Moore’s WWE Talking Smack Recap: AJ Styles on John Cena trying to be compared to Ric Flair, Dolph Ziggler goes over some of the lowlights of his career, Daniel Bryan talks Total Bellas and says Vince McMahon asked him to retire on Raw

talkingsmacklogoBy John Moore

WWE Talking Smack
Aired October 5, 2016 on WWE Network

-Daniel Bryan and Renee Young checked in on the show and before they could talk about anything Daniel Bryan wanted to focus on the breast cancer survivor segment where he started to tear up because of how the women in the segment shared a prayer before the segment.

-Bryan wanted to talk about Dolph Ziggler’s “Dolphumentry” next. Renee talked about #ReleaseTheBear (Daniel Bryan’s mockumentary of his match against “The Bear”/Hornswoggle from a few months ago). Bryan jokingly ignored it.

-Renee wanted to know how Daniel Bryan would feel if someone put a spotlight on all of their bad moments. Bryan said that to be fair, last week Miz showed some unflattering events from his own career like when he was the host of the Divas Search.

-Dolph Ziggler joined the set. He complemented Daniel Bryan for doing a good job on the show. Bryan and Ziggler joked about being advised by the producers not to talk politics. Dolph then went into the Miz segment from earlier in the night. Ziggler talked about how a lot of younger fans aren’t aware of Ziggler’s past gimmicks. He talked about having to come back from being called “Nicky” after years. Bryan said that a lot of the crowd doesn’t even remember events like Ziggler being Chavo Guererro’s (Kerwin White’s) Caddy. Ziggler said he was cool because it was entertainment and respects how Miz put money into the production.

-Ziggler talked about having multiple moments where he had crap dropped on him. Ziggler said he prefers hardship rather than being handpicked. Ziggler said it’s the bad moments that forces him to be better than everyone else because he has to rebuild his credibility every time. Renee wanted to know Ziggler’s personal career highlight. Ziggler talked about Edge being his riding partner until they became enemies. Ziggler said his career highlight was a world title match against Edge at the Royal Rumble. Ziggler talked about being a bad guy that lost all of the time yet he had the crowd standing on their feet in suspense. Ziggler also talked about only having a ten minute match the next Tuesday after the Rumble.

-Bryan wanted to know about Ziggler’s thoughts on his career possibly ending. Ziggler said there were rumors going around that they won’t stick to the stipulation if he loses or he might come back under a mask or something. Ziggler said this means so much for him because it’s all he has. He said he put it all on the line to step up or get the hell out. Ziggler said if he wins, he becomes champ and gets to start over. If he loses he’s gone for real, not fake. Renee wanted to know if Dolph has any plans post-wrestling.

-Bryan cut in and said his concern was how Ziggler has a backup plan but others don’t have a post wrestling backup plan. Bryan said his problem right now is he himself doesn’t have a backup plan post-wrestling. Dolph said he likes what he does outside and can do it because of college and wrestling is what gave him the opportunity to do outside things. Ziggler said he doesn’t like to stay at home and stays active by doing things like being on Fox News. Ziggler talked about being fortunate with injuries. He said people were booing him these days because he’s been on TV for so long and might need to go away. Renee thanked Dolph for being on the show. Bryan and Ziggler talked about almost having a WrestleMania match based on social media.

-After Dolph left, Renee and Bryan moved on to a Total Bellas plug. Bryan said he was a bit nervous and stressed out about the show because it follows him at a period where he wasn’t at his best. Bryan talked about the cameras being right there when Vince McMahon called him to request that Bryan retire on Monday [Night Raw]. Bryan also talked about Nikki’s neck surgery and how he and Brie moved into John Cena’s house for the show. Bryan said he hopes it’s a success. He said people are getting a peek into the life of John Cena and how big Nikki’s injury really was. He also talked about this being around the time Brie retired.

-Renee moved on to Carmella facing Nikki Bella on Sunday. Bryan said he doesn’t think we get a finish because of Carmella’s goal being more fighting with Nikki as opposed to winning. Bryan said this was a chance for Carmella to step up against the longest Divas Champ of all time. Bryan said Nikki was mad.

-They talked about Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch next. Bryan said he thinks Alexa Bliss might win. He said this was because Becky Lynch has been different since winning the title opposed to chasing the title. Bryan pointed out how Alexa has two wins over Becky. Bryan told Bliss and Lynch to try to top the Charlotte vs. Banks match from Raw.

-Renee Young wanted to know what would happen to Heath Slater if he loses the title. Bryan said no one really knows but the Usos were on fire. He said it would be interesting.

-Renee moved on to Bray Wyatt next. Bryan said he doesn’t understand what just happened on Smackdown. He talked about Bray being in a box and then turning into vapor. Bryan said Randy is good at mind games which is unique since Bray is also a person who plays mind games. Bryan said some of the most terrifying moments of his career were when grown men whisper and Orton and Wyatt were two people he knows whispers regularly.

-Renee then moved on to AJ Styles vs. John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose. Bryan said it was difficult to pick a winner as AJ Styles joined the set. AJ said he’s going to win. Renee wanted to know how. AJ said he just adapts and finds a way because that’s what winners do. Renee wanted to know AJ’s biggest threat. AJ said Cena was a huge threat and pointed out how Dean Ambrose has a high match count in the past year. AJ said he wasn’t worried about either because he beat both men twice. Bryan tried to talk but was cut off by AJ who questioned Bryan giving Ambrose and Cena a rematch. Bryan said Shane put this match together and it was justified because Dean almost won last week if not for John Cena. AJ complained more.

-AJ said Cena and Ambrose don’t deserve to be in the ring with him. AJ said someone else should come up the ranks and said that James Ellsworth might deserve a title match because he could use a night off. Bryan then talked about the Cena pursuing being 16 time world champ. AJ said it was BS because Cena only wanted to be in the same conversation as Ric Flair. AJ said that was not something to be really proud of since it means you lost the title 15 times. Styles said Flair was the only reason.

-Bryan asked AJ if he brags about being WWE, TNA, and New Japan World Champion at points of his career compared to Cena and Ambrose who haven’t won anywhere. AJ said he doesn’t compare himself to anybody because he’s the one and only AJ Styles. He talked about being overlooked like Bryan and getting things like this championship belt. He said he’ll fight anyone Bryan and Shane puts in front of him and retain the title because he’s a winner. The show closed with Bryan and Renee Young silent.

John’s Thoughts: Young and Bryan made this the go-home recap segment for the pay-per-view where they made sure to cover everything for this Sunday. After Dolph left and before AJ entered the set, they went rapid fire going through all the matches they could remember at the top of their head. Ziggler was good here simply because he wasn’t crying or yelling. AJ was different tonight in that he came off more as a heel this time which is the approach he should be taking. Last time AJ was on this show he was too nice, which doesn’t support being a top heel.


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