Reby Hardy deems Impact Wrestling legal proposal “laughable”

Reby Hardy took to social media to provide the latest on the legal maneuverings involving Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, and Anthem Sports & Entertainment over the “Broken Universe” rights. She labeled a legal proposal issued by the company as “laughable” in one post. She followed up with a series of “fun facts” that included her stating that she came up with “nearly every notable attribute” of the Broken Matt character at a Waffle House.

Reby also addressed her son Maxel appearing on camera. “Maxel was never legally cleared to work/appear on camera,” she wrote. “Wanna check them TV child labor laws & get back to me, TNA ?” She added that the environment was “100 percent safe and child friendly, yet added “that does not give them the right to air without proper paperwork.” She also noted that someone will be speaking for them about this situation going forward. Read all of her comments at

Powell’s POV: Reby added that Maxel was “100 percent safe and well protected at all times” and credited Dixie Carter and Universal Studios for that. She wrote that she was unaware of how new management would have handled it and claimed it was “PART” of the reason they left. She also added that they are “getting technical now regarding releases and permissions to appear” because she feels they have no choice due the circumstances. I’m not sure what the threats regarding Maxel will lead to given that Anthem was not in charge of the company at that time, though it could cause some headaches. That said, there are plenty of interesting points in her posts, including one that notes that “The Hardy Show” cameras filmed their entire creative process.

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  1. There is nothing here to read. All they have to do is tweak the name of the gimmick and move on. This story has been covered to nauseum.

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