WWE Raw results (4/22): Powell’s live review of the battle royal for the vacant Women’s World Championship, R-Truth and The Miz vs. DIY for the World Tag Team Titles, Gunther’s return


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Raw (Episode 1,613)
Columbus, Ohio at Schottenstein Center
Aired live April 22, 2024 on USA Network

[Hour One] A shot of the Women’s World Championship belt was shown along with a “Developing Story” graphic… The broadcast team of Michael Cole and Pat McAfee stood in the ring and spoke about the battle royal that would determine the new Women’s World Champion. Cole labeled the battle royal as the show’s main event and set up a video package that recapped Rhea Ripley relinquishing the title due to a shoulder injury…

A graphic listed the previously announced battle royal entrants. Footage aired of Liv Morgan and Becky Lynch making separate arrivals at the venue earlier in the day…

Jey Uso made his entrance and the broadcast team was at their desk. McAfee pumped his arms along with the crowd while Cole nodded along. Ring announcer Samantha Irvin introduced Uso. Cole hyped Damian Priest vs. Uso for the World Heavyweight Championship for WWE Backlash France. Jey delivered his standard introduction and said he had to beat Priest to live up to his “Main Event” billing.

World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest made his entrance dressed in non-wrestling attire. Priest said he just came to talk to Jey. Priest said the yeet vibe and the Main Event monicker suit Jey and then congratulated him. Priest recalled going to war with Jey last year.

Priest said he never spoke about it publicly, but there was one night when Jey whooped his ass so bad that he approached him in the locker room and told him that he earned his respect. Priest said that’s why he wanted Jey in the Judgment Day. Priest said he took Jey out for drinks that night. Jey said he took an Uber.

Priest recalled Jey telling him that they were next. Priest said he was proud to stand next to Jey. Priest told Jey that he was half right. “I was next,” Priest said while pointing to the title belt as proof. Priest said Jey was the first in a long list of wrestlers that the machine would feed to him to make him look good. Priest started to leave, but Jey asked him to stay.

Jey asked Priest if he really saw him as just another tag team guy. Jey told Priest that he’s only the leader of the Judgment Day because Rhea Ripley got hurt. Jey said that makes Priest the bitch for Dominik Mysterio. Jey said Priest would be fed to him because he’s next.

JD McDonagh entered the ring and went after Jey, who avoided him. Jey threw a superkick intended for McDonagh that took out Priest. Jey mocking said it was his bad. Priest glared at McDonagh while Jey exited the ring. McDonagh pleaded his case to Priest…

Footage aired of Chad Gable arriving at the building while Cole questioned why he attacked Sami Zayn. A separate shot aired of Gunther walking backstage while Cole said he would make his first appearance since WrestleMania XL…

“DIY” Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa made their entrance for the World Tag Team Title match heading into a commercial break… [C]

Powell’s POV: A solid exchange between Priest and Jey. Priest came off sincere while he told his story before he stuck the dagger in, and it was nice to hear Jey in a verbal exchange as opposed to just saying yeet.

An ad aired for the WWE King and Queen of the Ring event that will be held on Saturday, May 25 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia… The Miz and R-Truth made their entrance…

1. “Awesome Truth” R-Truth and The Miz vs. “DIY” Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa for the World Tag Team Titles. Samantha Irvin delivered in-ring introductions for the title match. The title belts were placed on a podium next to the broadcast table. Gargano and Ciampa cleared the champions from the ring and then did their dorky pat on the back spot, which was not well received by the crowd. [C]

Ciampa hit a Pedigree on Truth for a near fall. A short time later, Gargano took out Miz with a suicide dive. Gargano and Ciampa hit the Meet in the Middle on Truth. Gargano had Truth pinned, but Miz reached in from ringside and pulled Gargano out of the ring. Miz dumped Ciampa over the barricade. Back in the ring, Gargano rolled Miz into a pin for a two count. Miz and Truth hit the Truth Crushing Finale on Gargano and then Miz pinned him.

“Awesome Truth” R-Truth and The Miz defeated “DIY” Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa in 10:05 to retain the World Tag Team Titles.

After the match, Gargano shook hands with Truth and Miz, but Ciampa declined to do so and left the ring…

Powell’s POV: The crowd got behind Awesome Truth, so it’s a positive that Ciampa showed heel tendencies afterward. The DIY reunion hasn’t gone well and hopefully this twist means they are finished doing the DX throwback gimmick.

