AEW Dynamite results (4/10): Powell’s live review of the Young Bucks presenting footage of the CM Punk and Jack Perry altercation at All In, AEW World Champ Samoa Joe vs. Dustin Rhodes in an eliminator match


By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

AEW Dynamite (Episode 236)
Charleston, West Virginia at Charleston Coliseum
Aired live April 10, 2024 on TBS

[Hour One] The Dynamite opening aired and then pyro shot off on the stage. Excalibur checked in on commentary and was joined by Taz and Tony Schiavone.

Ring announcer Justin Roberts delivered the introductions for the opening match. Samoa Joe came out first and was attacked from behind by Swerve Strickland. Joe quickly regrouped and set up a table near a barricade. Swerve ended up spearing Joe through the table.

The broadcast team said Joe appeared to hit his head on the table and said he might be out cold. A group of referees and security intervened while Excalibur hyped Joe vs. Swerve for the AEW World Championship at AEW Dynamite. The broadcast team wondered what would happened with Joe’s scheduled eliminator match with Dustin Rhodes. Joe got to his feet…

A video package recapped Trent Beretta turning on Orange Cassidy after their loss in a tag team title tournament match… Renee Paquette stood outside Cassidy’s locker room door and said Cassidy will have a match on AEW Rampage and intends to address Beretta’s actions…

Entrances for the TNT Championship match took place with Penta El Zero Miedo and Alex Abrahantes coming out first. Adam Copeland came out second. Copeland’s right foot slid when he tried to pose on the ramp. He looked down at the spot and then headed to the ring. He looked down at the spot and then headed to the ring…

1. Adam Copeland vs. Penta El Zero Miedo (w/Alex Abrahantes) for the TNT Title. Penta clotheslined Copeland over the top rope to ringside and then teased a dive. Copeland move, so Penta aborted the dive. Penta remained in offensive control heading into the first picture-in-picture break. [C]

Penta dominated the bulk of the offense coming out of the break. Penta draped Copeland’s head and neck over the apron and then threw a kick at him from the floor heading into another PIP break. [C] Copeland caught Penta in the Electric Chair position and then dropped him face first on the mat.

Copeland put Penta in a modified Sharpshooter. Penta grabbed the bottom rope to break the hold. Copeland applied an ankle lock and pulled Penta away from the ropes. Penta escaped and caught Copeland with a double boots kick in the corner and then covered him for a two count.

Copeland caught Penta in a crossface until Penta reached the bottom rope with his foot to break the hold. Penta got Copeland on the apron and went for a springboard move that was cut off by a Copeland kick. Copeland hoisted up Penta, who elbowed his way free and then went for Fear Factor. Copeland escaped, but Penta kicked him.

Penta charged Copeland, who powerslammed him on the apron. Both men stayed down at ringside. Abrahantes encouraged Penta to get up. Copeland went for a spear, but Abrahantes took it rather than Penta, who then superkicked Copeland and threw him back inside the ring.

Penta and Copeland ended up on the ropes. Penta hit a Code Red from the middle rope for a near fall. A “this is awesome” chant broke out before Penta picked up another near fall. Penta went for Fear Factor, but Copeland avoided it and ran the ropes. Penta went for a springboard move and ate a spear from Copeland, who then pinned him.

Adam Copeland defeated Penta El Zero Miedo in 20:40 to retain the TNT Championship.

The lights went out after the match. When the lights turned on, Julia Hart was standing in the ring in front Copeland. Brody King attacked Copeland from behind and hit him with a boot in the corner. King threw kicks at Copeland and then picked him up and put him in a rear naked choke.

Willow Nightingale’s entrance theme played and she ran out and attacked Hart. King pulled Hart out of the way and then Hart rolled to the floor. Copeland went after King. Copeland ducked a clothesline from King, who then tumbled over the top rope to the floor…

Powell’s POV: A quality match. Penta has been directionless for a long time now, so I didn’t really buy into the possibility of him winning the match. I’m all for Copeland facing King in a singles match. Willow making the save was unexpected, but it played into her upcoming title match with Hart.

Renee Paquette interviewed Hook, Chris Jericho, and Katsuyori Shibata. Jericho credited Hook with lining up Shibata as their partner. He said it shows that Hook is listening and learning to him. Jericho said Hook and Shibata would sit under his learning tree. Jericho spoke about what they would do during the match.

