ROH on HonorClub results (6/20): Robinson’s review of Kyle Fletcher vs. Lee Johnson in a best of three falls match for the ROH TV Title, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett vs. Angelo Parker and Matt Menard for the ROH Tag Titles

By Sam Robinson, Contributor (@altaine)

Ring of Honor on HonorClub (Episode 69)
Taped June 8, 2024 in Council Bluffs, Iowa at Mid-America Center
Streamed June 13, 2024 on HonorClub

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman were on commentary, and Bobby Cruise was the ring announcer…

*Unless otherwise noted, all matches started and ended with the Code of Honor handshake…

The show started with a rundown of the matches…

1. Aaron Solo vs. Titán. Solo came out to literal zero crowd reaction. Titán came out to a slightly better reaction, but I wouldn’t even say a good reaction. Titán hit a quick dropkick and tried for a baseball slide but Solo avoided and hit Titán with a dive over the top. Back in the ring, Solo hit a nasty chop in the corner. Titán came right back with a clothesline and then a top rope cross body and a dropkick. Solo went to ringside and Titán followed him out with a suicide dive.

Back in the ring Titán got a two count. Solo begged for a timeout and then dumped Titán into the turnbuckle. Solo hit a snap suplex and a got a two count for it. Solo locked in a chinlock that Titán got a rope break for. Solo hit a knee drop for a two count. The men traded chops and forearms in the middle of the ring until Titán blocked one and hit a series of strikes and kicks and then Solo hit a clothesline.

Titán hit a kip up Pele kick for a small double down. Titán went to the top rope for the flying-nothing and Solo hit a spin kick for a two count. Solo went to the top and hit a double stomp for a two count. “Solo Sucks” the crowd chanted as Titán avoided a clothesline with a matrix move and hit a clothesline of his own. Solo grabbed an inside cradle for a two count. Titán hit another series of kicks and strikes and skinned the cat to the top rope and hit a double stomp for the pinfall.

Titan defeated Aaron Solo by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: Nice TV match. Solo is very solid in the ring, and he’s working on some heel work in the ring and it’s getting slightly better, but it’s not clicking with any crowds just yet. Titán can go and has a good look and all kinds of accolades. I could stand to see more of him for sure.

2. Anthony Henry, Griff Garrison, and Cole Karter (w/ Maria) vs. Serpentico and “The Infantry” Shawn Dean and Carlie Bravo (w/Trish Adora). Maria came out with Serpentico still. Serpentico hit an early head scissors and tagged to Dean who tagged Bravo and they did an execution knee drop on Henry. Infantry did some double team moves on both Baby Boys and Serpentico superkicked Garrison off the apron. Henry snuck in on Bravo but Infantry hit a combo on him and tagged to Serpentico who went up top for the flying-nothing as Infantry got pulled to the floor. Henry hit a shotgun dropkick and tagged to Karter who hit a snap suplex for a quick one count.

Serpentico got a school boy for a two count, but Karter came right back with a clothesline. Garrison tagged in and hit a knee drop for a two count. Henry tagged in and chopped Serpentico down and locked in a straight jacket choke. Serpentico fired up but got pulled right down into the neck wringer by Henry. Serpentico got a school boy on Henry for a two count, but Henry chopped him right back down and tagged in Garrison. Serpentico got a trap pin for a two count, but Garrison came right back with a clothesline. Henry tagged in and hit a suplex for a two count. Henry hit a pump handle backbreaker and locked in a chin lock. Serpentico got a flying head-scissors, but Henry came right back with a flatliner.

Serpentico got the hot tag to Bravo who hit right hands on the Baby Boys and then a neckbreaker on Karter. Bravo hit a kick to the knee and Dean came in with his slingshot clothesline. Infantry hit Karter with a double team move reminiscent of Magic Killer for a two count. Things broke down and everyone was hitting a big move and it ended when Serpentico hit a swan dive off the top onto Henry for a broken up nearfall. Serpentico and Henry were left in the ring as the Baby Boys threw the Infantry into the steps and barricades. Henry and Serpentico did some waistlock switches before Serpentico got a rollup two count. Henry feigned an injury and Karter hit Serpentico in the back with a chair. Henry popped up and hit a flipping suplex style move to get the pinfall.

Griff Garrison, Cole Karter, and Anthony Henry defeated Serpentico and “The Infantry” Shawn Dean and Carlie Bravo by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: Another TV match, but this one was extra long with a really long Serpentico sell job down the middle that got to be a bit repetitive.