Backstage, Damian Priest scolded JD McDonagh while noting that he didn’t ask for his help last week or this week. Dominik Mysterio and Santos Escobar showed up. Dom had his arm in a sling and said he was supposed to team with McDonagh, but he was banged up and asked Escobar to fill in for him. Escobar told Priest that he didn’t need to worry about him. Priest told McDonagh to handle his own business and stay out of his…

“Imperium” Gunther, Ludwig Kaiser, and Giovanni Vinci were shown walking backstage… [C] Footage aired of Shawn Michaels announcing that NXT Battleground will be held at the UFC APEX is Las Vegas…

The “Imperium” trio of Gunther, Ludwig Kaiser, and Giovanni Vinci made their entrance. Gunther assumed the fans thought he would take some shots at Sami Zayn, but that’s not what he intended to do. Gunther said he took some time away to digest what happened.

Gunther said that for 666 days, he elevated the Intercontinental Title to heights never seen before and became the greatest champion in the title’s history. Gunther said the weight of being a target and living up to everyone’s expectations has now been lifted off his shoulders.

Gunther thanked Zayn while saying that he’s no longer a target. Gunther said he is now the hunter rather than the hunted. Gunther declared that he will be in the King of the Ring tournament. He said he will then figure out which championship he wants to target. Gunther warned the champion he targets. Gunther said he is already the Ring General and is soon to be the King of the Ring.

The New Day music played. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods came out. Woods boasted that he is the reigning and defending King of the Ring. Kingston and Woods entered the ring. Woods said Gunther was a pretender to this thrown. Woods said he intended to cement his legacy by becoming a two-time King of the Ring.

Gunther said he would reestablish the image of the King of the Ring tournament, while Woods will be remembered as being a weird guy who won accidentally and covered himself in gold. Kingston and Woods mocked Gunther for no longer having gold of his own.

Gunther said this was beneath him. Gunther told Kaiser and Vinci to take care of business. Woods said they would handle it at King of the Ring and then played up facing Kaiser and Vinci… [C]

Powell’s POV: Am I the only one who wanted Gunther to destroy the New Day duo just to shut them up? Hopefully Gunther’s comments mean we won’t have to see the tournament winners play campy king and queen characters.

Cole hyped the battle royal as the main event…

2. “New Day” Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods vs. Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci. Gunther sat in a chair at ringside. Cole noted that Woods won the 2021 King of the Ring and mentioned that he defeated Ricochet, Jinder Mahal, and Finn Balor to win the tournament. [C] Cole said the Imperium duo was dominant throughout the break.

[Hour Two] Vinci turned Kingston inside out with a clothesline and covered him for a two count. The New Day duo battled back. Kingston placed Vinci over his knee and then Woods jumped off the top rope and double stomped Vinci before pinning him.

“New Day” Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods defeated Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci in 9:25.

After the match, Gunther picked up the chair he had been sitting on and tossed it at the barricade. Gunther glared at Kaiser, who wouldn’t make eye contact with him. Gunther shook his head in disgust while watching Kaiser check on Vinci and then walked to the back. Kaiser helped Vinci to his feet and hugged him before exiting the ring.

Suddenly, Kaiser shoved Vinci into the LED board on the ring apron. Kaiser kicked Vinci and then spat on him before running him into the ring post casing. Kaiser barked at Vinci while working him over and then tossed him on the broadcast table. Kaiser ran Vinci into the ring steps, then placed him on the third step. A group of producers and referees ran out and talk Kaiser down.

Kaiser teased leaving, then ran past the producers and referees and booted Vinci in the head. Cole said it was the same thing that Kaiser did to Kofi Kingston and said it nearly cost Kingston his career. The fans chanted “holy shit” while being censored. Kaiser headed to the back while producers checked on Vinci.

A camera followed Kaiser to the back where Gunther was waiting. “I told you I would get it done,” Kaiser said. Gunther smiled… A Smackdown ad hyped the contract signing for Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles, questioned who is next for Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga, and touted the show as night one of the WWE Draft… [C]

Powell’s POV: The match was forgettable. New Day’s act feels stale and the Imperium duo have been cast as lackeys for Gunther. The post match angle changed that. The timing is interesting heading into the draft. While I’m not really sure what this means for Vinci, Kaiser has upside as a singles act.