Jericho said if they listen to him, they could breathe his rarified air and there would be nothing but success for them in the future. They all put their fists together. After Jericho left, Shibata had his phone translator ask, “What is his deal?” Hook told Shibata to trust him. Shibata then told Paquette through his translator that he liked her necklace…

Powell’s POV: Okay, so Jericho is overtly in d-bag mode. I’m all for him doing something to shake up his act. I like that Hook is indicating that he’s playing along with Jericho as opposed to buying into what he’s saying.

Footage aired of The Young Bucks beating FTR on November 7, 2020, and then losing to FTR on April 6, 2022, and then again on August 27, 2023 at All In. Excalibur hyped the Bucks showing off the exclusive footage from All In for after the break… [C]

New ROH Champion Mark Briscoe and Eddie Kingston were interviewed by Paquette, who asked them about teaming together at Dynasty after Briscoe beat Kingston. Both men indicated they were good. Adam Copeland, Willow Nightingale, and Stokely Hathaway showed up. Copeland wanted to make sure Briscoe and Kingston were good heading into their six-man tag match with the House of Black at Dynasty.

Stokely got fired up and told Copeland to put his TNT Title on the line against Willow next week and said she would whip his ass. Willow said no to that idea and then suggested she and Copeland team up. Copeland said he and Willow should face Brody King and Julia Hart next week…

“The Young Bucks” Matthew Jackson and Nicholas Jackson sat backstage. Nick teased playing the footage, but Matthew told him to provide some context. Nicholas said they were about to face FTR at Wembley Stadium and said it was the biggest match of their careers. Matthew said there was an incident right before the match.

Matthew said Jack Perry was the scapegoat. He added that if you have a problem with Perry, chances are you are the problem. Nicholas said the other individual tried to make the Wembley show all about himself. He noted the other individual is friends with FTR and then questioned whether FTR was behind the whole thing.

Matthew said they were thrown off their game. He said they had to put their EVP caps on. He said the locker room was in disarray and their were respectable wrestling journalists who needed answers. Matthew said they had no time to hydrate or even pray. He said the history books show that FTR beat them in London, but he feels there should be a giant asterisk next to it.

Matthew said the footage was short and it resembled a high school scrap. He said the ramifications of the incident threatened to take down their biggest show of all-time.

The footage showed Jack Perry backstage with referees and other personnel. CM Punk approached him and they spoke, but there was no audio on the security footage. Punk eventually shoved Perry twice and then put him in a front face lock or a guillotine. Samoa Joe was nearby and joined a referee and Jerry Lynn in pulling Punk and Perry apart. Punk left the scene.

The Bucks said that wasn’t the worst part of the incident. Matthew said the worst part was creating a wrestling show and naming a wrestling show and filling the building with the most people who have ever witnessed a wrestling show only to be distracted by something so stupid that you lose on your big night. Matthew said FTR has the balls to want a handshake. Nicholas called FTR pricks and said they wouldn’t shake their hands at Dynasty…

“FTR” Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler made their entrance. Once in the ring, Wheeler asked why the Bucks showed the footage aside from giving themselves an out for losing. Wheeler said he’s sick and tired of hearing about it and talking about. Wheeler said everyone backstage is ready to move on and put it in the past.

Wheeler said that instead of talking about Revolution and going back to Wembley Stadium or that they are doing some of their best shows ever, they were showing videos from eight months ago. Wheeler said it’s because Rod and Todd Flanders can’t let go of the fact that they lost to FTR. Wheeler said he’s sick of these petty little bitches.

Harwood said the Bucks are their bosses and let everyone know that without them hundreds of people would be without jobs. He said they let everyone knows that AEW probably wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for them. Harwood said he doesn’t necessarily disagree with them. He said he might still be shaving Wheeler’s back if it wasn’t for the Young Bucks.

Harwood said they have eclipsed the Young Bucks as the best team on the planet. Harwood said there was a time when the Bucks cared about AEW. He said three other letters have taken over. He said the only thing they care about is what’s best for the EVPs.

Harwood said they will continue to build AEW for the future of all pro wrestlers so they have a choice. Harwood said they are doing it for every fan who spends their money on a ticket to get lost in the drama and action. Harwood they are doing it for those fans. Harwood said if the Young Bucks don’t want to be part of that AEW, then they should take their ball and go home. An FTR chant broke out.

