TNA Impact results (5/9): Moore’s review of The System’s championship celebration, ABC vs. Mike Bailey and Trent Seven, The FBI vs. First Class, The Rascalz vs. Jake Something and Cody Deaner

By John Moore, Staffer (@liljohnm)

TNA Impact (Episode 1,033)
Taped May 4, 2024 in Albany, New York at Albany Armory

Aired May 9, 2024 on AXS TV

[Hour One] Highlights from the Under Siege TNA Plus show aired… Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt were on commentary. Jade Chung was the ring announcer…

Cheerleaders were lined up on the stage to welcome “The System” for their Championship Celebration (since Alicia Edwards is a tag team champion now they are all “draped in gold”). Hannifan noted that the cheerleaders were from the local Arena Football team. Moose, Eddie Edwards, Alisha Edwards, and Brian Myers all made their entrance. Myers took the mic and called The System the greatest faction in TNA history.

Myers talked about how they all are champions after Under Siege, and the idiot fans shouldn’t be surprised because everyone in the ring has had championship history in the past. Myers said the System is a dynasty. Moose said he’s played for many great teams, but The System is the greatest team of all time. He said they aren’t the 1996 Chicago Bulls. They’re greater than the Bulls. Moose said they ran off Nic Nemeth and Matt Hardy just like Croatia did to the 1992 Dream Team.

Eddie said their accomplishments speak for themselves. Eddie said they went into Under Siege with three belts, but Alisha, the ride or die, Eddie’s wife, after a decade she picked her spot and became a “world champion.” Eddie said she did that in one of the celebrated women’s division in wrestling. Eddie said Alisha may be the greatest TNA knockout of all time.

Alisha thanked Eddie for the introduction. She said she doesn’t know how the dudes celebrate, but ladies like to put a little flair on things. Alisha called for a video to air. A montage aired of The System with generic epic music in the background. The package was cut off by Broken Matt Hardy’s entrance theme.

Matt Hardy walked to the ring with a steel chair. Matt congratulated The System for winning the battle at Under Siege, but the war is far from over. Matt said nothing is going to stop him from getting the championship of the world. Matt said he promised to break The System, but now after Under Siege he understands the system, what makes them tick. Matt said he knows how to render them “Obsolete”. Matt said this is not over, but merely the beginning.

Matt said he understands how Moose has so many accolades in life. Matt said he would like to see Moose’s Super Bowl ring. Alisha said Matt is trying to make fun of them, but nobody can understand him due to his accent. Matt called Alisha a “snow witch”. Matt said Alisha better not get on Queen Rebecca’s radar.

Moose told Matt to understand that he’s outnumbered 4 to 1. Matt said Moose is right and he doesn’t like Moose’s odds. Matt knocked down all three men with a steel chair. Alisha distracted Matt with a kendo stick which allowed Eddie to jump him. The System put the boots to Matt. The put Matt in a corner and wrapped a chair around his neck.

Suddenly, Ryan Nemeth came in and beat up the male System members with a Kendo Stick. Matt and Ryan cleared the heels from the ring to stand tall at the end of the segment. Myers yelled “he doesn’t even work here!”. Matt led the cheerleaders in a “delete” chant…

John’s Thoughts: Eh? That was all forms of “eh”. So they’re doing the “draped in gold gimmick with The System, hoping that it would given them credibility. It’s more like they’re dragging the credibility of the belts down. I actually thought the whole cheerleader gimmick looked promising, but then they cut a dragged out promo that didn’t even draw heat or vitriol from the crowd. Broken Matt is in the same boat, because, why is he Broken again out of nowhere. I like Broken Matt circa 2016. That guy had a backstory, had context. On top of that Ryan F’n Nemeth came out. Who? (yes, I know he’s Nic Nemeth’s brother. And he wrestled on AEW’s auxiliary shows a bunch. But does that really mean anything as a character?)

