WWE Raw onsite report: Attendance estimate, notes on the crowd’s reactions to Roman Reigns, Mickie James, and Alexa Bliss

Dot Net reader Jeffrey Peters attended Monday’s WWE Raw in Denver, Colorado at Pepsi Center and sent the following notes.

-Only the 3rd level camera side of the arena was empty, but the rest of the Arena was filled to the top. The crowd was been 12.000 and 15,000 overall and I was very impressed.

-Roman Reigns got a lot of pops. I did not hear a lot of boos for him like you usually do.

-Mickie James got very little in the way of a pop and not a lot of people were cheering for her. However, when Alexa Bliss came out she got a big pop and there was lots of cheering for her. It was very surprising to see that live.

Powell’s POV: WWE Smackdown will be held in the same venue tonight, so it will be interesting to see how the Tuesday night brand draws compared to Raw. I did notice that they were selling package tickets giving viewers access to both shows for one purchase.

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