An ad aired for WWE Speed…

Andrade was featured in a vignette. He said to be careful when you hear about somebody. because you might be hearing it from the problem. Andrade said he is many things, but he is not someone’s fool. Footage was shown of Andrade attacking Dominik Mysterio. Andrade said he didn’t betray Judgment Day because they were never loyal to start with. Andrade said they wanted a servant, but nobody tells him what to do. Andrade said he is now their biggest problem…

Cole touted the success of the sold out events on the European tour that wrapped up over the weekend…

Drew McIntyre made his entrance for an in-ring promo. A CM Punk chant broke out and then McIntyre sat down crosslegged in the ring. McIntyre told the cameraman not to look up his kilt and called him a perv. McIntyre asked the fans why they chant Punk’s name whenever he comes out.

McIntyre said Punk hates the fans and the only person he hates more than them is himself. McIntyre asked the fans if they’ve ever loved something that doesn’t love them back as much. He said that’s his complex relationship with pro wrestling. McIntyre responded to the “What?” chanting fans by telling them to say what if they French kiss their cousins. When some fans said what, McIntyre told them they are sick.

McIntyre said the fans don’t understand complex relationships because the most complex relationship most of them had was with their right hand. McIntyre said Damian Priest used his Money in the Bank contract to cash in on him like a coward and then he didn’t get his rematch like everyone else. McIntyre said he was in a No. 1 contender four-way that Punk interfered in, and then called Jey Uso a coward for taking advantage of it.

McIntyre said he wasn’t complaining and would instead target the King of the Ring. McIntyre mentioned the WWE Draft and said he doesn’t give a damn where he ends up.

Sheamus’s music interrupted McIntyre. Sheamus walked to the ring and asked McIntyre what his problem was. Sheamus entered the ring and said he saw a man who wouldn’t take responsibility for his own mistakes. Sheamus said that some would say that makes McIntyre a coward. Sheamus had McIntyre stand up while saying he thinks he’s earned that respect.

Sheamus recalled McIntyre winning the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania and said he blew it for a social media stunt. Sheamus said McIntyre threw it all away. Sheamus said he’s McIntyre’s friend and they’ve had banger after banger. Sheamus said he was there to tell McIntyre the hard truth – a one-armed CM Punk kicked McIntyre’s ass.

McIntyre said Sheamus knows better than anyone what Punk did to him and how he affected his career. Sheamus said the obsession is taking down McIntyre’s career and he needs to get it out of his head. McIntyre said that if Sheamus wanted to tell the hard truth, they would do that.

McIntyre said it was banger after banger after banger before Sheamus got hurt, but now it looks like it’s been burger after burger after burger. Sheamus laughed. Sheamus said he’s been watching McIntyre and he’s getting good at those one-liners. Sheamus said that he can lose the weight, but McIntyre can’t lose stupid.

Sheamus told McIntyre to stop blaming everyone. McIntyre said he stood up for Sheamus when people backstage were mocking his weight last week. McIntyre said he’s Sheamus’s only friends. McIntyre said he only fights if it’s worthwhile, but this isn’t worthwhile. He said he was still there for Sheamus. McIntyre said he was going to ringside to watch Sheamus’s back.

Shinsuke Nakamura made his entrance while the broadcast team wondered what McIntyre meant by watching Sheamus’s back. Cole flubbed his line by saying that the first-time ever meeting between “McIntyre” and Sheamus was next… [C]

Powell’s POV: A good verbal exchange. I enjoy the way McIntyre shuts down the lame “What?” chants. Sheamus already looks like he’s dropped some of the weight that he had during his return match. What I wouldn’t give to be Sheamus’s version of “fat”!

Backstage shots aired of Shayna Baszler and Ivy Nile preparing for the battle royal inside their locker rooms…

3. Sheamus vs. Shinsuke Nakamura. Cole corrected his flubbed line from before the break (shit happens). Nakamura draped Sheamus over the broadcast table and then jumped from the barricade and dropped a knee over his surgically repaired neck. [C]

Sheamus battled back and hit White Noise from the middle rope for a near fall. Sheamus went for a Celtic Cross, but Nakamura slipped away. Sheamus dropped Nakamura with a Brogue Kick and pinned him moments later…

Sheamus defeated Shinsuke Nakamura in 11:20.

