3/4 TNA One Night Only PPV taping spoilers: Full results of the April Knockouts special (spoilers)

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TNA One Night Only PPV Taping
Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios
Report by Dot Net reader Ed Grsic

Jeremy Borash came out and announced they would introduce all the girls at once to start. There will be 16 competitors in eight matches with an eight-Knockout tag match at the end. Hall of Famer Gail Kim came out was the co-host. The women were Casey Quinn, who was born in Buffalo and was trained by Jay Lethal. Her opponent was Angelina Love. Leva Bates, who wore a Catholic schoolgirl outfit, has green and black dyed hair, and carried stuffed bear. Bates loves high-energy drinks and wants to bring fun to Impact. The girl has a loud-pitched voice! Her opponent would be Allie. Amanda Carolina Rodriguez (ACR) was introduced. ACR said she will dominate and was there for the glory. Her opponent was LAX’s Angel Rose. MJ Jenkins was next and said she took a 22-hour bus ride to get here (she was here for the Thursday and Friday tapings). She would face Rosemary. Alisha, who is from Boston, Massachusetts, where they get down and dirty, would take on Sienna. Santana Garrett was introduced and she would take on Brandi Rhodes. Rebel said she’s wild and does what she wants and will bring that Southern sass and country class, and she’s ready to kick some ass! Her opponent was ODB. The eighth match was supposed to Laurel Van Ness vs. Rachel Ellering, but the match was “in jeopardy” because Ellering was attacked in a match was taped the day before.

JB announced this will air in April. Rockstar Spud was the ring announcer again, and JB and Gail called. Gail looked beautiful as usual, BTW.

1. Angelina Love (w/Davey Richards) beat Casey Quinn. I’m not sure why Davey was here. Love and Davey tried to kiss to start but Quinn rolls her up for a near fall. Davey tried to come in the ring, but Casey kicked the middle ring rope to crotch him, which led Quinn turning into a big forearm from Angelina for the win. I don’t like that finisher. Love and Richards made out over Quinn after the match.

2. Leva Bates defeated Allie. Bates tossed her bear to Allie to start and she and Leva played keep away with referee Stiffler. These two are super bubbly, shook hands, and hugged each other and referee Stiffler, too. The girls worked real well together; Sienna came out and punched Allie on the outside with the ref distracted. Leva rolled her up for the surprising win. Allie and Bates hugged after the match.

3. LAX’s Angel Rose (w/Konnan, Homicide) beat Amanda Carolina Rodriguez (ACR).
Rose nearly completely missed a suicide dive, but fortunately she seemed fine. Rose won with a Canadian/Mexican? Destroyer for the win.

4. Rosemary (w/Crazzy Steve) beat MJ Jenkins. Steve got a mic and says MJ is not in an enviable position. He said MJ can fight and fail or she can join Decay. MJ says she rides solo with the fans, and refused to join. With referee Brian Hebner distracted, Steve spat mist in MJ’s face, then Rosemary rolls her up for the win.

5. Alisha beat Sienna.

6. Santana Garrett beat Brandi Rhodes. Santana won with a running moonsault. A good match by both and a well earned victory for Santana.

7. ODB beat Rebel. Referee Earl Hebner rolled around on the mat with first Rebel, then ODB. ODB says he wouldn’t last one night with her! Earl has it tough! ODB with the TKO for the sloppy but fun victory.

Xplosion match: Garza Jr. beat Bokara Garza Jr. with a springboard moonsault/Lionsault from the middle rope to win. Blah, match.

Xplosion match: Reno Scum’s Adam Thornnsburg beat Bram. Bram was out by himself without the other DCC members. Why they don’t take tape these matches later tonight, I don’t know. Adam wins with a rollup after Bram went for his finisher. Bram attacked after the match with Kingston, who came from the back before Adam’s partner makes the save. Very forgettable match and segment.

8. Leva Bates, Santana Garrett, ODB, and Alisha defeated Angelina Love, Laurel Van Ness, Rosemary (w/Crazy Steve), and Angel Rose. Leva and Laurel started with Van Ness hitting Bates her own bear?!!? Mah gosh! While ODB & Rosemary are fighting, Steve tried to interfere and was thrown out. At one one point, Rose yelled something in Spanish to which Rosemary screamed: “No one knows what you’re saying!” This received a good laugh from the crowd. ODB gave all four of her opponents an ODB chest splash followed by a quadruple Bronco Buster! Alisha got the win after a modified Sister Abigail to Laurel. Strong main event! After the match, Eddie Edwards appeared and announced he is Alisha’s husband. He puts over how hard she’s worked and someone else in the back has noticed too. Out comes Karen Jarrett, who said it’s time for change and offered Alisha a contract. Alisha signed the contract to end the show.



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