Tough Enough winner in the doghouse with WWE main roster wrestlers

WWE Tough Enough winner Josh Bredl is in the doghouse for using the hashtag #SocialJobbers on Twitter during Monday’s Raw. Bredl, who wrestles using the name Bronson Matthews, removed the tweet after Kevin Owens and Stardust were among the main roster wrestlers who took him to task.

Powell’s POV: Stardust told Bredl to “enjoy dressing in the hall, dick.” He added that Bredl was “not blocked” but rather “banned.” Meanwhile, Owens mocked him by writing, “Look at the veteran here with the big fancy insider terms.” Owens also wrote that “people like him fizzle out by themselves pretty quick anyway.” It will be hard enough for Bredl to fit in after winning his contract on Tough Enough, but he just made his life a lot more difficult.


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