A replay aired of Mustafa Ali defending his X Division title belt at Under Siege by tripping Ace off the top rope, which caused him to fall on the X belt that was in the ring…

Gia Miller interviewed Chris Bey and Ace Austin about their upcoming match against Speedball Mountain where the winners will actually face each other for a title shot against Mustafa Ali. Gia wondered if that would add friction to their tag team? Chris Bey said it won’t. Gia wondered if Bey still has resentment of Ace questioning his loyalty to the team.

Bey said to not listen to the rumors on the internet. He said that’s fake news. Bey said they are on the same page, paragraph, and sentence. Bey said they put aside their tag team title rematch so Ace could win the ballot box challenge. Ace said he would be X division champion if “someone” were watching his back at Under Siege. Bey said “hold on, what?”.

Ace said what he meant is that they were both cheated out of wins by the “secret service”. Ace said Santino opened the door for both of them to get a shot at the championship. Ace said they will win, showing the great tag team that they are. Ace said they are going to teach Speedball Mountain the alphabet…[c]

The System confronted Director of Authority Santino Marella about getting jumped by Matt Hardy and Ryan Nemeth. Santino said he was actually working on something that would help The System get revenge. Santino walked away saying he was busy. The System continue to rant…

Entrances for the next match took place…

1. “First Class” Rich Swann and AJ Francis vs. “The Full Blooded Italians” Ray Jaz and Zack Clayton (w/Guido). The FBI cut the ring in half on Rich Swann to start the match. Swann managed to get Clayton in his corner to bring AJ in the match. AJ distracted the ref so Swann can get a few cheap shots in. Francis and Clayton took each other out with clotheslines.

Jaz and Swann tagged in. Jaz took down Swann with a spinning heel kick. Jaz hit Swann with a back suplex. AJ broke up the pin. AJ dumped Clayton to ringside. Swann caught Jaz with a hook kick. AJ planted Jaz with a choke slam. Swann hit Jaz with a Frog Splash for the victory.

“First Class” Rich Swann and AJ Francis defeated “The FBI” Zack Clayton and Ray Jaz via pinfall in 3:34.

John’s Thoughts: Simple and effective squash with the new tag team defeating the guest wrestlers. I’m happy that Joe Hendry didn’t come out after the match to clown on them. I like how Joe Hendry clowns on them, he’s great at it and it’s entertaining; but it’s also good to give them some steam. I like First Class and the time that they’ve put to develop them. To fit their gimmick, I wouldn’t mind them holding the tag team belts. Sadly, the belts are stuck on a very cold heel tag team in The System, and there aren’t many teams on the roster.

Jake Something confronted Santino Marella backstage. Something complained to Santino about how he was cheated out of a win against Rich Swann last week. Zack Wentz and Trey Miguel walked in to complain. Trey said he was attacked before Under Siege and Zack lost his match due to being worried about Trey. Santino asked everyone if they want action.

Santino booked Jake Something and a tag partner vs. The Rascalz for later. Santino said the partner is “Jake’s choice”. Cody Deaner walked in and said it’s the “people’s choice”. Santino sent the Rascalz away. Cody pulled Santino aside and said he has a plan for the match…

Tom Hannifan hyped upcoming segments…[c]

Alan Angels apologized to Big Kon and Steph De Lander for being late for the talk show. They were all sitting atop production crates. Angels introduced his Sound Check talk show. Angels noted that this is Kon’s second time on the show. Angels said he was happy Kon brought his girlfriend over. Kon tapped Alan’s production crate to roll him aside.

Steph said they aren’t dating. Angels said he thought Steph and “Zack Ryder” broke up, which he found on the dirt sheets. Steph said to make sure to check the facts. Angels then tried to flirt with Steph with Steph saying “ew”. Kon said Angels is being annoying. Angels said he understands that Kon is jealous when people flirt with Steph.