A video package aired on the ROH TV Championship match for later in the show…

Lexy Nair stood on the stage and announced an emergency meeting of MIT and brought out Billie Starkz and Athena. Athena came out on crutches and had a boot on her foot. Athena was a bit broken up and said this was going to be hard. Athena said she took a bad spill. Athena said she tore some ligaments in her ankle and said it could be 4-6 months before she could wrestle again. Athena said that the ROH Women’s division means the world to her and this isn’t how she wanted her championship reign to end. Athena said it was best for the division, ROH and MIT if she just keeps the title. She fired up and said this isn’t how the reign ends and said she’s going to be champion forever.

Queen Aminanta and Red Velvet came out and threw some insults and said Athena’s ego is too big and questioned her injury. Aminata said if it isn’t real, she’s going to hurt her for real. Velvet said they have been dodging them for weeks and are injury fakers, bringing up Billie Starkz injury fake at the last PPV. Starkz got into the face of Velvet and Velvet pushed her back into Athena who collapsed in a heap in pain. The docs and refs came out to check on her while the announcers joined in on questioning the injury…

3. Jacoby Watts vs. Brandon Cutler. Watts grabbed a mic and gave a gospel message. Brandon Cutler cut him off and did some heel mic work on the way down to the ring. Cutler called Comoroto a limp noodle and asked him to put away his mic. Comoroto nailed Cutler with a headbutt. Cutler hit a chop block as the bell rang. Watts fired back with a back body drop. Cutler hit an eye rake but the men traded punches in the middle until they traded running forearms and then Cutler hit a cutter. Watts reversed a suplex with one of his own. Cutler caught a kick and hit a clothesline and then a Dab elbow drop for a two count. Cutler tried a springboard crossbody but got caught and hit with a slam. Watts hit a stunner and got the pinfall.

Jacoby Watts defeated Brandon Cutler by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: Watts’ offense still looks a little on the green side, maybe that’s why he’s Comoroto’s been doing all the work so far. His look once his ring gimmicks come off is pretty bland too.

4. Marina Shafir vs. Maggie Minerva. No entrance for Minerva. Shafir hit a straight kick in response to the code of honor attempt. Shafir hit a judo takeover and locked in a headlock. Shafir transitioned with a cartwheel to a different headlock. Shafir threw Minerva into a corner and kicked the inside of her thighs and then gave her a foot choke. Minerva hit a big boot but Shafir no-sold it and hit a powerbomb. Shafir hit another judo throw and transitioned into Mother’s Milk, the front choke finisher.

Marina Shafir defeated Maggie Minerva by submission.

Robinson’s Ruminations: Mother’s Milk as a name makes that scary ass front choke even scarier.

The Undisputed Kingdom’s Matt Taven and Mike Bennett were backstage. Bennett said they’ve been doing this since 2014 and complained that they aren’t listed as one of the best tag teams. He complained that Matt Menard and Angelo Parker just asked for a title match and got it. Taven asked what 2.0 have done since they got here and called them Melvins. Taven said their success will last forever…

5. Jacked Jameson and “The Iron Savages” Bronson and Boulder vs. Isaiah Harris, Jay Marston, and Eric Eznite. Jameson did his heel work on the way to the ring and cut the catchphrase at the end that actually got boos. No entrance for the jobbers. Eznite has a prayer gimmick and Jameson took advantage of it to get one free shot and then hit a pump-handle slam. Savages jumped off the middle ropes onto the back of Eznite and then Bronson hit a big suplex that threw Eznite into the corner so he could tag out. Bronson broke the full Nelson of Harris and Harris hit a dropkick.

Harris tried a sunset flip but Bronson sat on him. Bronson hit some mounted punches. Boulder tagged in and grabbed Harris but he slipped out and tagged in Marston who ran right into a big boot. Boulder begged the others to come get him and they both jumped at him and he caught them and slammed them both. Boulder grabbed Marston and the Savages sent him to Titty City. Jameson hit a clothesline and then Boulder went to the top and the other two rocket-launched him onto Marston for the pinfall.

Jacked Jameson and “The Iron Savages” Bronson and Boulder defeated Isaiah Harris, Jay Marston, and Eric Eznite by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: The new heel attitude is actually kind of working for these guys and a Rocket Launcher from a 400 lb Boulder is a scary enough trios finisher.

6. Lance Archer vs. Dion Rusman. Archer hit Rusman on his way to the turnbuckle to pose before the bell. Rusman recovered and tried to punch at Archer to no avail. Archer chopped Rusman and hit a big boot. Archer hit a ripcord blackhole slam and got a two count he was upset about. Rusman got a boot up in the corner on a charge and avoided another one. Archer stomped Rusman out of the air as he charged at him in the corner. Rusman hit a springboard and went over top of Archer. Rusman hit a spear and went to the top rope. Rusman went for a swan dive but missed. Archer hit a chokeslam. Archer set Rusman on the top and hit Blackout for the pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: A slight variation on the Archer squash match. Rusman got in some stuff, but I wouldn’t call it quite offense. Rusman has a good look and is a well put together man. I’d like to see him in more than a losing squash.