Harwood said it’s not about Wembley or All Out. Harwood said it’s about AEW and an industry that he loves. He said it’s about the AEW Tag Team Titles. Harwood said two teams will walk in and one team will leave as the best team in the business and the first ever three-time AEW Tag Team Champions. Harwood said they will put the roof on the house that the Bucks built just to blow it off… [C]

Powell’s POV: That’s what caused all of this? Good lord. I wouldn’t even label that a fight. Anyway, I like the way the Bucks tied it in with their match against FTR, but not enough to feel it was justified to re-litigate the backstage drama at All In. That said, now can we see the footage of whatever Punk allegedly did to make Tony Khan claim that he feared for his life?

A Bryan Danielson and Will Ospreay video package aired that was narrated by Excalibur…

Paquette stood on the stage and introduced Will Ospreay for an interview. He said there’s a rumor going around that he’s afraid of the grind. Ospreay said he doesn’t know where it’s coming from because he’s one of the only guys who travels from the UK to the United States on eight-hour flights and delivers some of the best matches the world has ever seen.

Ospreay said he normally wouldn’t take the bait, but the guy who said it about him was only in the position he has because he was grinding on the boss’s daughter. Ospreay said that person (Paul Levesque) is in no position to say what the grind is all about because that person has no idea what he fights for. He said that was a reminder not to throw stones at an assassin with a machine gun.

Ospreay recalled Danielson saying that he must ground Ospreay. He said many have tried and failed. Ospreay said Danielson is a living legend. Ospreay said he couldn’t refer to himself as the best wrestler in the world until he beats Danielson. Ospreay dropped the company slogan about AEW being where the best wrestle.

[Hour Two] Ospreay said he’s the ace of AEW. He said Danielson would find out at Dynasty why he’s on another level…

Powell’s POV: Is this episode all about petty grievances? I liked the Ospreay promo once he got through responding to something Paul Levesque said in an interview that most Dynamite viewers didn’t even see. As someone who enjoyed Adam Copeland’s promo last week because of the anti-tribalism message, it took just one week for AEW to prove the promo meant nothing.

A Julia Hart video package aired… Hook, Chris Jericho, and Katsuyori Shibata made separate entrances and then their opponents all came out together…

2. Hook, Chris Jericho, and Katsuyori Shibata vs. Shane Taylor, Anthony Ogogo, and Lee Moriarty. Hook was isolated by the heels heading into a PIP break. [C] Shitbata threw punches at Moriarty and then tried to throw a kick at him. Moriarty moved out of the way and Shibata’s kick knocked Jericho off the apron. Moments later, Shibata crawled toward his corner to tag Hook, but Jericho pulled Hook off the apron.

Shibata caught Moriarty in a sleeper. Shane Taylor ran in and punched Shibata to break it. Moriarty hit his The Fang finisher and then scored the pin while Hook and Jericho were arguing at ringside…

Shane Taylor, Anthony Ogogo, and Lee Moriarty defeated Hook, Chris Jericho, and Katsuyori Shibata in 8:15.

After the match, Hook continued to bark at Jericho and told him to get out of the ring. Hook checked on Shibata and raised his arm while Jericho backed up the ramp…

Powell’s POV: I like the upset win even if it was more about Jericho and Hook bickering than the team who won the match. They seem to have picked up the pace for the Jericho and Hook storyline.

Backstage, Paquette stood with Dustin Rhodes and announced that Samoa Joe was medically cleared. Dustin spoke about how he has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Dustin said the time for talking was over. Dustin said grit, work ethic, passion, and glory are what he does week in and week out…

Kazuchika Okada made his entrance while his opponent was already inside the ring…

3. Continental Champion Kazuchika Okada vs. Cristiano Argento in a non-title match. Okada performed a neckbreaker over his knee and then gave a disinterested look to the hard camera. Okada followed up with a dropkick and then hit the Rainmaker clothesline and scored the pin…

Continental Champion Kazuchika Okada defeated Cristiano Argento in 1:20 in a non-title match.