Kon tried to walk away but Angels got in his face. Kon was about to attack Angels so Angels called over “security”. Kon tossed Angels and the Security around and walked off with Steph…

Entrances for the next match took place. Cody Deaner asked for a mic before the match. He said he talked to Santino about a way to spice up the match. Deaner said they can have a regular match or a no countout “Albany” Tornado Tag. The crowd chanted for the Tornado match. Deaner said the Rascalz may not like it, but it’s not their choice, Jake’s choice, or Cody’s choice. It’s the people’s choice. The crowd chanted “Yes” for the Tornado match…

2. Jake Something and Cody Deaner vs. “The Rascalz” Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz in a Tornado Tag Team Match. Hannifan joked that Jake and Cody are “Family” (the former “Deaners” tag team). Jake and Deaner took down both opponents quickly upon their entry of the ring. Jake body slammed both Rascalz. Jake then body slammed Cody on top of them. The show cut to picture-in-picture.[c]

John’s Thoughts: I usually half pay attention or use the Picture-in-picture as a bathroom break, but while half paying attention, there’s actually a really fun match happening between the Rascalz and former Deaners.

The Rascalz double teamed Deaner while trying to also keep Jake outside. Jake caught Trey and sent him flying like a corkscrew to ringside with a toss. Wentz slammed Jake into the ringpost and held him in place to Trey could hit him with a Tiger Feint Kick. The Rascalz swarmed Deaner with strikes to give Wentz a nearfall. The Rascalz then put the boots to Deaner in the corner.

Wentz hit Cody with a catapult into the bottom buckle. Jake got in the ring and gave both Rascalz rapid shoulder tackles. He took wout Trey with a front hip attack. Wentz went for a Suicide Dive, but Jake caught him. Trey went for a dive, but Jake lawn darted Wentz into Trey. Jake hit Trey with a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. Wentz shoved Jake into Cody and hit him with a Poison Rana. Cody gave Trey a face buster.

Jake and Wentz went for stereo pins, both kickouts. Cody and Wentz took each other out with crossbodies. Jake blocked Trey’s Sunset Flip at ringside, but Trey pulled out a can of spray paint and blinded Jake in the face. The Rascalz gave Deaner stereo superkicks. Trey planted Deaner with a spinebuster. Wentz had Deaner in catapult position for Trey to hit Deaner with a superkick and double stomp. Trey pinned Deaenr for the win.

The Rascalz defeated Cody Deaner and Jake Something via pinfall 7:57.

After the match, Steve Maclin ran out and ran through Trey and Wentz with a double clothesline. Maclin tossed Trey into the ringpost. Maclin then hit Wentz with a Death Rider on the ramp. Maclin then headed to the back. Gia Miller interviewed Maclin at Gorilla Position and asked Maclin why he did that.

Maclin said they walked out on him twice, so he took them out twice. Gia wondered when was the 2nd one? Maclin said he was the mystery person that took out Trey at Under Siege. Kazarian walked in and said Maclin taking care of Trey distracted Maclin and cost them their match. Maclin said The King of TNA (Kaz) cost them the match.

Kazarian said their issues with Alexander and EY. Maclin said he’s moved past that and is done. Kazarian said he’s also not going to help Maclin with Mike Santana then. Maclin said he knew this partnership wouldn’t work. Maclin wished Kazarian luck and walked away. Kazarian said he doesn’t need luck because Luck is for Marines…

Tom Hannifan plugged upcoming segments…

John’s Thoughts: As much as I was tired of the spray can finish, The Rasalz haven’t used it in a while (they’ve also haven’t been winning a lot) and AEW’s Outcasts stable has been on ice for a hot minute. Therefore, I don’t mind it here especially since it, as I mentioned earlier, puts steam on a tag team in the thin tag division. I actually paid attention during picture-in-picture and they didn’t slow things down at all. Great match. I hope Deaner and Jake don’t reform “The Deaners” tag team because Jake is way too valuable with his singles upside. Deaner ain’t doing that bad either because he’s really doing a good job with the live crowds with his whole “People’s Choice” gimmick.

