9/1 PWG Battle of Los Angeles Night One results: Donovan Dijak and Keith Lee vs. Jeff Cobb and Matt Riddle, the first round of the tournament begins

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PWG Battle of Los Angeles Night One
Reseda, California at the American Legion
Report by Dot Net reader Zack Zimmerman

1. Desmond Xavier beat Brian Cage in a first round match. Xavier scores the upset win in round one with a standing Victory Star Drop. Solid opener.

2. Marty Scurll beat Flash Morgan Webster in a first round match. Flash made a very nice showing for himself, but the reigning BOLA winner Marty Scurll wins with the chicken wing.

3. Rey Fenix beat Rey Horus in a first round match. It was def a lucha match, but there was some fun stuff. Fenix won with a spike DDT into a modified crucifix submission.

4. Jeff Cobb and Matt Riddle beat Donovan Dijak and Keith Lee. Super fun as expected. The Chosen Bros won when Cobb tossed Lee into a huge knee strike from Riddle.

5. Penta El beat Matt Sydal in a first round match. Penta won. It was ok, even good at points, but there was a bit of a disconnect and a few blown spots.

6. Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Jonah Rock in a first round match. Sabre won with an armbar. Not bad at all, just overstayed its welcome a bit.

7. Ricochet defeated Flamita in a first round match. Great showing for Flamita, who is fantastic. However, Ricochet won with his lifting spike flatliner.

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