After the match, Okada took the mic and spoke in English while saying he accepted Pac’s challenge and would see him at AEW Dynasty. Pac’s entrance theme played and he walked onto the stage while applauding. Pac headed to the ring, but “The Young Bucks’ Matthew Jackson and Nicholas Jackson ran out and attacked him from behind. Okada shoved Pac into a double superkick from the Bucks.

“FTR” Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler ran out to help Pac. They were on the verge of giving Matthew the Shatter Machine when Okada hit them both with chairs. The Bucks hit superkicks on Harwood and Wheeler, then blasted them with a EVP Trigger knee strikes. Pac got to his feet and then Okada slammed a chair over the side of his head…

Powell’s POV: I sure hope that chair shot hit Pac’s shoulder rather than the side of his head. It was tough to tell because they cut cameras. The match was a simple showcase win for Okada and I’m all for it. Yes, there’s an audience that is totally familiar with what makes Okada great, but there are also unfamiliar viewers who need to be properly introduced to him and his move set.

Footage aired from ROH Supercard of Honor of The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn attacking Jay White, Austin Gunn, and Colten Gunn after their match. Anthony Bowens was left lying by White and the Gunns…

Backstage, Jay White, Austin Gunn, and Colten Gunn boasted about defending the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Titles. White said he wanted to face Billy Gunn on Rampage… [C]

Paquette stood on the stage next to a table that has bottles of champagne on it. Paquette introduced Thunder Rosa and then AEW Women’s Champion Toni Storm, who was accompanied by Luther. They did the half black and white and half color screen gimmick.

Storm teased doing a toast for Rosa and then threw the champagne in her face. Storm slammed a tray over Rosa’s head and then smeared her face paint with a towel. Deonna Purrazzo came out and went after Storm, but Luther stood between them. Purrazzo checked on Rosa, who shoved Purrazzo away. Purrazzo headed to the back while Schiavone said Rosa didn’t know it was Purrazzo.

Mariah May made her entrance and declined a swig of Storm’s champagne bottle. Storm kissed May on the cheek before she headed to the ring and then Storm was carried to the back by Luther. Anna Jay’s entrance followed…

4. Mariah May vs. Anna Jay. Excalibur said the Adam Copeland and Willow Nightingale vs. Brody King and Julia Hart match was official for next week. Schiavone said it will be the first time that the TNT Champion faces the TBS Champion. In the ring, May hit Jay with a headbutt. Jay rolled to the floor heading into a PIP break. [C]

May hit a seated Jay with a hip attack in the corner and covered her for a two count. Excalibur announced Jay White vs. Matt Sydal, Julia Hart vs. Leyla Hirsch for the TBS Title, Angelo Parker vs. Zak Knight, and Orange Cassidy vs. Alex Reynolds.

In the ring, Jay hit a Flatliner on May and covered her for a two count. Jay set up for a move with May on her back, but May countered by rolling her into a pin and got the three count.

Mariah May beat Anna Jay in 8:30.

After the match, Jay put May in the Queen Slayer. Mina Shirakawa came out to no reaction and ran off Jay. Shirakawa got two glasses of champagne from a crew member. Shirakawa knelt down by May and then poured champagne in May’s mouth. Shirakawa kissed May on the lips. May stood up and then picked up Shirakawa and twirled around…

Powell’s POV: WTF just happened? I’m sure this meant something to the small fraction of the AEW audience that watches Stardom, but the rest of the viewers and the quiet live crowd were left clueless. Yes, I know, Google It, right? Sigh.

Alex Marvez conducted a sit-down interview with Mercedes Mone at an undisclosed location. Marvez recalled Mone saying she wants to face the winner of the Julia Hart vs. Willow Nightingale in a TBS Title match at AEW Dynasty. Mone said she’s a history maker and a game changer and she will decided to make history again by becoming TBS Champion. Mone said money changes everything.

Marvez asked Mone to handicap the Hart vs. Willow match. She said she can’t wait to see them throw down because they are the very best. Mone said Hart has Willow’s number, but Willow is a force to be reckoned with. Mone said Willow is dangerous. Marvez told Mone to talk about that. Mone said she lost to Willow and was injured during their match. She said if you know anything about her, she hates to lose. She said she is on a mission and can’t wait for Double Or Nothing.

