Tony Schiavone believes he has been blackballed from the WWE Hall of Fame, regrets leaving WWE after a one year run, recalls what he felt during the final WCW Nitro

Longtime pro wrestling broadcaster Tony Schiavone spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News and said he believes he has been blackballed from the WWE Hall of Fame. “I left (WWE) after one year there and I think he was very upset with me for leaving,” Schiavone said. “I shouldn’t have left. It was a terrible mistake to leave but I made a decision based on what my family needed at that time. I always thought he was angry with me for that. I know we talked after that and he was very nice to me but I just always got the feeling that me leaving really ticked him off. I may be wrong.”

Schiavone also looked back on the last edition of WCW Nitro. “People ask me sometimes, the last Nitro, what was going through your mind?” he said. “And I say relief. I was glad to get this over with because of how taxing it was and that was one of the reasons I stopped watching it because I’d have enough of it. And I think, I’m being very honest, I think my commentary showed that. That (I) had had enough of this stuff. Eric (Bischoff) even took me off one time for a couple of weeks and put Scott Hudson on because Eric said you’re getting burned out on all this stuff. And he was right.” Read the full interview at

Powell’s POV: Am I the only one who heard Schiavone thought he was blackballed and immediately hoped there was a Stephanie McMahon related rumor? All jokes aside, I hope Schiavone gets a spot in the HOF one of these years. Schiavone also spoke about the misperception that he hates pro wrestling, some fun moments from his career involving Abdullah the Butcher and Roddy Piper, and his frustrations with WCW. Schiavone is making the round to promote the What Happened When Podcast that he and Conrad Thompson co-host. It’s a fun weekly show that features fan selected topics.

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