Goldberg returning to WWE television

goldberg1Bill Goldberg announced that he will be making his return to WWE Raw on Monday in Denver, Colorado. He will be responding to the challenge to a match with Brock Lesnar that Paul Heyman issued.

Powell’s POV: There has been buzz that this match could take place as soon as Survivor Series. It seems like it’s just a question of when rather than if at this point.

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  1. Goldberg was one of my favorite wrestlers during his Streak in WCW. Once WCW buried him and WWE didn’t know how to use him his stock went way down, in my book. He is now 49 (50?). I keep thinking of Sting and his injury. Goldberg isn’t much younger, and with Lesnar, the match will be much more physical. Thus, no way do I want to see this match.

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