Marvez asked which wrestler she would prefer to face. The lights went out and there was a bunch of commotion. When the lights turned out, Mone was on the ground. The broadcast team said they didn’t know who the assailant was…

Powell’s POV: Mone came off forced and disingenuous. I don’t want to see Willow Nightingale turn heel. Obviously, the other suspect is Julia Hart. Truth be told, I’d prefer if they told the story that Mone staged her own attack. I’ve always preferred Mone as a heel.

Excalibur hyped the main event for after the break… [C] Justin Roberts conducted the introductions for the main event. Samoa Joe limped out with a chain on his hand and the title belt over his shoulder. Dustin Rhodes made his entrance…

5. AEW World Champion Samoa Joe vs. Dustin Rhodes in an eliminator match. Excalibur said if Dustin wins, he would earn a shot at the AEW World Championship. Dustin went right at Joe once the bell rang. Joe fought back and tossed Dustin to the floor and followed him. Joe ran Dustin into the ringside barricade. Joe ran Dustin into the ring post. Dustin came up bleeding from the forehead heading into a PIP break. [C]

Dustin came back and hit a Bionic Elbow and then flipped off Joe. Dustin hit a Code Red for a near fall. A short time later, Dustin hit CrossRhodes for a good near fall. Moments later, Dustin charged at Joe in the corner and ate a uranage slam. Joe picked up the chain that he brought to the ring. Referee Paul Turner took the chain away and passed it off to someone at ringside. Meanwhile, Joe picked up the AEW World Championship belt and hit Dustin with it while the referee was clearing the chain. Joe covered Dustin and got the three count.

AEW World Champion Samoa Joe defeated Dustin Rhodes in 9:35 in an eliminator match.

After the match, Joe put Dustin in a sleeper hold. Swerve Strickland showed up in the ring and hit Joe with a House Call kick to break the hold. Swerve picked up the chain and wrapped it around his fist.

[Overrun] Swerve punched Joe with the chain wrapped around his fist. Swerve tried to whip Joe with the chain, but Joe avoided it. Joe was down at ringside and looking fearful when security ran out to save him. Prince Nana was shown with the AEW World Championship, which he handed to Swerve, who then taunted Joe with it. Excalibur hyped AEW Collision and Battle of the Belts for Saturday night on TNT. The show ended just shy of two minutes after the top of the hour…

Powell’s POV: A weak finish that put Paul Turner in the role normally reserved for Rick Knox. AEW clearly didn’t shy away from referencing people who work for the competition in two segments tonight, yet they failed to do so when it actually could have been productive. Why not have Dustin acknowledge his brother winning a world championship and turn this into a quest for the Rhodes family to hold the two biggest championships in the business?

Overall, this show will be remembered more for showing footage of a backstage incident from last year and Will Ospreay responding to Paul Levesque than it will be about anything related to pushing the upcoming pay-per-view. I will have so much more to say during my weekly same night audio review of Dynamite for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons). Let me know what you thought of Dynamite by grading the show below.

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Readers Comments (47)

  1. That was even less impressive than this weeks eclipse

  2. Was this meant to make Punk look bad?

  3. TheGreatestOne April 10, 2024 @ 8:04 pm

    Samoa Joe saved that little boy’s life.

    • Pretty much, there is no real control or leadership in this company. Not a good look for AEW.

      • Ummm…they have backstage fights in pro wrestling, fights on the practice field in the NFL…..but I understand you and your little friend HAVE to just always say negative crap about AEW to make yourselves feel better about yourselves. Pathetic, but funny.

  4. That whole company and I use that term loosely is an embarrassment

  5. The only reason they showed the footage is because the Punk interview and what he said.

  6. Ok so the idea behind “professional wrestling” is two men (or women) fighting in a ring with the goal of pinning or submitting the opponent. As part of the presentation we often see people “jumped” backstage (such as Liv cracking Rhea with a chair last week).

    Then we are shown this backstage video where one guy shoves another guy and are quickly separated.

    It is just me of does this completely smash the 4th wall / expose wrestling / eliminate suspending disbelief as we are all are asked to do while we enjoy wrestling?

    Yeah I know. It’s all “predetermined” (or FAKE) but come on. I hope it was worth it to Tony Kahn, because this “explosive” video makes everyone look lame and then to have the bucks and FTR lose their minds over a 3 second tiff is just absolutely horrible booking.

