Moore’s WWE Talking Smack recap: Eva Marie and Miz interviewed by Daniel Bryan and Renee Young, Bryan shares a tale about exposing his junk in the ring, Bryan addresses Steve Austin’s comments on Dean Ambrose’s motivation

talkingsmacklogoBy John Moore

-Renee Young introduced Daniel Bryan from her broadcast area where they hosted the Smackdown post-show.

-Daniel Bryan hyped up how much better he thinks Smackdown was compared to Raw. He also expected some heat on Twitter from that statement.

-Renee Young brings up the segment where American Alpha took out the Smackdown Tag Division. Bryan referenced American Alpha saying they were the best tag team from last week’s episode of “Talking Smack”, and how they proved this to an extent. Renee wanted more info on the Smackdown Tag Titles. Bryan said he couldn’t reveal much and brought up how it takes time. Bryan got a bit defensive about his comments last week regarding how the Universal Title was rushed. Bryan then goes on a tangent by joking about making an inter-species championship for the women where it would be defended by anyone capable of childbearing. Bryan said you have to establish a division first before introducing titles. Bryan also brought up how we haven’t seen all of the tag division yet because one of the Usos are injured.

-Renee and Bryan joked next about Heath Slater’s child count constantly changing. Bryan postulated that Slater could have spread his seed all over the place. Renee made the joke saying that she might have children that she doesn’t know about. Bryan retorted by saying that that would be impossible because women “actually have to give the birth” so they would know how many children they have. Bryan also joked about being afraid for Slater, thinking he was talking about committing Suicide when referencing the “Suicide Squad” movie. Renee tried to talk about 3MB, but Bryan couldn’t have given a damn. He just said “yeah….3MB!”.

-Renee brought up Randy Orton facing Alberto Del Rio before his match against Lesnar and if Bryan liked seeing this match happen. Bryan joked again by saying that of course he likes the match because he’s the one that booked it. Renee then talked about Orton’s shoulder injury. Bryan said anyone’s health should be a concern and mentioned how his own career ending injury happened in a random six man tag on Smackdown. Bryan also talked about Brock Lesnar and agreed with Ambrose’s “laziness” comments. He brought up Lesnar’s limited schedule and joked about Brock’s farming.

-Eva Marie joined Renee and Bryan. Bryan wondered how it was possible for her top to fall apart when it appeared that she barely moved. Eva said she probably forgot to double knot everything and she embarrassed herself in front of her parents watching. She said maybe she needs “Nattie Gear”. Renee talked about Eva’s debut booked for next week. Bryan asked who Eva want to face. Eva said Becky Lynch. Renee questioned whether Eva hoped to face Lynch next week. Eva said she was looking forward to it. Bryan jumped in and said that Eva doesn’t make the matches, he does.

-Eva Marie talked about not liking Becky having red hair after she established it. Bryan asked “What about Sheamus?” Eva said he doesn’t count. Eva then said that was because he was male. Bryan then called Eva Marie a female version of Sheamus. Bryan wanted to know who does Eva think is the most boring and he kept pressing on this question. Renee brought up Natalya, but Bryan told Renee not to give Eva clues. Eva said that Nattie needs help to bring the heat. Bryan asked if Nattie was the “most boring”. Eva thought aloud and said she “can’t go against her heel girls” and that Carmella was the most boring because she does a lot of things. Bryan wondered how doing a lot equates to boring and then went into super sarcastic mode in mocking Eva Marie’s logic.

-After the Eva Marie segment, Young said this was “Talking Smack” and Bryan could get away with a lot of statements more than she could. Bryan said of course he can, he’s the GM. Bryan then talked about sympathizing with Eva’s wardrobe malfunction because when he was wrestling a Japanese guy in Dragon Gate USA one time and his “entire junk” came out during a suplex. Bryan said he finished the match after the incident. Renee called Bryan an American Hero.

-The next discussion point was about the main event between Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose vs. The Wyatt Family. Bryan talked about Ambrose stepping up as champion. Bryan also put over Bray Wyatt by saying that Wyatt beat him right before his WrestleMania matches against Triple H and Randy Orton/Batista. Renee brought up Steve Austin calling Ambrose out for not having a chip on his shoulder. Bryan said he took umbrage to that statement and accredited Austin’s perception to Ambrose just coming off as laid back in a talking situation. Bryan talked about Ambrose being a hard worker from his experience outside of WWE where Bryan was a part of. Bryan said that Ambrose doesn’t need Austin’s motivation.

-After some SummerSlam talk, Miz interrupted and sat next to Bryan. Miz did Miz things. Bryan wanted Miz’s thoughts on facing Apollo Crews at SummerSlam. Miz complained about not getting attention as IC Champ and complained how no one celebrated after Miz retained his championship. Bryan said Miz was only champion because Darren Young got disqualified. Bryan argued that he was only proud for the champion but not Miz because he doesn’t win anything and couldn’t beat Young. Maryse interrupted and said that Bryan had a great career because of Miz. Miz said it was because of being Bryan’s pro on NXT. Renee tried to bring order, but Miz and Bryan wouldn’t stop arguing about Miz not winning. This was the last segment of the show.

John’s Thoughts: I was intrigued to see this show after WWE spotlighted various Daniel Bryan quotes from last week’s episode. I have to say, it was entertaining. It may not be for some, but “bully” Daniel Bryan can be fun. This show reminded me of the WWE “Table for 3” episode that was supposed to be about the Intercontinental Championship, but it ended up being focused on Bryan constantly ribbing the most emotionally sensitive guy on the WWE roster at the time, “The Ryback”. Renee legitimately seemed a bit caught off guard and there might be something to what she said about Bryan being able to get away with more things on the mic these days without getting in trouble from the higher-ups.

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