After the match, Sheamus stood on the ropes and played to the crowd before looking down at McIntyre, who applauded him…

Powell’s POV: I like that McIntyre simply watched the match and didn’t get involved, which left the status of his friendship with Sheamus a mystery.

Cole noted that Sheamus has won every title in WWE other than the Intercontinental Title, then set up footage of last week’s main event and Chad Gable attacking Sami Zayn afterward…

Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn was interviewed by Cathy Kelley. Zayn said he wasn’t sure how Gable could defend his actions, but he would be watching to hear what he had to say like everyone else. Bronson Reed showed up and told Zayn that he has bigger problems. Zayn held up the Intercontinental Title and asked if that’s what Reed wanted. Zayn told him any time, any place. Reed appeared to leave, but then hit Zayn from behind. Producers and referees showed up. Reed splashed Zayn against a storage crate…

Chad Gable made his entrance dressed in a suit and was accompanied by Otis, Akira Tozawa, and Maxxine Dupri… [C] Highlights aired of Charles Barkley talking about Gable attacking Zayn on The Pat McAfee Show…

Gable stood in the ring with Otis, Tozawa, and Dupri and was booed by the crowd. Gable said Zayn has had a rough couple of weeks, but at least what he did to him was justified. Gable said he could accept losing to Zayn, but he accused Zayn of rubbing it in by bringing the title belt over to him while he was down in the corner of the ring. He said Zayn then found his wife and rubbed it in more.

Gable said it should have been him at WrestleMania. Gable said he wasted his time training Zayn “and a bunch of freaking losers.” Gable asked Tozawa if he had a problem with that. Gable told “Mr. Funny Man” that he does his little dance and racks up loss after loss.

Gable told Dupri that she’s pretty as a princess but dumb as a box of rocks. Gable said he gave her everything and got nothing in return. Gable turned to Otis and told him not to even get him started.

Gable called Otis his prized pupil and number one guy. “You have proven yourself beyond a shadow of a doubt to be the biggest disappointment of them all,” Gable said.

Gable said they all signed up for his academy to get honest feedback. He told them to get on the same page and know that from now on the focus is on him. “We’re all going to win my Intercontinental Championship together,” Gable said. “And you’re going to help me no matter what, right?”

Gable told them all to say “no matter what” together. Otis said it, but Gable told him he didn’t hear him and ordered him to say it again. Otis said the line. Gable said good, then dropped the mic and exited the ring. Otis, Tozawa, and Dupri comforted one another…

Powell’s POV: A solid heel promo from Gable. I like the idea of making the others look sympathetic to put heat on Gable in the short term.

Ricochet was warming up in the backstage area when he was approached by Dominik Mysterio, who said Ricochet was luck that he was injured. Ricochet said he looked forward to beating Dom, but now he and Andrade would have to settle for JD McDonagh and Santos Escaobar. Ricochet told Dom to tell McDonagh that he would further embarrass him on WWE Speed this week. Liv Morgan approached Dom after Ricochet left the area. They looked at one another without saying anything…

Powell’s POV: New Mami?

Cole hyped the tag team match for after the break… [C]

[Hour Three] Nia Jax delivered a promo in a backstage area. She said there would be 14 women and one monster in the match. She called herself the monster and said she would eliminate them one by one until she became the last woman standing and the new Women’s World Champion…

Ricochet was in the ring while Cole hyped WWE Speed. Andrade made his black mask entrance to the usual flat reaction. JD McDonagh and Dominik Mysterio made their entrance, and then Santos Escobar came out last and didn’t get much of a reaction…

4. Ricochet and Andrade vs. Santos Escobar and JD McDonagh (w/Dominik Mysterio). Dom reached in the ring and distracted Ricochet by grabbing his leg. Ricochet turned to face Dom and was then hit from behind by McDonagh, who then knocked Andrade off the apron. Escobar jumped from the apron and performed a huracanrana on Ricochet. [C]

The crowd rallied behind Andrade when he hit Escobar with double knees in the corner. Moments later, Ricochet and Escobar went for simultaneous crossbody blocks and stayed down for a moment before tagging out. Escobar and McDonagh put Andrade down. Ricochet jumped from the top rope into a Codebreaker from Andrade. A short time later, Andrade hit a back elbow on Escobar, then hit his finisher on McDonagh before pinning him.

