Daniel Bryan says he still wants to wrestle, WWE says it’s not in his best interest

DanielBryanWWE Smackdown general manager spoke with the AP’s Dan Gelston and said he still wants to wrestle. “I honestly do,” Bryan said. “All the real concussion specialists who deal with concussions every day, all of them think I am fine.” The story states that Bryan was diagnosed with a subacute lesion in the temporoparietal region of his brain. “It’s just a slowing of that part of the brain,” he said.

Bryan also said he understands why WWE is taking the approach the are by not allowing him to wrestle. “You can see it from their point of view,” he said. “If something happens to me … and then they let me back in the ring, and something happens to me, even if these other doctors say I’m cleared, they’re not the ones who the media will blame. Because concussions are such a hot topic issue and everyone’s afraid of that sort of thing, that’s one of the reasons why I wasn’t cleared.” Read the full interview at Bigstory.ap.org.

Powell’s POV: WWE issued a statement to the AP simply noting that they determined that it is not in Bryan’s best interest to continue wrestling. The story also states that he has two years remaining on his contract. Bryan spoke more about his frustration, why he hasn’t asked for his release, and his program with The Miz.



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  1. And now he’s wrestling again. My my my how things can change so suddenly….

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