    • You did a deep dive on this one. Reality is Tony Khan may have showed us that he cant run a company. Presenting this footage was pretty f’n stupid.

  7. This made AEW and Tony Khan especially bad. Where did he fear for his life?

    Just another embarrassing moment for them.

  8. TheGreatestOne April 10, 2024 @ 8:30 pm

    Jesus, the fuckwads go to the ring to jump FTR and the crowd loudly chants CM Punk at them. AEW has one of the stars of the other company getting chants over the proven ratings killers on their own show. How the fuck is it possible to run a wrestling company this poorly?

  9. Osprey, the “number one free agent” in the world also felt the need to take a jab at the red hot competition. AEW now comes across pathetic and no longer a legit competitor. Its over

  10. sistersalvation April 10, 2024 @ 8:59 pm

    I marked for Mina!

    • Cool. There’s nothing wrong with that. But AEW should be thinking about the rest of the audience that is unfamiliar with her. They just keep repeating the same mistakes.

      • Yeah this debut was far too niche for this viewer

        Contrast this with how WWE is slowly weaving Guilia into the show. By the time she arrives I’ll be excited

  11. TheGreatestOne April 10, 2024 @ 9:17 pm

    Legitimately in the discussion for worst wrestling show (TV or PPV) of all time. There was nothing positive.

  12. I can see why Tony feared for his life. I was scared for mine too. That footage was just devastating.

  13. Vince Coprophilia April 10, 2024 @ 9:28 pm

    Loved this episode! It’s interesting that people love the WWE so deeply that they can’t help but be biased. So let’e see it’s “professional” for Paul and Phil to talk shit because of their own inadequacies (Phil being an abusive hothead, Paul not being able to secure key free agents) but it’s “Petty” for Will to call Paul out, and AEW to show the actual footage of the event in question and let people decide for themselves. Most people are led by their emotions and not facts, and these WWECels are no different. Fact is “humble” Paul couldn’t afford Will Ospreay. Fact is “injjury prone” Phil is a unprofessional bully with a seriously abusive attitude problem. Now you’ve seen the documented video proof. Deal with it.

    • Get back to us the first time Ospreay draws 2.5 mil in his quarter hour

      Maybe you say ratings don’t matter. Or selling $1 mil worth of merch in a weekend. Or being all over ESPN and the today show and on the field at Yankee Stadium the day after your biggest show of the year. Maybe you are right and papa Kahn can just write a check and hire anyone he wants. But that’s doesn’t currently present AEW anywhere near the success of WWE in 2024.

      Maybe over time this will shift, but based on what my eyes are telling me on 4/10/2024 it’s not even close. And tonight’s presentation made AEW look really small The jabs didn’t even pop the live crowd, who was more into chanting for the guy who works over there.

      • Vince Coprophilia April 10, 2024 @ 10:09 pm

        I didn’t say anything about WWE not being bigger than AEW. AEW provides an alternative, but it is much smaller than the WWE in terms of business. But also why is that the token response by every WWE defender? Essentially they say, “WWE is big, me no like AEW bad medicine. Vince make boom boom in his pants but it’s ok because grinding Paul is here to clean it up!” I mean if that’s all that matters to you then fine, but objectively speaking it shouldn’t be the end of any AEW/WWE discussion.

        • Well that’s part of if sure but their model as of late has been successful where AEWs is not

          I have long said on here an alternative is great. It’s good for fans and for wrestlers/talent (and Jason will prob tell you it’s good for his business too)

          BUT right now AEW is a bad product. They have plenty of talented wrestlers but the presentation is a disaster. Wrestlers come and go week to week, feuds stop and start, people carry belts I’ve really never heard of, win and loses don’t matter like they keep saying they will. And the guy who runs the place compounds his mistakes (such as by signing more “game changing talent” rather than focusing on his last 20 signings).

          It’s ok to admit you like it. I loved Community but I can admit that the last 2 seasons sucked – yet I am still excited for the movie!!

          I just wish, as a long standing wresting fan, AEW would just focus on their own business – because after 5 years we can all admit that mentioning WWE constantly isn’t working

      • If you loved this Dynamite episode, you will love all Dynamite episodes.

    • Are you one of the AEW bots?

    • You understand that you and yours are the primary reason why the show doesn’t get any better. Catering to the trolls like you instead on focusing on the product is why they’re struggling.

