WWE Clash at the Castle on-site report: Notes on the crowd’s reaction to CM Punk costing Drew McIntyre the World Heavyweight Championship, Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Dot Net Member Jordan from Edinburgh, Scotland attended WWE Clash at the Castle on Saturday in Glasgow, Scotland and sent the following report.

-We were seated six rows from ringside opposite the hard cam so the view of the action was excellent, but with the weird spiral entrance ramp we couldn’t see the wrestlers until they made it to the ring.

-I almost missed the start of the show after waiting in line for nearly 45 minutes for a beer so I missed the commentators entrances.

-They showed the noise decibel meter on the big screen a few times throughout the show to encourage fans to be as loud as possible, which I don’t think we had a hard time doing, as the crowd was lively the whole show. I’ll need to go back and watch the show and see how it was presented on TV, but it was deafening in the arena.

-Cody Rhodes received a monster pop and the fans had fun singing along with his entrance music. The whole crowd loudly chanted his name throughout the match. No doubt about it, he is the biggest babyface in the company, even in-front of a rabid hardcore audience.

-AJ Styles played the heel role well and got great heat from the crowd. Mama Rhodes also got a good crowd response.

-Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair got a good pop from the crowd and were treated like the stars of the match. There was little to no heat for Shayna Baszler or Zoey Stark – they deserve better booking!

-It looked like there was a few clunky moments during the WWE Women’s Tag Team Title match but maybe the camera work was able to work around it for the TV audience.

-My girlfriend was in awe of Jade’s look and physique and was very impressed by Bianca’s athleticism.

-A touching moment for the new champions Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn after the match and they got a loud “you deserve it” chant.

-Sami Zayn must have Scottish ancestors because he was given a hero’s welcome as soon as his entrance played.

-The fans loved singing the Ole chant.

-Otis was super over with the crowd every time the camera focused on him. We even got a small Maxine chant! Good heat for Chad Gable, but the crowd started chanting Shorty G at one point much to my distaste. I would like to forget that gimmick existed.

-The Bayley vs. Piper Niven match was a weird one. Both got good but not super over reactions. I don’t think the crowd knew who to cheer for as they loved both women and I don’t think many believed Bayley would drop the title, so I don’t think fans were as invested in the match as they could have been.

-We did get the infamous Bayley chant and I immediately thought of Jason Powell headbutting his keyboard whilst reviewing the show. I won’t mention if I participated in the chant or not to avoid being banned from the site.

-Drew McIntyre, of course, received the biggest pop of the night and was treated like a megastar by the crowd. Fans were totally invested in seeing him win the title so the near falls were met with big reactions.

-The Damian Priest rope situation was scary. I thought it was a planned spot at first but you could quickly tell that he was in trouble. The referee initially tried to free him but couldn’t and Drew had to break kayfabe to release him. Hopefully no long term damage was caused.

-I think WWE was trying to create a Montreal Screwjob type moment, but I don’t think fans are ready to boo CM Punk this early into his return. The crowd did boo loudly when Drew lost, but I think most people knew it was a big possibility so I don’t think it was nuclear type heat.

-There were a few CM Punk chants in the lobby after the show, which were met with some boos. Overall, I think Punk is still pretty over with the Scottish crowd, so if they were trying to create a Shawn Michaels in Canada type reaction, then I don’t think the plan worked.

-Overall, my girlfriend and I had an enjoyable experience. Although she’s not caught up with the current product she enjoyed the whole atmosphere and the production qualities. She did say it felt like it went on a little too long. I had to explain to her that three hours is actually a good length for a PLE, so I don’t think I’ll be convincing her to come to a WrestleMania or an AEW pay-per-view anytime soon!

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  1. ” I would like to forget that gimmick existed.” I thing *EVERYONE* would like to forget that ever existed. Chad’s cahracter has become SUCH an asshole; he’s doing such a great job at it. I am reminded how much Kurt Angle was booed/hated and he was mostly just a nerdy heel. Gable is really shining as a jerkface that you really want to punch. Otis turns on him soon and he brings the Creeds into his stable instead and makes a really evil faction. Summerslam? Hmmm

  2. Thanks for the fun report!

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