Ricochet and Andrade beat Santos Escobar and JD McDonagh in 12:40.

After the match, Damian Priest entered the ring and attacked Andrade and Ricochet. Priest hit a Razor’s Edge on Ricochet and then performed the South of Heaven chokeslam on Andrade. Priest scolded Dom in Spanish and then translated for McDonagh. Priest said he doesn’t need anyone, they need him. McAfee said McDonagh couldn’t find a win if his life depended on it…

Kayden Carter and Katana Chance were shown warming up for the battle royal, and then they cut to a shot of Natalya doing the same in another dressing room… Another ad aired for NXT Battleground taking place at the UFC APEX on Sunday, June 9… [C]

An ad aired for WWE Backlash France… Cole hyped combo tickets for Smackdown and WWE Clash at the Castle in Glasgow, Scotland…

A Zoey Stark video aired. She said it was one year since she’d been drafted to Raw. She recalled being told to be humble and patient, but she said no. She recalled beating Becky Lynch and being inches away from winning the Money in the Bank ladder match. She also said she was “this close” to becoming Women’s World Champion at Survivor Series. She said the scariest part of it all is that she’s just getting started…

Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae were interviewed by Cathy Kelley in the backstage area. Kelly spoke about their recent tactics. Hartwell tried to defend them, but LeRae said they wouldn’t defend their victory from last week. Kelley pulled away due a lot of commotion. The camera showed Adam Pearce and others trying to keep Liv Morgan and Nia Jax apart. Becky Lynch strolled past them and then took the mic from Kelley.

Lynch talked as she walked about the most important battle royal in the history of Raw. Ivy Nile was talking with Maxxine Dupri. Lynch stopped and noted it was Dupri’s first shot at a World Heavyweight Championship and told her to go out there and show it would not be her last. Lynch walked through the Gorilla position area and then made her entrance for the battle royal. [C]

Cole hyped the WWE Draft for Friday’s Smackdown and next week’s Raw. Cole also hyped U.S. Champion Logan Paul appearing, Jey Uso, Ricochet, and Andrade vs. Damian Priest, Finn Balor, and JD McDonagh for next week’s Raw…

Liv Morgan made her entrance for the battle royal and slapped hands with fans on her way to the ring. Most of the other entrants were already inside the ring. Kayden Carter and Katana Chance made their entrance together. Nia Jax made her entrance…

5. A 15-woman battle royal for the vacant Women’s World Championship. The entrants were Becky Lynch, Shayna Baszler, Zoey Stark, Natalya, Tegan Nox, Ivy Nile, Maxxine Dupri, Katana Chance, Kayden Carter, Nia Jax, Liv Morgan, Piper Niven, Chelsea Green, Candice LeRae, and Indi Hartwell. Cole said it was the fourth time that a traditional battle royal would determine a WWE world championship. He listed Gail Kim, Kurt Angle, and Great Khali as the three wrestlers who won world championships by winning battle royals.

Dupri eliminated LeRae, then followed it up by eliminating Hartwell. [C] Carter and Chance worked together. Baszler tossed Chance over the top rope. Carter was on the apron and caught her partner, but Stark kicked Carter, which led to Carter and Chance being eliminated.

Jax eliminated Nile. Dupri jawed at Jax, who pushed her down. Durpi stood up and threw kicks at Jax. She went for another kick, but Jax caught her leg and dumped her over the top rope to eliminate her. Lynch eliminated Niven and then waved at her. Niven pulled Lynch under the bottom rope and ran her into the ring steps.

Niven performed a cannonball on Lynch against the steps. Niven cleared the broadcast table and placed Lynch on top of it. Niven reached under the ropes and grabbed the leg of Jax, who slid under the bottom rope and then performed a uranage slam of Niven onto Lynch. When the table didn’t break, Jax performed a Samoan Drop on Niven, but the table still didn’t break.