    • Well, Tony, er, vince, Punk and Triple H were answering interview questions, not promoting and broadcasting backstage footage footage in a move that reeks of desperation, not awesomeness.

      The fact they used 8 month old backstage footage to justify a wrestling angle between 2 teams not involved in the incident is especially bushleague.

    • What you said is true, and it’s something that I’ve found out especially lately. That people who love the WWE and hate the competition will slight AEW and other companies like it every chance they get. They did it to TNA about a decade ago.

      I’ve said this before about Punk, when he gets into his first backstage situation with the WWE in the future, it will expose him over all else. This video will make AEW look a lot better at that point.

  14. Imagine being one of the executives considering the media rights deal and this is what you tune into.

  15. That was the worst Dynamite episode in memory. The footage reveal nonsense may get em out of the 700s for this episode, but it’ll cost em more credibility in the process. Powell-a-mino you may have missed Shibata’s face on Taylor’s finisher, it was embarrassng.

  16. Interesting stuff here, although I was looking for the footage of Tony being choked out by CM Punk, I did learn two different things from this video, or situation in general. The first being that Punk is definitely not the victim that he portrayed himself to be, and I already knew he was lying in that interview anyways, but the thing that I really learned was Jack Perry actually having the respect of The Young Bucks. This was the one thing that I didn’t know about before. It shows that maybe the door is still open for Jack to return in the future to AEW one day.

    Will Ospreay was interesting too, I didn’t know HHH had said anything about him. Maybe HHH was a bit salty that Will Ospreay chose AEW over WWE. The comment about HHH getting his position because he grinded on his daughter was hilarious asf because it’s true. LOL!

    Hey, whatever side you’re on, or not on, this WWE vs. AEW stuff is funny.

    Anyways, Joe has been booked pretty good as champ, but it’s time to give Swerve the title either at Dynasty or a rematch at Double at Nothing.

    Mariah May is funny asf and the Japanese girl Mina Shirakawa was hilarious, she’ll fit right in with Toni Storm and Mariah if that’s where this is going.

    I like the feud between Willow Nightingale and Julia Hart. I do wonder who attacked Mercedes Mone though.

    • Perry never left. He’s still with AEW, just playing this “Scapegoat” character in NJPW until he returns. I believe he and the Bucks were friendly pre-AEW.

      I literally just watched the Paul Levesque interview on Pat McAfee’s show. He never mentioned Ospreay by name. He spoke in general terms about people who are just getting started and choose a lighter schedule. He doesn’t want those people. I watched it with Ospreay in mind and I’m still not completely sure that he was talking specifically about him.

      • Yep, he only mentioned people who turned them down for money and schedule. My guess…sure he is alluding to Osprey, White, Okada, etc. But he has a point, do those people really want to earn it. Part of us cant blame them. But maybe they will try to show up there later in WWE.

      • Thanks for clearing that up about Perry, I was wondering where he was right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if Perry was friendly with the Bucks since they’re all from that SoCal scene.

        I do think HHH was talking in general, not about one specific person. I think the notion that HHH is taking with guys who choose AEW over AEW is over the difference of the schedule, as we know money doesn’t matter on either side. I do think HHH could have a point there, but I really think Ospreay chose AEW to face the dudes in the locker room, and since he was in Japan he knows more guys in AEW than WWE.

    • TheGreatestOne April 11, 2024 @ 8:07 am

      There’s a few people that have put the audio of Punk’s description of the incident over the video and it’s literally exactly what he said.

    • You AEW marks are the worst

      • Just because I had something positive to say about AEW, that makes me a mark? I don’t take suck off companies and attack the competition like you do, sorry that ain’t me.

  17. Gotta be honest, Punk LOOKED like a Punk in that video. Perry had no intention of a physical altercation, and then while being pulled apart Punk punched him in the back.
    Guess that’s the only way he can win a fight, since he sure as hell didn’t come close in UFC against guys who actually are trained and “equal” to him.
    His moniker fits him perfectly.

    • How’s the view from under Tony’s nutsack?

    • Yeah, I agree, Punk is full of it, and I think he will get exposed in the WWE in the future. That’s going to make this video look a lot more legit that Punk is not the innocent guy that a lot of people paint him out to be.

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