Powell’s TNA Impact Hit List: Nic Nemeth vs. Alex Shelley, X Division Champ Mustafa Ali vs. Rhino in an Old School Rules match, Chris Bey vs. Frankie Kazarian

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

TNA Impact Hits

Nic Nemeth vs. Alex Shelley: TNA did a really nice job of making this feel bigger than most television main events. The opened the show with a video package and consistently hyped the match as being a Generational Clash. The match looked great on paper and delivered despite it feeling fairly obvious that Nemeth would win given that Shelley and Chris Sabin wrapped up their TNA run at this batch of television tapings.

X Division Champ Mustafa Ali vs. Rhino in an Old School Rules match: A crowd pleasing brawl. This was good use of Rhino in that the crowds always get behind him and he never seems to mind doing good business by putting over younger wrestlers.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Chris Bey: A well worked match before Kazarian predictably stole the pin. Here’s hoping that things will pick up for Bey and Ace Austin now that Austin has officially re-signed with TNA. They are bickering and it looks like they are on the verge of breaking up, but I wonder if they started down this road due to the uncertainty regarding Austin’s status before he re-signed.

“The Rascalz” Zachary Wentz and Trey Miguel vs. “The FBI” Ray Jaz and Zack Clayton: A soft Hit. Do Philly fans ever grow tired of the seemingly endless number of ECW tributes that damn near every visiting company gives them? Honest question. The right team went over and it was good to see Myron Reed return to help out his buddies.

TNA Impact Misses

Ash By Elegance vs. Xia Brookside: A decent match with Brookside showing heart before Ash’s concierge (just give him a name already) botched the finish by coming up short when he tried to throw champagne in the face of Brookside.

Rich Swann and AJ Francis: I took last week off from the TNA Hit List so I didn’t get a chance to chime in on this. I’m all for Swann finally shaking up his act and trying something new. The problem is that he looks 12 years-old with his new look while standing next to the massive Francis.


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