically inclined as her, either. Let’s not mention that though, since it’s not a “hot take”.

          • It’s not a hot take to see her nearly break her own neck, almost never land the moonsault cleanly, and generally look awkward her entire career. She’s always been bad in the ring.

            That’s not a hot take, that’s been generally accepted for years.

  2. That news changes the dynamic of that match. A lot of people seem to have thought it was a foregone conclusion that Team HoF was going over, even with Bliss in the match. I’d disagree. I think you could’ve flipped a coin. Bliss pinning one of the HoF would’ve been just what she needed after they fed her to Ronda.

    With the unfortunate news that Bliss won’t be able to compete though, this match is 100% predictable. I mean I like Fox, but her team isn’t winning. Mickie probably gets some time on offense, Team HoF will then work in all their stuff, and Foxy eats the pin.

  3. Who’s Bill and why is he gonna be in their corner?

  4. Is WWE telling dirt sheet “journalists” to ignore the part where Bliss’ last two injuries are both due to Ronda not knowing how to work?

    • Of course.

      Rousey’s the “golden goose”, so she gets that special protection. It’s total crap, but what do you do…

      I just hope they get Alexa away from her soon, before Rousey seriously hurts her. Those judo throws are going to shelve someone for awhile eventually.

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