Gutteridge’s WWE NXT Hit List: Austin Aries debuts, Finn Bálor vs. Neville, Emma vs. Santana Garrett, Elias Samson vs. Steve Cutler

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Finn Bálor vs. Neville: As excellent as expected, and the early favorite for NXT match of the year. The action was lighting quick and fluid throughout, so much so that I almost didn’t want it to end. If only Neville could have stayed in NXT. This match showed that he is wasted on the main roster.

Austin Aries debut: I really liked the introduction of Aries. With this type of crowd, his name was enough to introduce him, so the all out blitz from Baron Corbin out of the gate didn’t feel like it hurt Aries at all. The result of the beatdown is an immediate hot feud for Aries and Corbin, who looked fantastic during the beat down too.

WWE NXT Misses

The VaudeVillains vs. Tucker Knight and Hugo Knox: I’m still not sold on the all-new, yet same-old VaudeVillians. Nothing has changed other than their scowly faces. I’ll need more than what was shown here before I tune back into the act. On the bright side, Hugo Knox finally turned up, filling the UK shaped hole in the NXT roster! And he didn’t look too bad!

Emma vs. Santana Garrett: It’s been a while since I’ve been so bored during an NXT women’s match. Even the “bad” matches in this division tend to hold my attention, but this was devoid of any interest.

Elias Samson vs. Steve Cutler: Aries’ hot debut just highlighted how bad Samson’s introduction has been. It is perhaps the most mundane in recent NXT history.

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