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Anthem executive explains Dixie Carter’s role in TNA, comments on television deal, plus thoughts on Jeff Jarrett’s desire to “Make Impact great again”

Anthem executive Ed Nordholm and Jeff Jarrett spoke with Newsweek.com, and Nordholm defined Dixie Carter’s current role with the company. “The reality is the company got into a dire position and she was CEO,” Nordholm said. “There was never any question [she wouldn’t be involved in the day-to-day operations], but not out of any particular animosity,. If we’re going to invest…we’re owner-operators, we’re not passive investors. If we’re going to own it, we’re going to own it.”

Nordholm also denied that Carter’s new position is a token role. “It’s consultative,” he said. “She’s a resource to us—she has useful perspective and relationships, so we’ll try to keep those.”

Nordholm also spoke about the company’s current television deal with Pop TV. “Our American television contract expires at the end of this year so sometime [this year] we hope to sort [that] out with [cable network] Pop TV or, if not them, who is going to be our American partner next year,” he said. Read the full interview at Newsweek.com.

Powell’s POV: Jarrett spoke about the “Make Impact Great Again.” Let’s be honest, Impact was never truly great for any prolonged stretch of time. Some diehard fans of the brand may disagree, but the simple truth is that it’s a company that never lived up to its potential, and I don’t believe it ever will if they focus on some notion that it was once great and they simply need to bring back key elements and mirror what they’ve done in the past. It’s not even a good motto considering the way it plays off the Donald Trump campaign slogan, which is a turnoff to a lot of people. None of this is meant to suggest that Impact can’t be great or that I know what vision Jarrett and Nordholm have for the company. I simply hope that Jarrett has learned from the many mistakes made by the company and views this as a new beginning. As for potential television partners, a Spike TV official has been backstage at more than one Impact taping. People have described these as friendly visits, but the timing is certainly interesting.

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