Powell’s Ring of Honor TV Review: Big debut, Marty Scurll vs. Kenny King, Chris Sabin vs. Scorpio Sky, Karen Q vs. Jenny Rose, Alex Shelley says he’s stepping aside

By Jason Powell, Prowrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Ring of Honor TV
Taped July 21 in Atlanta, Georgia at Center Stage
Aired in syndication on August 18 and Mondays on the FITE TV app

The opening video aired and then Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana checked in on commentary while ring entrances for the opening match took place…

1. Chris Sabin (w/Alex Shelley) vs. Scorpio Sky. There were dueling chants of “Motor City” and “SCU” as the match started. Sabin was in offensive control heading into an early break. [C] Sabin connected with a missile dropkicking coming out of the commercials. Later, Sabin performed a Cradle Shock sit-out slam and scored the pin…

Chris Sabin beat Scorpio Sky.

Powell’s POV: Sabin is getting the ROH TV Title shot at the next pay-per-view so it was logical to put him over.

After the match, Alex Shelley took the mic and spoke about how long he and Sabin have been wrestling. Shelley said he doesn’t feel like he has much left to offer pro wrestling as a whole. He said he doesn’t think the Motor City Machine Guns are needed. He said he came to the realization while sitting in a dentist chair due to a dental injury caused in the ring. Shelley said it wasn’t a retirement because nobody retires in pro wrestling.

Shelley said he and Sabin were the best tag team in pro wrestling for a time. The fans chanted “thank you.” Shelley said he should be thanking the fans. Shelley said part of the reason they were the greatest tag team for a time is because Sabin has individual talent. He said he wants Sabin to live up to his potential. Shelley and Sabin hugged.

Punishment Martinez came out and attacked the Guns from behind. Martinez used his foot to drive Sabin’s face into a chair. He set up to do the same to Shelley, but Scorpio Sky returned with a chair and chased him off… Riccaboni hyped the two remaining matches heading into a break… [C]

Powell’s POV: I sure hope this is leading to Shelley turning on Sabin at the pay-per-view. The Guns were positioned as the most vanilla team in ROH, but they are both talented guys. I’d love to see a strong Shelley heel run.

Kenny King delivered a brief promo in front of the ROH screen and said he would make The Villain take a knee… The broadcast team was joined by Kelly Klein for the Women of Honor match. They recapped the previous angle. They also replayed footage of Klein throwing her mouthguard at referee Todd Sinclair to use it as a distraction during a match with Jenny Rose, then showed that it led to a legitimate chipped tooth moments later…

2. Karen Q vs. Jenny Rose. Both women delivered brief promos that were shown while they made their respective entrances. The theme was that they both need wins. Rose offered a handshake. Q slapped her hand. Q was the heel and had the advantage going into a break. [C]

Riccaboni reminded viewers that Sumie Sakai will defend the WOH Title against Madison Rayne in two weeks. Rose got a near fall off a fisherman’s buster suplex. Q caught her with a kick and ran the ropes and right into a spear for another two count. Klein left the broadcast table and tossed her mouthguard in the ring to distract Rose. Q used the distraction to perform a full nelson slam for the win…

Karen Q beat Jenny Rose.

After the match, Klein attacked Rose while Q stood and watched. Klein stood up and looked at Q, who told her she didn’t need her help to win. Q left the ring and let Klein deliver a little more punishment to Rose…

Powell’s POV: This was basically established as a battle of two perennial losers. They are both regulars in WOH and have talent, but they’ve taken a backseat to Sakai, Klein, Tenille Dashwood, and others. The match was fine and I like that Q is playing a heel role.

A video package on Jonathan Gresham vs. Jay Lethal aired. Gresham said Lethal has been his biggest obstacle in ROH. They cut to Lethal who said his first match with Gresham was one of his favorites. Gresham said he needs that one win to prove he’s the best pure wrestler in the world. Lethal admitted that he underestimated Gresham. Lethal said he left their match with his arm in a sling. A graphic noted that they will have a 30-minute Iron Man match for the ROH Championship in three weeks… [C]

Powell’s POV: I’m looking forward to the match, but I wish they would have done more to build up Gresham going into it. Gresham seems to lose more than he wins and I’m sure a lot of fans who only watch the television show are questioning why he’s getting a title shot. Fans who pay closer attention to ROH know that this should be a gem.

Backstage, Chris Sabin knelt over Alex Shelley, who was holding his mouth in pain while lying over a chair. Sabin called for help and told the cameraman to go find a doctor. The broadcast team assumed that Punishment Martinez was responsible for the attack…

Powell’s POV: Hey, what if Sabin is actually responsible for the attack and he’ll play the heel?

3. FR Josie vs. Eli Isom in a Top Prospect Tournament match. Riccaboni noted that the tournament is normally held in January. Caprice Coleman sat in on commentary. Both wrestlers received brief promos. They bumped fists prior to the match. Isom picked up a near fall. Suddenly, Jeff Cobb hit the ring and clotheslined Isom to end the match.

FR Josie fought Eli Isom to a no-contest when Jeff Cobb interfered.

Cobb continued his attack with a suplex on Isom and a punch to the face of Josie. Cobb picked up both men and suplexed them simultaneously for a big pop and a “this is awesome” chant…

Powell’s POV: A strong debut. Many in the live crowd knew who Cobb was despite the fact that he hasn’t had a lot of television exposure outside playing Matanza in Lucha Underground. I like that the broadcast team acknowledged who he was and didn’t act like they didn’t know who he was. It would have come off poorly if the crowd went nuts and the broadcast team was clueless. Cobb is a great get for ROH and hopefully this means he’s in for the long haul.

The Kingdom delivered a brief promo in front of the ROH logo about their ROH Six-Man Tag Title match against Cody and The Young Bucks for next week’s show… Ring entrances for the main event took place… [C]

4. Marty Scurll vs. Kenny King. Coleman remained on commentary. Scurll tried to use his umbrella as a weapon, but King kicked him. Referee Paul Turner took the umbrella away from King, allowing Scurll to take King down. Scurll connected with a kick from the apron heading into a break. [C]

King fought off a chicken wing attempt by Scurll, who came back and got a near fall while holding onto the bottom rope. King rebounded with a big kick. A short time later, King performed a spinebuster for a near fall. King set up for his Royal Flush finisher, but Scurll raked his way out of it.

A short time later, King applied a Last Chancery on Scurll. Cabana was really good on commentary in pointing out that King didn’t have a full bridge, which allowed Scurll to reach the ropes to break the hold. King hit a brainbuster for a near fall down the stretch and showed frustration.

Scurll also stuffed a Royal Flush attempt and countered into a DDT for a near fall. Scurll teased going for the chicken wing and instead grabbed his umbrella again. King rolled up Scurll and put his feet on the ropes for leverage while getting the pin. There were boos from the crowd, which were acknowledged by Cabana…

Kenny King defeated Marty Scurll.

Riccaboni hyped Jay Briscoe vs. Christopher Daniels, The Kingdom vs. Cody and The Young Bucks for the ROH Six-Man Tag Titles for next week…

Powell’s POV: A well wrestled main event with some good near falls. I was surprised to see King go over, but they are obviously telling a story with his rule breaking. Overall, it was a passable and yet missable show aside from the surprise debut of Jeff Cobb, who should be a player in ROH if he’s going to be a regular. Haydn Gleed will be by later today with his audio review.


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