Backstage, Atlantis Jr. challenged the winner of the ROH TV Championship match to a match on his home turf in Arena Mexico…

7. Diamante vs. Leyla Hirsch. Diamante waved off the code of honor. Hirsch hit an early shoulder block. Hirsch hit another shoulder block and Diamante got frustrated. Hirsch swept out the leg and hit a back suplex and a jumping shotgun dropkick for a two count. Hirsch locked in a headlock but Diamante pushed her into a corner. Hirsch blasted Diamante with some forearms in the corner and then tried her pendulum dropkick but Diamante blocked.

Diamante stomped on Hirsch and then hit a gourdbuster for a two count. Hirsch blocked a hip toss but Diamante went right into an abdominal stretch. Hirsch fought out of it and hit a judo throw. Diamante hung Hirsch out to dry on the top rope and got a two count. Diamante locked in a tight waistlock but Hirsch pushed her into the corner to break it. Hirsch hit a kitchen sink knee and then a pair of release german suplexes. Hirsch hit her pendulum dropkick but Diamante came back with a spear for a very close two count. Diamante went for her cross roads but Hirsch rolled her up with an inside cradle for the pinfall.

Leyla Hirsch defeated Diamante by pinfall.

After the match Diamante kicked Hirsch in the face and hit her cross roads to leave Hirsch lying. The ref helped Hirsch to the back…

Robinson’s Ruminations: A fine match that got zero crowd response sadly.

A recap of the Kingdom vs. Menard and Parker feud aired. Apparently this has lasted four weeks…

8. “Undisputed Kingdom’s” Matt Taven and Mike Bennett vs. Angelo Parker and Matt Menard for the ROH Tag Team Titles. This one happened in front of a full audience. Bennett hit an early shoulder block as the announcers talked about how good Parker was looking. Taven and Menard tagged in and traded some headlocks. Menard worked on the arm of Taven with an arm wringer and Parker tagged in and did it too. Parker and Menard tried for what looked like was going to be Boot Camp, but Bennett got the knee up and Taven choked Menard with his foot. Bennett tagged in and hit some punches and chops in the corner.

Menard fought back with some chops but Bennett threw him into a kick from Taven on the apron. Taven tagged in and hit a basement dropkick to the face. Menard threw Taven into the knee of Parker. Parker hit an elbow off of Menard’s back for a two count. Taven hit a back suplex and tried to tag out but Parker threw Taven into Bennett. Taven threw Parker onto the outside and Menard came to cut off Bennett. Taven tried a baseball dropkick and then Parker and Menard caught him. Bennett hit his rebound forearm on the outside on Parker and in the ring Taven hit a snap suplex on Menard for a two count. Bennett hit a forearm and Taven hit a blue thunder for a two count.

The Kingdom hit some rapid fire moves that ended with Just the Tip for a two count on Parker. Menard got the crowd fired up on the apron as Parker hit a single leg dropkick. Taven cut off the hot tag and Taven hit a neckbreaker. Taven went up top and Parker pushed Bennett into the ropes to crotch Taven. Parker got the hot tag and Menard came in with a bunch of clotheslines. Menard hit Bennett with the ten punches in the corner to the delight of the crowd. Bennett got his foot up and dove at Menard, but Menard caught him in a Boston crab.

Taven tried to break it up with some punches but Menard no-sold it and Parker clotheslined Taven out of the ring and fell with him as Bennett crawled to the ropes to break the hold. Parker and Menard hit a double snake eyes in the corner and a double DDT on Bennett for a two count. Taven slid a belt into the ring but Parker threw him into the barricade. Menard picked up the belt and was arguing with Rick Knocks about it and Bennett got a school boy roll up for the pinfall.

Matt Taven and Mike Bennett defeated Angelo Parker and Matt Menard by pinfall to retain the ROH Tag Team Titles.

Robinson’s Ruminations: This was a good match. Kingdom can work with anyone and they’ve got great hard hitting offense and punchable faces. 2.0 were over with the crowd who were upset at the crap finish to the match which is what you want. I’d enjoy seeing them run this back and with this finish, I imagine they probably will.

