Gleed’s ROH TV Hit List: The Young Bucks respond to Broken Matt Hardy, BJ Whitmer, Kevin Sullivan, and Damien Martinez

By Haydn Gleed

ROH Hits

The Bucks Of Youth vs a Drone: Great follow up to what happened on the pay-per-view with Broken Matt Hardy. It’s a shame it aired so long after Final Battle that I’d forgotten about the Hardy involvement. The Young Bucks have surprised me over the last year with how comfortable they are in delivering promos and this was no exception. Although I was disappointed that they didn’t show up on TNA’s Total Nonstop Deletion special last month, it is probably a blessing in disguise as it will mean a lot more when these two huge tag teams collide for the first time, hopefully in a televised Ring Of Honor event.

ROH Misses

Overall Show: It wasn’t a bad show per se, but it wasn’t particularly great either, which has made it difficult to produce a Hit List this week. As usual, the wrestling is some of the best you will get on any weekly TV show from the major companies, but the storyline developments failed to wow me. I was hoping for a shakeup and and a reason feel excited with this being the first show of the new year and first original content since Final Battle. Instead, I came away feeling meh.

BJ Whitmer: Insert template moan about the never-ending feud/crap gimmick here. Can we please move on from this second-rate Broken Matt/Dungeon Of Doom crap?! I seriously wanted a match at Final Battle involving Steve Corino and a combination of Whitmer, Damien Martinez and/or Kevin Sullivan so we could finally put the feud to rest, especially with Corino’s departure from ROH. As it is now, we have not only had the longest feud in the history of mankind since Jesus pissed off King Herod, but we’ve been left with no payoff which somehow makes the whole thing feel more pointless and a waste of time than it was. To continue this gimmick seems crazy to me.

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