WWE Draft Center Live report: The WWE Draft continues

Logo_WWENetwork_dn_crop600By Jason Powell

The following is live notes of the WWE Draft Center Live show that is being broadcast on the WWE Network. Refresh the page for the latest updates. If you are reading this on the Prowrestling.net app, our mobile website will refresh more frequently than the latest updates than the app will. CLICK HERE to see the very latest updates to this article throughout the show.

-Renee Young, Corey Graves, Booker T, and Lita hosted the show from the Draft Central desk at an undisclosed location.

-Tom Phillips interviewed Neville, who was drafted to the Raw brand. “Isn’t it appropriate that the Red Arrow ended up on Raw?” Neville asked. He spoke about being sidelined and said it was tough mentally and physically. He said he is rejuvenated and will be better than ever. He also said Raw has NXT’s fingerprints all over it based on the new roster.

-Young announced Golden Truth to Raw, and The Usos to Smackdown. Titus O’Neil was drafted to Raw. Kane was drafted to Smackdown. Paige was drafted to Raw.

-Greg Hamilton interviewed Natalya and brought up being drafted to Smackdown along with Becky Lynch. Natalya said Smackdown is the A-Team now that she is there. She accused Lynch of trying to steal her thunder during the draft. Natalya said Lynch is lucky that she is not pressing charges. Hamilton questioned whether Natalya was drafted higher. She said Lynch is a martyr who needs to look in the mirror and figure out why she has no friends.

-Cesaro was interviewed by JoJo, who said he was a sixth round pick. He wasn’t happy about being drafted 17th (he was drafted 28th). He spoke about he stumbles over his words at time, but he does his talking in the ring.

-Goldust and R-Truth joined Young and Booker on the set. Booker joked about joining the team, and Goldust said he wants Young to be his personal valet. Goldust spoke about being 21 years and still being in WWE.

Powell’s POV: Thanks to the person who just pointed out that we have our official Dick Move of the Draft! Del Rio was drafted by Smackdown, while Paige went to Raw.

-Draft time. Darren Young to Raw, Kalisto to Smackdown, Sin Cara to Raw, Naomi to Smackdown, Jack Swagger to Raw, and The Ascension to Smackdown.

Powell’s POV: Yes, it looks like Smackdown cheated by picking out of order to get The Ascension of all teams.

-The Usos joined Young and Booker at the set. They were asked about Roman Reigns. One of the Usos said he’s doing well, then Jeyimmy said he was disappointed that they didn’t end up on the same brand as Reigns (Uso should just be happy that he’s on the same brand as his wife). Booker asked about the fans turning on them recently. They chalked it up to the fans disliking Reigns.

-JoJo interviewed Titus O’Neil about being drafted to Raw. He seemed a lot happier than Cesaro and Del Rio seemed to be. Darren Young showed up and excitedly hugged Titus, who called for Bob Backlund. Titus split and then Backlund show spoke about Young and barbarianism.

-Draft Time: The Dudley Boyz to Raw, Zack Ryder to Smackdown, Summer Rae to Raw, Apollo Crews to Smackdown, Mark Henry to Raw, Alexa Bliss to Smackdown. Young actually referred to Bliss as “a little nugget.”

-Kalisto was interviewed by Hamilton. He’s here to stay. He yelled in excitement as he left the interview set.

-The hosts spoke about how Apollo Crews seemed to get lost in the shuffle. Lita said he’s not a squeaky wheel. Booker said that’s the problem.

-Draft Time: Braun Strowman to Raw, Tyler Breeze and Fandango to Smackdown, Bo Dallas to Raw, Eva Marie to Smackdown, The Shining Stars to Raw, and The Vaudevillains to Smackdown.

-Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan joined the panel on the set. Shane said he relied heavily on Bryan (I’d blame someone for the televised portion too). Bryan raved about the reaction that American Alpha received. He also said they had Becky Lynch rated as the top woman in the draft. Shane said there were picks left and then other work to do after the draft. Bryan said he was stoked to get Apollo Crews. They claimed Charlotte being picked where she went shocked them. Shane said they wanted the women’s title on Smackdown.

-The Social Outcasts were excited when JoJo interviewed them, but then she informed them that Bo Dallas was the only one from the group who was drafted to Raw. Bo told Heath Slater and Curtis Axel to Bolieve. They still weren’t happy. Bo ran off to see the Raw roster.

-Draft Time: Alicia Fox to Raw, Erick Rowan to Smackdown (with Bray Wyatt), Dana Brooke to Raw (with Charlotte), Mojo Rawley to Smackdown (with Zack Ryder), Curtis Axel to Raw, Carmella to Smackdown (away from Enzo and Cass).

-Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley joined the panel. Steph proclaimed victory. Steph said they were disappointed they didn’t get “the American Alphas.” Steph said Foley was the only name that came to mind when she was looking for a GM. She said he was the first GM of Raw when she was coming up in the business. Mick said he didn’t go out and petition when past GM jobs have opened, but he always hoped it would come to him. Foley said he told his daughter that it’s a lot of travel, but if he didn’t do it he would regret it. Foley said he hopes Shane and Daniel do a tremendous job because it will give them greater satisfaction. Foley listed Lynch as another person they wanted for Smackdown.

-The hosts wrapped up the show. Heath Slater was shown sitting alone in the a room. “What the hell, man?” He noted that his partners were both at Raw and he was the last man in the room. The lights were turned out on him. “Well, isn’t this just great?!?” he yelled to close the show.

Thanks for watching the WWE Draft along with us tonight.



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  1. Joe from Mercerville NJ July 19, 2016 @ 8:31 pm

    Did live Smackdown practically miss the Becky/Nattie angle?

  2. Why should WWE care that Del Rio and Paige are dating? If they like Del Rio for SD and Paige for Raw then that’s all that matters.

  3. In kayfabe, Smackdown felt that Mojo Rawley was a better pick than Nakamura, Samoa Joe, Dash and Dawson or Bayley.

    Don’t overthink things I guess.

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