Green was eliminated by Natalya, but the referees were checking on Lynch and didn’t see it. One of the referees turned around and ordered Green to get back in the ring (thinking she was hiding out at ringside), so Green returned to the ring while McAfee asked what the hell was going on. [C]

Cole reminded viewers that Lynch had not been eliminated from the ring, but he said there was no way she would return. Stark eliminated Green and this time the referees saw it. Baszler eliminated Natalya. The last four in the ring were Jax, Baszler, Stark, and Baszler (with Lynch still at ringside). Jax eliminated Stark and then Baszler.

Jax and Morgan were the last two in the ring when Lynch pulled herself in to join them. Lynch tried to eliminate Morgan, who stayed on the apron. Jax put Lynch and then Morgan down with back to back Samoan Drops. Jax played to the crowd for heat.

Lynch and Morgan worked together and tried to suplex Jax, who reversed it by suplexing both of them. Jax dragged both opponents to a corner of the ring and then went to the middle rope, but Lynch got up and shoved her over the top rope and onto the apron. Morgan hit Morgan with a Codebreaker and then Lynch followed up with a leg drop, causing Jax to fall to the floor for her elimination.

Lynch and Morgan were the final two and they traded punches. Lynch caught Morgan with a kick and then went up top and jumped over Morgan. Lynch got Morgan on the apron, but then Morgan pulled her onto the apron as well. Lynch attempted a suplex that Morgan blocked. Lynch went for a German suplex, but Morgan held the ropes and hit Lynch with elbows and then kicks.

Morgan performed a Codebreaker on the apron. Lynch stuffed Oblivion and then hit a Manhandle Slam on the apron. Morgan tumbled to the floor to give Lynch the win.

Becky Lynch won a 15-woman battle royal in 21:50 to win the vacant Women’s World Championship.

After the match, Lynch got the title and sat down in the ring with it. Lynch got to her feet and then went to the ropes and played to the crowd. Cole noted that Lynch is now a seven-time world champion. Cole said there’s not a person on the planet with more heart. Lynch hopped the barricade and high-fived fans. She stopped and greeted a younger girl, who took a selfie. Lynch walked up the steps off the main floor and held up a sign that read, “Women Run The WWE.” Lynch stood on a seat and held up her title belt. Cole hyped the WWE Draft. Pyro shot off on the stage while Lynch continued to celebrate to close the show….

Powell’s POV: Solid for a battle royal. They did a good job of making Jax shine. Morgan was my pick to win, but it will mean a lot more if she ends up beating Lynch for the title in an actual match (perhaps with help from Dom). I was confused by Morgan slapping hands with fans and acting like a babyface given the way she was booed last week for laughing at Rhea Ripley for being injured. A battle royal is far from an ideal way to crown a new champion, but Lynch’s post match celebration made her title win feel like a big deal.

Overall, a quality episode, particularly if you compare it to some of the lame duck pre draft episodes from past years. I will be back shortly with my weekly same night audio review of Raw for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons). Let me know what you thought of the show by grading it below.

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. So it’s pretty obvious Jax,Lynch,or Morgan’s winning the title tonight..

  2. That would be a good hook for Ruler of the Ring, if the winner earned a title shot of their choosing. That would take the awkwardness out of carrying the king/queen gimmick for a few months before dropping it.

    Why did they rush Sheamus’ return? I know Seth, Rhea, Roman and Rock are out, plus Dom is injured, during these post-WM blues, but they could have really built him/his return up.

  3. Man, if the other brand a) made a battle royal for one of their main championships and b) had a multi-time champion win it again on their show, this comment section would have the usual hypocrites beaking off and complaining.

    Just saying….but look: New Day vs. Imperium….again!

  4. so lynch loses her shot at mania to ripley….ripley goes out injured next raw and vacates….battle royal and lynch wins title she just came up short with….makes zero sense and only says one thing….hhh still living in 90’s with only vets holding crowns cause he feels the young new talent cant hold water….even more pathetic is if they have lynch hold this belt until ripley comes back….zzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. For the women’s battle royal, I didn’t notice this the 1st time, but it has been mentioned on other sites, that Becky went through the middle rope just before the final sequence with Morgan. They were both doing the avoid elimination spots on the apron, but technically, Becky didn’t have to worry about hitting the floor. I don’t know if there was a brainfart there, but I guess it didn’t matter into the final result.

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