8/5 GFW in Staten Island, New York results: John Hennigan, Moose, and James Storm vs. Lashley, EC3, and Low Ki, LAX vs. Sonjay Dutt and Drago, Sienna vs. Taya Valkyrie vs. Allie, Eli Drake vs. Braxton Sutter

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GFW Live Event
Staten Island, New York at Richmond County Bank Ballpark
Results courtesy of Evan Ginzburg

1. Fallah Bahh beat KM.

2. Pat Buck, Anthony Bowens, and Dan Maff beat The Heavenly Bodies.

3. Trevor Lee beat Mario Bokara.

4. Taya Valkyrie beat Sienna and Allie.

5. Eli Drake beat Braxton Sutter.

6. LAX’s Santana and Ortiz beat Sonjay Dutt and Drago.

7. Moose, John Hennigan, and James Storm beat Lashley, EC3, and Low-Ki.

Readers Comments (4)

  1. This is a decent show and an OK card, but I wouldn’t leave that venue excited or feel like I just saw a fantastic wrestling show. GFW needs to win people over now that they are back on the road. This is huge and a chance for them to make a lasting impression wit fans completely outside of their “territory. They need to blow them away, give them the intimate and personal experience TNA use to be so good at with their meet and greets of the past. They need to turn these paying customers into weekly appointment viewing consumers. They appear to have dropped the ball here, but it was their first show back on the road in 4-5 years at least. They need time to get back into their groove and find their routine and show that works for them. I am just happy to see more wrestlers on the road and working with a big time, national company. It’s about time they were touring again, and I am happy for guys to be out working.

  2. I do like the addition of Drago. I think more talent from AAA/Lucha, even an exchange with GFW going over to Lucha or AAA and appearing on their television, would be good for both companies and their respective shows. Guys like Prince Puma, Mil Muertes, Fenix, Cuerno, Pentagon, Mysterio, Azteca Dt., Ivelisse, SOn of Havoc, and so many more. They could be huge assets to GFW for programs while guys like Spud, Grado, Eli Drake, Tyrus, Madison Rayne, etc that have nothing going on, even a Lashley for star power would be good for Lucha Underground as well. They are taped well in advace, while GFW is taped over 3-4 days, so it wouldn’t pull them away from their primary companies. I like the idea and think they should think outside the box and allow the talent exchange. It would be big. ECIII vs Prince Puma?

  3. My card with the same talent:


    Drago vs. Low Ki (winner to face X-Division Champion on tomorrows show)

    Tables Match:
    Anthony Bowens vs Mario Bokara vs Fallah Bahh

    KM vs Dan Maff

    Knockouts Title:
    3 Way, First Pinfall, Streetfight:
    Taya Valkyrie vs Sienna vs Allie

    Tag Team Titles:
    LAX vs Heavenly Bodies

    X-Division Title:
    Trevor Lee vs Sonjay Dutt

    Steel Cage Match:
    Pat Buck vs. Braxton Sutter

    Grand Championship Title, Special 5 Rounds:
    Moose vs. Eli Drake

    Four Way Elimination Main Event:
    James Storm vs ECIII vs Lashley vs John Hennigan

    • I think this is a way better card, TBH. Even if you take away the Tables and Steel cage stipulations, you have four title matches, a tag team match, and a fatal four way, and two three ways (one male, one female). It also follows current SLs with Lee/Dutt as well as Storm/ECIII (could even go Moose vs ECIII co-main event for Grand Championship and run Storm vs Drake vs Lashley vs Hennigan c0-main event four way elimination), either way I like it better than their card.

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