[Hour Two] Tom Hannifan introduced Mike Santana as his latest guest for a sit-down interview. Hannifan asked Santana how he’s been since the Rebellion PPV. Santana said he’s on top of the world. He said it’s been a long time coming. He said he couldn’t have chosen a better way, than to the place he calls home. Hannifan noted that they were the latest iteration of the Latin American XChange tag team. Hannifan noted that they won many tag titles and lit up this company.

Santana said they came in and took this place over. Santana said it meant a lot to LAX to have Konnan pass along his experience and knowledge to them. He said they were killin’ it on the Independents and were thrown in the ocean. Santana said LAX had their first experience on TV in Impact. Santana said it was sink or swim, and LAX swam.

Hannifan said Santana was considered a great tag team wrestler. Hannifan noted that LAX decided to leave after 2019. Hannifan asked Santana what did he learn in his time away from TNA. Santana chuckled a bit. He said those five years, so much happened. Santana said he lost his dad in 2020 on January 1st. He said he and his dad were like brothers and that crushed his soul.

Santana then pointed out how the Pandemic happened after that. Santana said no one knew that was going to happen. He said he truly learned that things had to change within himself. He said a lot of things came to the surface to the point where you deal with it or it’s over. Hannifan pointed out that Santana made the decision around a year ago to go sober. Santana took his sunglasses off and said he needed to save his life…

John’s Thoughts: Solid interview by Tom Hannifan, as always. He does a REALLY good job with these sit-down interviews to the point that every underdeveloped character that has sat down with him so far has come out developed. He does a great job helping wrestlers along and giving them some Ethos. While a bit laid back, Santana was solid on his end too. I hope he get one of his fiery promos soon too because this guy is really underrated as a talker. It’s a crime that LAX were kept buried in AEW. They were great characters, (arguably) top level promos, and considered by many to be a top 5 tag team in the world.

Jade Chung introduced Gabby LaSpisa to the ring (I had to look it up. She’s a former Busted Open Radio host who now hosts her own wrestling interview show called Gabby AF). Gabby said she’s excited to be in Albany, New York and in TNA. She talked about how she interviews wrestlers on her podcast and and asks the hard questions.

She was about to introduce her guest, but was cut off by George Iceman (still unnamed), who said it’s his job to introduce Ash. Gabby asked him who he is? He said he’s the the personal concierge. Gabby said he’ll give them a name, Ash By Elegance. Ash By Elegance made her entrance. Ash cut Gabby off when she didn’t call her by Ash By Elegance.

Gabby wondered if Ash was her first name. (Uhm? Can we end the segment now? Cut this off!). Gabby asked Ash what is the Elegance about? Ash said if everyone wants to know what Elegance is, it’s a lifestyle and brand. Ash also mocked the Albany crowd. Gabby asked for footage to air. They aired footage from Under Siege where Ash By Elegance choked out Havok with a garlic rosary after Ash beat Havok.

Hash also beat up Havok with a steel chair and chair assisted Swanton Bomb. Hannifan noted that Havok is out indefinitely. Back in the ring, Ash said that was fine. They then aired footage of Ash losing her first match in TNA two weeks prior when the referee caught Ash about to use brass knuckles. Iceman yelled that that footage was supposed to be scrubbed from history. Blah, blah, blah.

Gabby said she talked to TNA management and if Ash wants her knuckle jewelry back she has to beat Xia Brookside. Xia made her entrance in street clothes and they can have a match for the jewelry next week. Ash agreed. The segment ended with Ash shoving Gabby a bit when she wouldn’t say the “By Elegance” part…

John’s Thoughts: Oh no. Oh god no. That was horrible! TNA should scrub that footage. Did someone owe this lady a favor? And not to blame her. She seems nice enough. She was just really unprepared and didn’t seem confident (which isn’t a bad thing. Happens to the best of us when we step into something we’re not taught). That hurt Ash and Xia after because you can tell that the crowd was already done with this segment (Ash even went for the cheap heat, and the crowd was zoned out. Ash is usually really good at these segments so the blame is definitely not on her end).