9. Kyle Fletcher vs. Lee Johnson for the ROH Television Championship in a best of three falls match. As Fletcher was making his entrance Johnson hit a huge flip dive onto him and threw him into the ring. Johnson hit a blue thunder bomb as the bell rand and got a two count for it. Johnson went to the top, and Fletcher bailed to ringside, but Johnson changed his footing and dove onto Fletcher at ringside. Johnson threw Fletcher into the barricades. Back in the ring, Fletcher avoided a running move and hit a hotshot. Fletcher hit a hip attack that threw Johnson to ringside. Fletcher threw Johnson into the barricades.

Fletcher hit a back suplex onto the ring apron. Fletcher hit a big face kick to Johnson while Johnson was on the floor and Fletcher was on the apron. Back in the ring, Fletcher chopped Johnson while he jawed at the crowd. The crowd asked for another chop and Fletcher wound up for it and just hit a snap mare instead. Johnson fired back with some chops and blocked a suplex attempt but Fletcher just clubbed him on the back. Johnson flipped out of a suplex attempt and hit a drop kick out of a pop up for a double down. Johnson hit a standing enzuigiri and a neckbreaker for a two count. Johnson went for his Big Shot Drop but Fletcher rolled out and hit his half dragon suplex.

Fletcher hit a nasty big boot in the corner but Johnson rolled him up for a two count. Johnson hit a pair of superkicks, a DVD and a standing moonsault for a two count. Johnson went to the top rope but Fletcher cut him off and Johnson did the flying nothing and Fletcher hit a Michinoku Driver for a very close two count. Johnson came back with a rolling forearm and Fletcher answered in kind. The men fell to ringside as the crowd chanted “Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oy Oy Oy” and Fletcher ignored it.

Johnson hit an Asai moonsault. Back on the apron Fletcher hit a superkick and a brainbuster on the apron. Fletcher hit a Last Ride powerbomb and got a two count. Fletcher hit a leg lariat to the back of the head, but Johnson rolled him up for a two count. After some finisher reversals Fletcher lawn darted Johnson into the turnbuckle, hit a big kick and a sheer drop brainbuster for a two count. Fletcher hit his piledriver and got the first pinfall.

Kyle Fletcher got the first pinfall over Lee Johnson (1-0 Fletcher).

After a cool down period, Johnson was still trying to get back to his feet and Fletcher hit a straight kick to the chest. Johnson fired up and Fletcher delivered another kick. Fletcher hit a superkick to the jaw and hung out in the corner as the ref checked on Johnson. Doc Samson came into the ring and checked on Johnson too. Fletcher finally picked Johnson up to his feet and put him on the top rope. Fletcher tried the brainbuster on the top but Johnson slid out overtop and dropped Fletcher on the turnbuckle. Johnson hit two clotheslines but Fletcher hit one of his own. Johnson pushed Fletcher into the turnbuckle and got a rollup for a pinfall.

Lee Johnson got the second pinfall over Kyle Fletcher (1-1).

Fletcher was shaking his head and saying “no” as the cooldown finished. The men exchanged strikes in the middle of the ring until Fletcher hit a forearm. Fletcher tried a powerbomb but Johnson rolled him up for a two count. Johnson went up top, but Fletcher cut him off. Johnson fought off Fletcher and hit a jumping destroyer but Fletcher rolled out of the ring. Johnson hit a sunset bomb flip dive to the outside.

Johnson rolled into the ring and the ref started counting as the announcers were telling us that a count out won’t get him the title. Fletcher ran into the ring at 19 right into some superkicks. Johnson hit a top rope crossbody and then a top rope frog splash and then another top rope frog splash for a two count. “ROH” chanted the crowd. Johnson stood up and fired up and the ref stopped Johnson from picking up Fletcher. Fletcher pushed Johnson into the ref and hit a low blow. Fletcher put Johnson on the top and hit the brainbuster on the top turnbuckle for the final pinfall.

Kyle Fletcher defeated Lee Johnson in a best of three falls match by pinfall to retain the ROH Television Title.

Robinson’s Ruminations: That was a heck of a main event. PPV worthy match. These two broke out all the stops and put on a hell of a performance. The only faults I can find with the match are the amount of crazy big impactful moves that were kicked out of at the end of that first fall and the fact that the finish was a bit of a crap finish. I’m willing to forgive the finish though because it’s a heel squeaking out a victory that he very easily could have lost.

The overall show was a long one, back to almost two hours, but we got two long matches at the end that kind of made up for that fact. There was still no sign of Mark Briscoe or Wheeler Yuta, but we did hear from or see most of our champions tonight. The Athena injury is interesting, and the way they’re playing it up I wonder if it’s really not as bad as they were saying and it won’t be long until she’s cleared. My weekly ROH audio reviews are available exclusively for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons).


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