They sent the show to Joe Hendry’s appearance on a British talk show. Hannifan prefaced the footage by saying that Joe Hendry’s “I believe in Joe Hendry” song became a top 40 hit on the music charts. The show host asked Joe how does it feel to have a top 40 hit. Joe said he didn’t expect it. He said he’s happy TNA allows him to express music alongside his pro wrestling…

Tom Hannifan plugged upcoming segments…[c]

Director of Authority Santino Marella was backstage where he told the viewers he has a big announcement. He the “Champions Challenge” which he said will be the most “humung-u-lus” match in TNA history. Santino said all eight current TNA Champions will face off with eight TNA All Stars. Santino said Josh Alexander was supposed to be on the All Star team but he’s not medically cleared.

Don’t really have to go over the champions. That’s self explanatory. Ah, one note, Santino did announce “Masha Slam A Bitch” as a women’s tag team champion. For the All Stars Santino announced the following people: Matt Hardy, Ryan Nemeth (?), Sami Callihan, Eric Young, Joe Hendry, Jody Threat, Dani Luna (kinda huh?), and Steph De Lander…

John’s Thoughts: Did Santino just call Masha Slammovich, Masha Slam-a-Bitch? I love it! Ohhhh, and even more classic. We should all be in awe at that legendary TNA All Star, Ryan Nemeth. Ho boy. That guy is the longest reigning Digital Media Champion in all of TNA history, right? Maybe while he was in AEW Jeff Jarrett gifted him his King of the Mountain Championship belt. Sorry, I give me this after having to sit through that awful Gabby segment. Joking aside, and Ryan Nemeth (and Steph De Lander) aside, I am curious to see how that match goes. Lots of veterans there and if given time to be creative, should be fun.

Jonathan Gresham made his entrance. He now wears a dark and evil version of his octopus mask. Oh, and the tentacle part comes off now. Looks like the Great Muta if The Great Muta was born as a black man. His opponent was already in the ring…

3. Jonathan Gresham vs. Will Ferrara. Gresham hit Will with some basement dropkicks to the calf and followed up with low kicks. Gresham then tied Will up like a pretzel. Gresham then underhooked Wills arm with his leg and then sat down to hyper extended the arms. Gresham then grabbed Will’s boot and slapped it to lead the crowd in claps.

Gresham then did a unique pin for a two count. Gresham turned Will inside out with a basement dropkick. Will rallied back a bit with right hands. Will sent Gresham into the corners and hit him with a uppercut. Gresham blocked Will with a boot. Gresham hit Will with a springboard moonsault. Gresham slammed Will’s leg into the ground.

Gresham then beat the mat to lead the crowd in claps that sound like We Will Rock You. Gresham the put Will in an Octopus Hold. Gresham then spat “squid ink” into his free hand. Gresham then used the ink hand to pin Will with a Mandible Claw for the win.

Jonathan Gresham defeated Will Ferrara via pinfall in 3:30.

Gresham then methodically dragged himself across the ring. Tom Hannifan plugged the tag team match after the break…[c]

John’s Thoughts: You know what? I actually really liked that. Part of it is I’ve him as the “pure wrestling” guy for so long going back to ROH to the point where it ran it’s course. Other part, I just like the new packing. The lucha mask kinda reminds me of Drago (post Batman transformation) from Lucha Underground. I actually wanna see how the “ink” gimmick goes too (but do we know the legality of shoving what could be poison into someone’s’ mouth? Especially in front of the referee?)

The show cut to a cinematic. There were shots of nature and a car driving up to outdoor nature. The camera focused on the feet of a woman that exited the car. The lady went into a lodge. On the porch, was Gisele Shaw meditating. The lady from earlier was Gail Kim. Gail woke Gisele up and said “we need to talk”. The segment ended with a drone shot of the lodge…

John’s Thoughts: Interesting. I always said she had to get off of TV for a while to reboot. Heck, kayfabe wise, she did exactly that. I’m actually really looking forward to see what she does and I hope that this run works out for her. I was really won over by her by that wonderful documentary that TNA put on their YouTube page that goes into her childhood on her path to being a pro wrestler.

The following matches were advertised for next week: Xia Brookside vs. Ash By Elegance, Alan Angels vs. Leon Slater, and the Champions Challenge…

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt checked in from commentary. The commentary hyped upcoming TNA live events and tapings. Mustafa Ali then joined the commentary team for the main event. Ali brought his “secret service” with him…

4. “ABC” Chris Bey and Ace Austin vs. “Speedball Mountain” Trent Seven and Mike Bailey where the winners will face off against each other for a X Division Title Shot. Bey and Bailey started the match with quick counters. Bailey landed a dropkick on Bey. Seven tagged in and hit Bey with an assisted senton. Bailey hit Bey with Poetry in Motion and a standing flip for a two count.

Bey came back with a whip elbow. Ace tagged in. Ace and Bey hit Bailey with stereo offense. Bey tagged back in and hit Bailey with a basement lariat after Ace hit him with a suplex. Ace tagged in but ate a missile dropkick from Bailey. Seven tagged in and rallied with chops and a DDT. Bey tagged in and hit and Seven with a forearm. Seven came back with a nice tilt a whirl sidewalk slam for a nearfall.

Seven dragged Bey to the top rope. Seven hit Bey with a superplex. Bailey went for a Shooting Star but Bey dodged. Ace caught Seven with a missile dropkick. The show cut to picture-in-picture.[c]

Seven and Bey no sold shoulder tackles. Bey escaped a deadlift suplex and hit Seven with a cross kick. Bey hit Seven with a cutter for a two count. Ace tagged in. After some tandem offense, Bey hit Seven with a brainbuster for a nearfall. Ace and Bey did a Too Sweet, which allowed Bailey and Seven to hit them with Tyler Bate’s signature Bop and Bang.

All four men took turns hitting signature moves. Bailey kicked Ace into Seven’s Seven Star Lariat. Bey forearmed Bailey into seven to break up a good nearfall. All four men were left lying.Bailey and Seven went to the apron to avoid ABC’s finisher. Bey and Bailey did dives against ABC at ringside. Bailey hit Bey with a Tornado Kick. Bailey tumbled to ringside when ABC shoved Seven into him.

Ace hit both opponents with a Fosbury Flop. Ace started jawing with Mustafa Ali. Seven took advantage of the recovery time to put Bey in a Full Nelson. Bailey tornado kicked Bey and Seven flowed through with a Full Nelson Suplex. Seven hit Ace with Bop and Bang. Seven hit Bey with the Birming-Hammer. Bailey followed up on Bey with Ultima Weapon for the win.

“Speedball Mountain” Mike Bailey and Trent Seven defeated “ABC” Ace Austin and Chris Bey via pinfall in 17:00.

Highlights from the match aired followed by the show close…

John’s Thoughts: Awesome tag team match to go out of your way to see. Lots of fast paced action and lots of good tandem offense with a lot of quick tags to have all four men in the ring. I was actually hoping for this result so that it can lead to Speedball Mountain breaking up. I can also see it where Ace blames Bey for the loss. If I were the TNA booker, I’d book Seven and Bailey to break up because they are stronger as singles.

Bailey should be in the main event picture and Seven is a better heel than he’s a babyface (as I mentioned, he did extremely well as NXT UK’s top heel at the end of that show’s run). Babyface Seven only works when he’s playing Tyler Bate’s surrogate father. Maybe postpone ABC breaking up (even though they’re also great singles) just became the tag Division is so thin. As for this week’s show, very up-and-down for me. The in-ring stuff was actually all really good. Check out the Gresham match to see his new masked persona. Avoid wasting your time with that Gabby segment and the opening long promo is very missable. Jason Powell will be by later today with his TNA Impact Hit List, plus his weekly audio review for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons).


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